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Post by trog @ 11:30am 16/08/06 | 21 Comments
Well, the long awaited and much needed Battlefield 2 v1.4 patch has been delayed for a little while longer while EA investigate some possible issues. An official community update is apparently on the way, but we've got the following somewhat confusing quote to try to satiate your hunger for working code:
"The 1.4 Patch will not be released today. It has been postponed. There will be no servers available until the official release date."

battlefield 2

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Posted 02:16pm 16/8/06
I dont quite know how 'totally f***ed' the game is... I mean, sure, you get disconnected a few times a night (which is annoying), but the game is largely very playable and entertaining. Though it would be nicer if they were more prompt with patch releases.

I think it's just becoming popular to bag the game in general (probably because of EA's involvement).
y 4 r u h8 ?!
Posted 12:55am 17/8/06
i loev moenkys
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