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Post by trog @ 05:21pm 07/10/06 | 93 Comments
The 48 hour exclusivity window for the release of the Battlefield 2 demo on the EA Downloader and then some select partner sites has ended at 5pm today and the demo is now available from a host of fine file services, including ours.

Battlefield 2142

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Posted 11:15pm 07/10/06
1.2 gig eh... better be worth it. Luckily on cable the beautiful Gamearena pumps me a nice 600+ k/s, but i do feel sorry for you adsl boys out there.
Posted 12:10am 08/10/06
for the 256/512/1500 peeps out there it will take ages.
Posted 12:31am 08/10/06
Posted 05:56pm 08/10/06
LOL freewheelin. Isnt a battlefield 2 demo torrent wat we need :S
Posted 12:31am 09/10/06
do i need bf2 to play this once i download it??
Posted 02:24am 09/10/06
No....hence why its called a "demo" and not a "mod" although...
Posted 08:03am 09/10/06
It's merely BF2 with different weapons and vehicles. Boring as s***. I anticipate 2142 will be another unsupported game. Once EA have made their money with initial sales it will be forgotten and negleted, and they'll start designing an expansion pack for it before it's actually finished. EA are c*nts.

I'll wait for TF2/UT2007/ET:QW.
Posted 06:21pm 09/10/06
isn't this game more about the depth of the unlocks then anything else. It's still a battlefield title, if they changed it you people would b****ing and moaning saying it sux and they should change it back to the old way.

i hate EA as much as teh next guy but rating a game that really doesn't open up until you start unlocking items is kinda pointless isn't it?

flame on.
Posted 12:10am 10/10/06
is it that s***? lol
Posted 05:51pm 10/10/06
EA big and rich...
Consumers small and poor...
EA gayness > consumers
Posted 09:10pm 10/10/06
well if i could log in i might be able to see how the game runs on a real pc, ive only tested it on my work pc so far and it was pretty ordinary. Et quake wars will be the way to go i think.

im sick of these mutherf***** bugs in these mutherf***** ea games
Posted 03:44pm 11/10/06
"Does BF2142 have that same feeling the other BF's do while running around, sort of like you are wading through a bucket of invisible molasses?"

thank christ, someone has finally sumed up the gameplay of the entire Bf series. I really should go back to COD:UO. that game was "crisp" if you know what i mean
Posted 02:03am 12/10/06
Damn straight.
BF2 has a complete gumby feel to it, and regardless of your gfx card, you can't turn poop into gold nuggets...

Not even if you let them dry and paint them gold, still looks wrong.
Posted 08:54am 13/10/06
the most hightly anticipatied PoS since i had hungry Jacks yesterday.

what a load of butt sqwert

It feels and plays like a console game

Its feels mushy as hell .

this game adds nothinng, and lowers your Iq.
Posted 02:39am 14/10/06
Apart from the first frame...im confused about the rest.
Posted 10:20pm 14/10/06
koopz, that is a poorly constructed paragraph...
Very hard to follow, did you mean imperfections?
Posted 04:23am 15/10/06
Wow...I just watched my friend playing BF 2142 at his house with his 7800 GT...
And let me say, "The future looks S***!!"
Even on high graphics it looks like a mangled wreck.
Probably because the modelers had to do original work for once!!
Something EA isn't used to, hah!
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