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Post by trog @ 02:22pm 24/09/06 | 42 Comments
Valve have announced the Counter-Strike Weapons Market, a system which will dynamically change the cost of weapons and items based on how many people are buying them:
Starting on October 11th, the prices of weapons and equipment in Counter-Strike: Source will be updated each week based on the global market demand for each item. As more people purchase a certain weapon, the price for that weapon will rise and other weapons will become less expensive.
Interesting change; it will no doubt cause a lot of division in the community, but I have to say it's nice to finally see something slightly fresher appearing in CS: Source.


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Posted 02:31pm 24/9/06
according to the linux mailing list there will be a cvar to disable dynamic pricing....that should be good news for ppl that still war.

There will be a cvar controlling this new functionality, mp_dynamicpricing, you can disable it if you wish by setting its value to 0.

- Alfred

sounds soon as i upgrade the comp i'd def have to check this out...
Posted 04:21pm 24/9/06
Haha, despite the fact i dislike CS...this is an interesting idea.
However, including body armour in a dynamic price system is stupid although almost expected with Valve/Steam as it coincides with their policy to have stupid ideas.
Posted 02:24pm 25/9/06
I like the idea. Bring something fresh to the game.
Posted 02:25pm 25/9/06
Its equivalent to putting a breath mint on a pile of cow s***...
Except CS isn't useful for burning...or is it?
Posted 01:29pm 26/9/06
Why on the euro servers??
We have aussie servers...
Posted 07:03pm 27/9/06
CS is full of retards anyway.
Any halflife based mod is basically full of retards.
Apart from Natural Selection, they're all elitist a*******, not retards.
Posted 04:50pm 28/9/06
if this money thing goes to hell, there should be a option to sell weapons that you may pick up on the map. the selling price should increase if there is spare ammo in the gun. eg: Some T gets AWPed, you go and pick up his AK and wait until the end of the round, then sell his super expensive gun, to buy something better than what you originally had.

its just a thought, it would definatly change the way people earn money in the game.
Posted 10:20am 29/9/06
Wonder if maps like Iceworld/gun spawn maps, will mess up the economy.
Also, the gun sell idea isn't bad, however what if you accidentally purchase the wrong gun, bye bye money.
Posted 02:48am 05/10/06
S***test game ever just got s******... COUNTER STOCK MARKET! We will call it CS : M

Don't worry kids the M stands for "Miracle!" does this mean that Crapper Strike now has truely hit on a revolutionary gameplay element. Global domination. Please why hasn't someone killed this "mod" ages ago.

Please Robin Walker & John Cook. Work hard and bring it out:

Lets show CS gamers that us TF'ers rock your world
Posted 03:43am 08/10/06
heh, look at all the CS fanboys rush to the defence of their precious.
Posted 12:24pm 09/10/06
im not a huge fan of cs.
this new system sound good
and finally, kimbo you're a f**.
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