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Post by trog @ 11:10am 01/09/06 | 5 Comments
Valve have released the Team Fortress 2 trailer that was shown at the Leipzig Games Convention recently. You've probably seen the shakycam version of it already, but now you can snag it in all its glory locally from AusGamers.

team fortress 2

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Posted 12:45pm 01/9/06
Knowing that Robin Walker is a clever fellow and he is really a great guy to talk about gameplay too.

This is going to be (pardon my french in advance) F@#$ING AWESOME. If you haven't played Team Fortress and are still stuck-on-you about Counter Strike give Quake World Team Fortress/ Team Fortress Classic a go. It is (and still is) one of the truely revolutionary gameplay styles that defines such games today. Such games as DOD, Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2.

If there has ever been a class based gameplay model based on Australian Football then this is it.

Just as a side note:

I wonder if the Pyro and the Medic are going to be really put in their 'roles' so the medic won't be a concussion jumper now. But more back to the original with 'biological style' grenades. (Think grenades from the spy but the medic has them)

I also wonder if the Pyro will be more room clearer now not so much mid way. (A while ago someone was talking about gas grenades for the pyro so that he could light up an area with the flamethrower.)
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