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Post by trog @ 09:58am 24/10/06 | 43 Comments
A little earlier than planned, Firefox version 2.0 has hit the tubes, and you can now nab it locally from AusGamers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The main new features are improved visuals, built-in phising protection (so install it on all your newb friend/family PCs!), better search functionality, improved tab functionality (new windows now open as tabs, hooray), inline spell checking, plus heaps and heaps more.

Update: Apparently this might not be the final release, so install at your own risk.

Update #2: This was the final release, so don't panic.


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Posted 10:01am 24/10/06
looks nice. Everything seems to render a little faster for me now :/
Posted 10:04am 24/10/06
now posting with firefox 2
Posted 10:12am 24/10/06
inline spell checking

firefox should be compulsory for posting qgl

just downloaded, thanks!

e: is this RC#3 ?

ee: woah kicks ass! it even feels faster!

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Reverend Evil
Posted 10:10am 24/10/06
Does this just install over the top of the current version?
Posted 10:12am 24/10/06
Appears to have installed straight over the top of current version & all mods without fckn anything.

Reverend Evil
Posted 10:18am 24/10/06
Well that was easy. Only took like 10 secs to install.

Posted 10:19am 24/10/06
The rendering is a lot faster, it also seems to use a little less memory.
But I still can't drag folders around in Organise Bookmarks, or figure out how to use the spell checker. There doesnt seem to be any instructions in help either.
Posted 10:20am 24/10/06
Yes i'm very happy with the performance thus far. Looks nicer and runs smoother.

Posted 10:25am 24/10/06
spell checker underlines words you spell wrong in the browser then you right click for correct spelling, much like ms word
Posted 10:29am 24/10/06
The latest version uses 49mb to render the Warcraft home page, where as IE7 used 50mb.
I'd say they are quite evenly matched in that department.
Still, I can't see underlines..awisalwasal
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 10:47am 24/10/06
Trog is naughty

Very naughty
Posted 11:07am 24/10/06
Well that was easy. Only took like 10 secs to install.
Much better than the two restarts required for IE7!

(OK, maybe it was only two if you had the beta/RC installed, can't remember)
Posted 11:21am 24/10/06
<3 firefox
Posted 11:25am 24/10/06
So is this an official release, or still a beta/RC?
Posted 11:29am 24/10/06
Noes my smoothwheel plugin is no longer compatible :(

Everything renders faster for me, if anyone knows if there is a smoothwheel compatible with 2.0 post link pls!
Posted 11:39am 24/10/06
Trog is naughty

Very naughty
Whatever - the link I downloaded it from was this.

If you don't want people to start distributing your software as final, don't put it in a publicly accessible place without labelling it clearly as a release candidate, beta, alspha or whatever in the filename.

I've updated the post in the interests of clarity, but I thought the mozilla team were a little bit better organised with releases to let something like this happen.
Posted 11:59am 24/10/06
Naughty trog.

FF 2 is nice though, installed straight away and my addons all work, albeit XYZProxy needed a new version.
Posted 02:50pm 24/10/06
Nice timing, right before IE 7. It's working like a charm, I love it already. God I love the auto spell check feature! :D

Too bad its still fairly mem hoggy.
Posted 04:30pm 24/10/06
For anyone mildly impressed by the Quick Tabs function in IE7 as I was and not yet aware, Showcase offers the same functionality for Firefox :-)

