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Post by trog @ 11:14am 19/10/06 | 31 Comments
Dice have released some information about their somewhat controversial advertising system in Battlefield 2142:
The in-game advertisement is respectful of players' privacy: it never accesses files not directly related to the game, and it does not capture personal data such as cookies, account login detail, gameplay behaviour or surfing history. As it is an integrated part of Battlefield 2142 and not a separate program, it only runs when the game is running.

Because BF2142 delivers ads by region, the IP address of the player is used to determine the region of the player and helps serve ads by region and language; for instance, a player in Paris will be presented with ads in French. Note that this IP address is not stored on the advertisement server and is not repurposed for other uses.
See the full statement for more information.

Battlefield 2142

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Posted 01:52pm 19/10/06
EA is just testing the water, if nobody cares they'll slowly expand it in either patches or Battlefield Clone #315. They need to reject it now to stop this going any further - it's not like they're the only ones hosting servers for the game. $10 says that in future iterations you'll be able to pay for a higher ranking on your server in their server browser.
Posted 01:55pm 19/10/06
By the way, is EA planning to allow you to purchase upgraded characters? As I understand it you have to spend time to "unlock" skills at the moment, in other games they're allowing people to buy their cheat activations (still obtainable by finishing different objectives for free though), I'm interested to know if they're going to take that route with the Battlefield series also :o
y 4 r u h8 ?! (mambodog RisingConflicts)
Posted 02:34pm 19/10/06
i actually had this idea a while ago as a way of supporting a free game i am currently developing with some other people, and i think it would be quite an interesting prospect as it would allow people to download and play a title made with an actual budget, for free, and i figured it would be a pretty good system for indie developers like myself to get our product out there so people can play it, without them having to buy it and still make some money off it (to go towards the next thing we work on) but in a retail game? this is just goddamn ridiculous.
Posted 08:45pm 19/10/06
Well i think its more the issue that companies are "double dipping".
Not whether you notice it or not...

Its bloody ridiculous, EA are already one of the biggest video game companies around, and have some of the most popular games in their pockets...being such greedy bastards is disgusting.
I think its a good idea if people oppose these sorts of consumer abuse, companies stuffing ads in your face between maps is absolute bulls***, you already dished out your money for their product.

WHY THE F*** should you still have to put up with some middle-aged tool's brainstorm'd idea of how to shove the next product into your brain before you can afford it OR before they finish it.
F*** EA.
Posted 09:19pm 22/10/06
Or we could just let companies walk all over us and control every facet of our existence...wait...

They might also "grow" as a company if they showed a little bloody respect to their consumers.
Hell, i might even buy Battlefield No# 999, if they stop acting like we will buy their product's regardless of how they treat us...
Unfortunately, 12 year old kids with mum/dad's wallets don't seem to care.
Posted 11:32pm 23/10/06
Doesn't cost much to produce a top notch game, BF2142 for instance, they could still retain a profit selling the peice of s*** at $20 a pop, but they want to be gay and double dip by placing ad's in the game, if anything EA should pay us to play it...

but methinks we'll be seeing alot more of this in-game advertising, its not about you caring or not, its about having your rights protected, your right to purchase a product with no strings attached. Got me to thinking, that they'll probably make a ad-free edition that'll cost an extra $50...
Posted 02:18pm 24/10/06
Parabol, maybe cvrobinson was talking in relation to EA's bank account. Either way that sentence threw me off too.

Like many people here, I think this whole in-game advertising is another reason to hate EA. Sure, we all watch free-to-air TV and continuously get blasted by commercials for 2mins in-between 10mins of programs. BUT, that's because it's FREE-to-air TV. We watch TV programming for free in exchange for viewing commercials. We have the choice to switch to cableTV for less advertising and more programmes to watch.

Now with Battlefield: 2142, we buy this game for FULLPRICE! If the game was developed and published by a smaller company and it was sold cheaper, or even free, then it's fair enough - they're using a different revenue model whereby they gain majority of revenue through advertising, rather than through selling the game itself. EA, on the other hand, are the largest computer game developer and publisher in the world who clearly is making lots of profit. Surely they could have atleast sold Battlefield: 2142 for a lower price.

I guess they want their cake, and eat it too...
Posted 11:07pm 24/10/06
*makes buzzing sound*

That's one small step for man...
One, giant leap for mankind.
Posted 11:04am 25/10/06
If that's true then SCHWEET! Hoorah for Australian laws!
Posted 01:38pm 25/10/06
Yeah i know what he was supposed to say...
But he didnt say that did he!!!
Posted 11:59pm 25/10/06
Game uses IP region addressing, so even if you bought it in Australia, it would know your not from Australia more than likely.
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