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Post by trog @ 09:40pm 06/09/06 | 94 Comments
An anonymous user writes to let us know that Sony have announced (can't link directly to the lame Flash site, but if you click on News you'll see it) that the PlayStation 3 release date in Australia and (less importantly) Europe has been pushed back:
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) today announced that it would revise the launch date of its PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system in the PAL territories of Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and Australasia from 17th November 2006, as previously announced to March 2007.
They've also confirmed that the release date for the US and Japan is unchanged. Production delays are cited as the reason for the delay.

Given the plentiful availability of the Xbox 360 and the release of some big new titles (Dead Rising!) and the still-on-track Wii, it seems like this holiday season is going to be a Sony-free zone.


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Posted 08:54am 07/9/06
ara i think you meant.
Maybe sony can 'steal' more of Nintendo's ideas from the Wii console.
Still, ATLUS/Square-Enix hooray!!
Posted 09:44am 07/9/06
it's also launching with 400,000 in the US and... wait for it... 100,000 in japan!!! that is just ridiculous.
then an extra 5 months on top of that just for us? how do they think this is going to work???
xbox360 already has sold about 7 million around the world, by the time ps3 comes out its gonna be heaps more... then dont forget wii... that'll sell heaps this christmas.

you've almost gotta feel sorry for sony and their stupid blu-ray tech which is causing all these problems.

not that i like sony. i bought an xbox360 a few months ago (never had an xbox1) when i realised that sony was full of lies, wii was a little different from what i was looking for (will get one eventually, dont worry its on track for a november/december release here), and im sick of pc gaming (pc gamer since i was 4 years old).

i have no idea what ps3 is gonna launch with either. maybe it could just come with a few blu-rays filled with CGI. thats what sony fans seem to enjoy. then when you go to their house they can claim that its REAL INGAME GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE!!! and they can pretend like they are playing it but really they are just mashing the controller

give me a break.

the internet has lit up with anger, laughter, and whatever else because of the one-two short supplies/late pal release information.
Posted 02:44pm 07/9/06
Rumble's pretty good as another feedback method, I particularly like it for gun recoil. I dunno about the 3 seconds of the exact same sensation over and over again though, I've felt subtle differences in a fair few cube titles.

I'm not super-interested in the PS3 right now, until it launches and I can play a few titles, I've changed from utter hatred towards the platform to being indifferent. Some of the screenshots look pretty sweet, but you can't tell these days without playing for yourself.

Wii will be the first choice for me, currently getting a bit more interest in xbox360... but I can wait for that.

Posted 03:41pm 07/9/06
assassins creed, and "that john woo one" are both coming to xbox360, so why are you so glad you didnt get one? theres more good games out now than i can afford, so whats the big problem? by march 2007 there are going to be so many great games out for 360 and wii, ps3 is gonna look kinda gay.

i'm just enjoying playing games now. but you have fun waiting! hope you dont regret it ;)

Posted 04:40pm 07/9/06
if you dont have an xbox360, hashy, how can you comment on all these games??? the mind boggles... n3 was ok from what i've played... far from a "train wreck".

the main point is: we're playing and enjoying current-gen now, and you're waiting months on end for what is going to be, in the end, the same product with mostly the same games and a blu ray player. oh, and the SONY name, which incidentally i think is most important to a lot of ps3 loyalists.

but if i were you, i'd be feeling more like this guy:
Posted 11:52pm 07/9/06
Final Fantasy 12 should be great fun, apparently it might be live-action!! fun!!
I never really cared for Metal Gear myself, i still own them all, just don't play them anymore...
Also, Heavenly Sword looks amazing, apparently it was inspired by the playing style of God of War, that games fun too.
And although they haven't announced anything...Suikoden!
Posted 02:00am 09/9/06
Man...what is with people in this thread being quick to judge and just lashing out comments about anything anyone posts...Spook posted 2 comments which were nothing but anti-FF slander...
Your not entitled to like the game, but you shouldn't make fun of people for no reason...
Not to mention everyone throwing the word f***** around...
Posted 10:15pm 09/9/06
Haha, they had a giant sombrero in their office.
I remember reading about that game, Resistance looks alright, kind of a pedestrian FPS in terms of story-line and enemies...
But as the editor guy said, better than Call of Duty 2...blah
Posted 05:41pm 10/9/06
the similarities are tiny. don't forget that the gamer population on the internet at that time was very minimal, and now its getting pretty big. people are starting to read about sony's bulls***, and they aren't going to eat up the lies like last time.
Posted 06:13pm 10/9/06
hehe, font...
I agree with DM, the most original RPG's tend to be on consoles...
God forbid if WoW ever made it onto console i think i'd have to run around burning down houses to stop the evil from spreading.
Also, FPS on consoles do suck...unless like me you have a keyboard/mouse convertor for your console, but they do tend to suck alot still.
Disgaea ftw.
Posted 08:34pm 10/9/06
mmm, i suppose its courses for horses, i don't really mind grinding as long as you can see the results.
My favourite RPG on PS2 would probably have to be Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, god that game is awesome, real-time battles, detailed characters, non-linear choices!!!! (occasionally)
And the invent-your-own-things thing!!
I invented pie, incase you were wondering.
y 4 r u h8 ?! (mambodog RisingConflicts)
Posted 06:07pm 14/9/06
aand the little ps3 went wii wii wii all the way home

seriously i cbf spending more than $400 on a console purchase


nintendo ftw
Posted 12:48am 15/9/06
Mary Magdalen
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