Also, is there any reason why they changed the quick search (i.e., the one you start by hitting / and just typing the search term) so that you can't skip to multiple occurrences of the term in a page? That's the only thing I'm really missing from 1.5.x (yes, I realise that CTRL-F allows for what I'm after, but that's so much harder to press)
Posted 08:03pm 24/10/06
Does it have that little thumbnail view of what's in the tab when you hover over the tab with the mouse like IE7/Opera yet?
Posted 08:22pm 24/10/06
thumbnail view? wtf you talking about? i got I.E 7 and i dont see no thumbnail view when i hover the mouse over a tab
Posted 09:21pm 24/10/06
oh crap I must have been using opera on the other computer too. I swear I had IE7 on top. ignore me. I swear I've been out of it all damn day, going insane.
anyway thisis what I thought I was talking about, but apparently I must have clicked the opera taskbar tab or minimized IE or something. hell with this I'm going to bed.
Posted 09:33pm 24/10/06
Hey didn't want to make a new thread about it but I installed the new Nvidia driver and now I can't use MSN live messenger 'cos it leaves my CPU at 100% utilization. wtg?
Im kinda scared to update any software now even though everything else works fine.
Posted 09:59pm 24/10/06
sweet but my net usage meter doesnt work :(
Posted 10:47pm 24/10/06
I installed FF 2? it looks nicer and stuff, but it didnt keep any of my bookmark toolbar stuff. And if i open up and blank tab and type in a URL the first tab opens they web page not the tab i opened that was meant to, im gonna roll back to 1.5? and wait for another release. ):
Posted 10:53pm 24/10/06
I just read your post?
Posted 12:17am 25/10/06
WTF man u lost ur bookmarks n s***. I gave it a whirl and didnt loose anything. Even installed it into a diferent directory than

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Posted 01:34am 25/10/06
Well ive joined the firefox bandwagon!
Tired of IE sitting there doing nothing when i clicked links...

Been pretty good so far, fast etc, might even check out some addons in my holidays.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 12:04pm 25/10/06
Well, I've got one system running IE 7 and another running FF 2 and I have to say at the moment IE 7 is winning hands down. Faster performance, no crashes and looks better. I found that alot of the add-ons and skins I was using in the original FF wern't suported in FF 2.
Posted 05:31pm 25/10/06
oh crap I must have been using opera on the other computer too. I swear I had IE7 on top. ignore me. I swear I've been out of it all damn day, going insane.

whoop ie does have it - press ctrl+q :P
Posted 11:58pm 25/10/06
Rather than make a thread about it, is anyone else getting that SAW ad almost every time they open the forums? (I'm assuming that's not supposed to happen, correct me if I'm wrong)

Cookies are on, and FF2.
Posted 12:08am 26/10/06
Yup, getting SAWIII popover flash/thingy ads pretty much ever page. Sometimes top left, middle or bottom right. Almost drives one to adblockers.
Posted 12:15am 26/10/06
just use a text based browser then. text, 640k and 25fps is all you need.
Posted 04:47am 27/10/06
Ok, FF2 just crashed while i was browsing the interwebs...then totally made its worth when IT RETURNED THE SESSION...
If IE7 has that feature then its not that big a deal, but that is FREAKING COOL.
And while youtube and hotmail aren't hard to find websites...still hot-damn thats awesome.
Posted 10:12am 27/10/06
Rather than make a thread about it, is anyone else getting that SAW ad almost every time they open the forums? (I'm assuming that's not supposed to happen, correct me if I'm wrong)
While, in general, we're not interested in whining about ads, when this sort of thing happens it is clearly a bug. We have a strong policy that we don't want to spam people with ads, and I get pissed at our ad people when they let it happen. So please in future feel free to start a new thread about it.
Posted 02:28am 17/11/06
videos will only display once

Could be a codec problem?

Though I did once have Youtube refuse to play videos until I cleared my cookies.
Posted 10:25am 17/11/06
Dice I am gunna guess the gay pron pages you go to have infected your computer with some sort of dirty orifice.

ff2.0 works fine for me.
Posted 10:26am 17/11/06
Also of note ... why doesn't trog notice when the same (annoying) ad is on every page ? ... deep thought for the day.
Posted 10:34am 17/11/06
I think you have to click on the movies when you try to view them for a second time. That causes them to load.

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Posted 01:51pm 17/11/06
i am finding that everything works awesomely under ie7
Posted 02:18pm 17/11/06
mee too
Posted 02:33pm 17/11/06
the first site i looked at in ie7, it screwed up by making half the page of text bold when it shouldn't have been. page is valid xhtml/css and renders perfect everywhere else

not a great first impression

patches should make it a sweet browser tho
Posted 03:41pm 17/11/06
I find ie7 slow (I blame the phishing filter) and it doesn't render everything the same as ie6 which means some stuff (usually cold fusion/flash based) doesn't work properly. But then that stuff usually is screwwy in firefox too.
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