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Post by trog @ 03:31pm 22/09/06 | 41 Comments
Sony have just announced (presumably in response to yesterday's announcement from Microsoft) that the 20gb PlayStation 3 will ship with HDMI as standard.
Since SCEI first announced product specifications of PS3 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in May 2005, demand for enjoying full HD quality image and realistic digital sound through HDMI has grown tremendously. Given the sharp increase in availability of flat displays supporting HDMI in the market, SCEI has decided to equip HDMI as standard on all PS3 systems.
And the arms race continues!


Latest Comments
Posted 07:00pm 23/9/06
only 20% of the shipped playstatiosn are going to be the lite model. the 80% of "premium" systems haven't got a price drop, even in japan.
Posted 09:49am 24/9/06
last i heard only the 20gb version had a price drop
Posted 10:53pm 24/9/06
at the end of the mother f'n day out of the 3 consoles the one that has enjoyable games with decent graphics to play on will win. one that can be easily picked up, grab ur friends around, wack it on and not worry if ur friggen pixels are slightly off center...

all this yack talk on hdmi is just another reason why im buying the wii....i just want a console that will actually be fun to play straight out of the box and not have to worry about my tv not giving me the ULTIMATE MOST CRAZY BEST LOOKING PRETTY graphic...

when microsoft and sony decided to make consoles with 300 different flavours, 5990 component addons, 250 reasons u need to update ur tv and 30185 ways bugs will creep onto the system...they really created a bridge between ppl who could be bothered to go through the pain of actually playing the thing and ppl who wanted something simple, workable, fun and cheap.

Posted 12:11am 25/9/06
Wii wins hands down. it does all it needs to do, and thats be enjoyable.

For everything else, just use your PC. plus, you can upgrade you pc in the future, you cant upgrade the ps3/xbox.

PC has tv out/hi def out...
by a USB ps2 controller and tada... ps3 games on your pc.. (and if your smart you can play all the games without paying $120 per game). And so you miss out on 1-2 exclusives... oooh.. :(
Posted 02:36pm 26/9/06
hashy, still no reply to that link? could it be that you are the one turning this into a house of lies...?
Posted 03:59pm 26/9/06
am i the only person who thinks the gran turismo series is the most boring in the world?
Posted 09:31pm 26/9/06
it'll get hdmi soon, dont you worry.
Posted 09:37pm 26/9/06
HASHY???? no reply on my premium having ZERO price drop in japan comment still? CAN YOU NOT ACCEPT DEFEAT?????

Posted 07:58am 27/9/06
too long didnt read.
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