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Post by trog @ 11:15am 24/08/06 | 27 Comments
All AusGamers hosted sites are offline until further notice while we try to resolve some issues. Apologies for the inconvenience.

If you need your site back urgently, please contact us with an explanation why and we'll see what we can do.


Latest Comments
Posted 01:36pm 24/8/06
Any estimate on the time period we are looking at?

Lt. Sniper
Posted 10:56pm 27/8/06
Can I please request that be brought back online. I need FTP and SQL access so I can dump the whole thing to a new boxen at home. I really hope I dont loose my site! Please help guys!
Posted 10:58am 28/8/06
"Post by AstrO @ 10:16am
The sites will be back up at some point right?
Post by Jim @ 10:28am
Nope, only under the conditions already outlined by trog - and even then possibly only temporarily

Do i read that correctly that all sites are offline indefinatly? On a professional level it would be nice to atleast have had fair warning or opertunaty so some of us could atleast recover our content.

Our gaming group is in the middle of multiple level national competitions and having our site offline without warning is impacting severaly on our group.

As ex-President and primary contact for our australian gaming group and its website and member of a augamers admiistration email list that was managed by ausgamers staff, i nor any other member of our administratiuve team did not see any advance notice of this action.

We have been unable to raise effective communications to you guys for many months and all emails sent have not to this date recived any reply.

Jim, Trog, I have tried numerous contact options and so far i have yet to recive any responce, anything at all would be very much appreciated, ftp at the bare minimum please so we can recover our content if this is a sustained measure of downtime.

We also have our privately owned DNS name pointing to this site, and the ausgamers team were managing this for us, and as we have been unable to raise communications with you guys we are also unable to access our dns if we need to move if this is a permanent meausre of service outage.

please contact me as soon as possable, i understand your technical issues, and i hope you guys can appreciate my position as webmaster / for a 200+ gaming community in the middle of national compeitions.

davemcree -at- hotmail -dot- com.

If there is any way i can be of assistance in this matter please contact me promptly.
Posted 11:11am 28/8/06
just noticed its back up, thank you very much guys, i on behalf of our community thank you very very much.

your hard work is appreciated no end!

If you guys could contact me at regarding who we should talk to in the future regarding our dns should we need to change it at a later dat that would be much appreciared.

thanks again,
Posted 08:47pm 28/8/06
I was lucky and had a full backup of all the files on my website, the only thing I miss now is the subdomain :(

I would like to thank Ausgamers for the great free hosting that they have provided over the years :)
Thanks guys!
Lt. Sniper
Posted 12:11am 29/8/06
Im not 100% sure how DNS works but is it possible if I can get the domain name to point for a private server else where, even if its just for 1 month. I need to setup a few referals to point to my new site before I lose the ausgamers sub domain name completely.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

aka Lt. Sniper
Lt. Sniper
Posted 01:34pm 14/9/06
I have requested that the DNS changed be taken. Jason sent me an email on the 8th saying it was done but even now on the 14th nothing has happened. I just need to refer to

Lt. Sniper
Posted 12:32pm 24/3/07
could i please get fileks from

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