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Post by trog @ 02:59am 17/11/06 | 21 Comments
There's a new patch for Battlefield 2. Download it if you want. Somehow the whole release time thing is still providing a little bit complicated for those involved and the planned release schedule for this was, once again, messed up, but hey - now it's out. Here's the changelog for the 500mb patch:
- Fixed an extremely intermittent server crash bug.
There's no incremental update from the previous version.

Battlefield 2

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Posted 10:12am 17/11/06
Are they serious? One minor change, and they make us download another entire 500MB full patch?? Which we have to do, if we want to play still...

So really we're getting one patch for the download quota of two. Close to 1GB for what is essentially one patch.

It's bloody wrong the s*** they get away with at EA/DICE...
Posted 11:07am 17/11/06
Or 490 megs of in-game ads, and fixes to ancient bugs that should have been corrected in beta...
Posted 01:57pm 17/11/06
lol what a load of cods wallop

i think people and game sites need to send EA a clear message - for one game sites that have some self respect could stop mirroring these patches.
Posted 11:02am 18/11/06
So, so typical of EA/DICE to do that.

Is it really that hard to make an incremental patch? I know nothing of these things..
Posted 11:57am 19/11/06
If you make an unofficial patch, odds are you'll cop a load of MD5 hash errors and a hardware ban from Punkbuster.

Simple answer:
1. Find EA cd's
2. Burn them
3. Dance around the fire
4. Go buy a Wii or something.
Posted 11:08am 20/11/06
EA will always have money while their sports games do so amazingly well in america.

Lets be honest: While americans have no taste in whats fun (Virtually playing a game they are too unfit to do in real life) EA will be able to continue to penetrate those niche markets by buying those other companies out who make games for those people.

Then they will exploit it.

But lets say you stop buying your NFS games and your BF games etcetc, that just means EA will go "Ohwell if the trend is away from those games, we'll cut our losses and stick to our american football cash cow."
Posted 09:57pm 22/11/06
Just put your box in the fire with your EA cd's.

5. Continue dancing...maybe add a rain dance in there also.
Posted 08:46pm 29/11/06
I really dont understand what the problem is having to download a 500meg patch... Granted, to fix an intermitent crash wouldnt / shouldnt require 500meg plus of rewritten code & this isnt the first time this size of patch has been required... But! it did fix some other minor bits as listed on the ea server..

Besides, You cant play this game properly without a broadband connection & the patch is required to play online, so, Just download it & play. It doesnt take that long to do!

I happen to like the game, so I downloaded it, besides I cant give up on the game now after paying good money for it & after all I have just perfected my dying technique.

No use b****in about something you gota do... The only thing more pointless would be to comment on this thread without having any interest in the game whatsoever :)
Nuf Said!
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