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Post by Raven @ 09:28pm 15/09/06 | 176 Comments
Nintendo Australia have finally released the Australian release date for their new console, the Wii, and a release date.

The following is the full text of the press release:
Australia, Melbourne, Sept. 15, 2006 Ė Nintendo will reshape the home entertainment and video game landscape with the launch of its heralded Wiiô home video game console. As part of a global launch period, Wii will arrive in Australia on December 7th. Wii will be sold as an affordable, mass-consumer product at an SRP of just $399.95. The price includes one wireless Wii Remote controller, one Nunchukô controller and the groundbreaking collection of five different Wii Sports games on one disc, which anyone can play using simple movements, experienced or not.
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Posted 10:09am 16/9/06
While I will still buy it..

Its too expensive. In US dollars thats $300; $50 more than the US$250 launch in that region.

To charge more in Australia, a region that Nintendo perform so absolutely horribly in, is lunacy at its finest.
Posted 12:09pm 16/9/06
they aren't region free. that was a mistake. BEWARE!

also, be wary of the "one free game" thign from toys r us, im certain its gonna be wii sports too! the consoles not expensive enough to warrant giving a free game on launch!
Posted 05:08pm 16/9/06
50 buck deposit
Posted 06:15pm 16/9/06
Hashy; the Australian performance of GameCube has been horrible all along, much more so than in other regions - Nintendo.AU either have no money or no clue. They certainly dont seem to know how to advertise their products.

In this region they are so far behind their competitors its not funny; it really seems to me they should have taken a hit on the price just to move some product. As it is now, people who would have been a shoe in at the low $300 range will now reconsider.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a Big N fanboy through and through and will happily plonk down my hard earned come December 7. I

AU$400 is too expensive _for this region_. If Nintendo want to remain a niche here, they are on the right track.
Posted 06:21pm 16/9/06
Term; other than Zelda, I'll certainly be looking at Call of Duty 3 - I want to see how a real FPS handles on the wiimote.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion should be great if the DS version is anything to go buy, and Excite Truck (a sequel of sorts to the NES' ExciteBike) looks interesting too. Much of the press seem keen on Ubisoft's Red Steel, another FPS with some sword fighting.
Posted 08:13am 17/9/06
Hashy; it doesn't take a genius to see Nintendo's AU strategy is practically non-existant.

Ever notice there's no Nintendo section on GameArena? That is not a coincidence, no matter how much I'd like to see one.
Posted 03:41pm 17/9/06
just go in and say "im gonna preorder IF the free game is ZELDA. will the game be zelda if i want? sign here as proof"
Posted 07:40am 18/9/06
if thats the case, i'm going to go preorder today as well. it just seems awfully generous of toys r us to do that.. whats their incentive???

giving away a 100 dollar game when you buy a 400 dollar system.... at launch!!

im certain they'll be losing money...

Posted 11:27am 18/9/06
just been reading more, some people said that toys r us told them "it's wii sports" others told them "any launch title" and others said that the person couldn't confirm that it was even a wii title.

it could be a gamecube game of your choice!!! (wii plays gamecube games) ..... im gonna get to the bottom of this!!!
Posted 02:00pm 18/9/06
i just went into my toys R us, and they had no clue really. they said that they hadn't been told yet. they said they didnt even know what price it was. i told them the RRP would be "four hundred bucks".

i told them that a game was packed in, and that if that was the "free game" that they are talking about, then it would be "gay".

they then told me i should go to EB and ask, to which i said i was interested in the free game deal, which only toys r us has... so EB would be no help.

he then said "i think its a choice of 3 games, from the different types, like RPG, ..." at which point i cut him off because there arent' even any RPGs launching with the system... as far as i know.

Why is the free game a big deal? because i probably wouldnt bother getting it otherwise. the wii looks cool but if theres no "free game" (except wii sports), then why go to toys r us over anywhere else?

This is poor work on behalf of toys r us, you cant just go saying FREE GAME!!!! and then not even have any details about it. no clue about range, no clue about ANYTHING! im gonna call a few other toys r us in brisbane today to see if i can get to the bottom of this.
Posted 06:05pm 18/9/06
cool. i'd prefer to wait until the details are finalised before preordering, personally. i just want zelda really.

i was going to call head office in bris but got sidetracked... i guess ill call them closer to the date.
Posted 10:01am 19/9/06
zelda OoT is the best one, i know that, but for some reason i just couldnt get into it enough (i've never finished it). i loved wind waker though! its more light hearted and quirky... but for some reason a lot of people didnt like the graphical style or other things about the game (especially the sailing). i loved the sailing... i remember so many highschool nights coming home drunk and just sailing, passing out, then waking up in a completely different spot... with new items and upgrades... hahaha...

i tried OoT again after i finished wind waker but it didnt seem as nice as windwaker was. i really liked windwaker heaps! but... im in the tiny minority.
Posted 04:21pm 19/9/06
That game informer article is rather sobering actually, I'm pretty psyched about the Wii and scarily a few of my recent dreams have been Wii related... but disturbing facts about myself aside, they have promised a lot with the cube and delivered little, despite the awesome titles it has. They've made big statements about the Wii, and we'll have to wait a 2 months now to see if they deliver in the U.S. and even if that goes well, there's no telling what the hell will happen here. I have hope that they'll lift their game this round, but I'm more skeptical.

As for Zelda games, I'm in the Wind Waker minority also. My picks would be Link to the Past, Minish Cap and Wind Waker.

Though, the Master Quest edition of Ocarina of Time is ok... mainly because inside the giant fish dungeon, there are cows embedded into the walls. I thought that was pretty wacky. I'd mainly just recomment playing OoT so you have played through it, but when it comes to slickness, Windwaker has it beat. WW may be a bit on the easy side, but it's pretty fun to play because the controls are pretty nice.

The Mac spoof ad is gold.
Posted 01:40pm 20/9/06
"pretty" doesnt always mean "fun"....hence i'll be buying a wii...

my only other console to date is a sega mega drive...still works ..and occasionally when family friends come over with young kids it gets dusted off and they are forced to play sonic:P...even though they all play wow,cs, etc...i feel it's my duty to educate with some historic games..

only nintendo product is the original gameboy...yep the old brick...surprisingly that still works..

i asked T'r'US yesterday about the wii..the only thing they can confirm is the pre-order..regarding the games the guy said nintendo were pretty wierd about it all because their scared they wont have the numbers to deal with demand...basically..could be a case of we'll have the consoles but major game shortages..

anyway..i'll be waiting around jan-feb to get a wii...probably be cheaper with more packaged deals
Posted 02:46am 21/9/06
Ooooh, if you get a free game with the Toy's R' Us deal, that means you could get Red Steel since that is supposed to be a launch title.
Also, god Bahamut Lagoon and Terranigma fantastic games!! Agreed Hashy!!
Although playing the japanese version of Bahamut Lagoon just confuses me.
I really hope that nintendo does a third (fourth?) version of Tales of Phantasia, awesome rpg.
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