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Post by Nathan @ 07:42am 26/07/06 | 25 Comments
Ars-Technica has a journal entry reporting on an increase in Apple's US laptop retail marketshare to 12%, up from 6% less than 6 months ago.

With the recent switch to Intel processors, Apple is now in a position to appeal to gamers who need to Windows, a market previously unavailable to them. Are any AusGamers readers considering (or recently made) their first Apple purchase, or do you think this is just a temporary increase?


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Posted 07:46am 26/7/06
My 2cents - to me, a laptop is just a proprietry computer. In that respect, it doesnt matter if I buy a Dell or an Apple laptop: if it breaks, I'll need to send it back to the manufacturer. So, I would certainly consider buying an Apple laptop if I were in the market for one now we have the freedom to run our operating system of choice.

A desktop PC is an entirely different proposition. I value being able to build my own: its easy to upgrade and I repair. If something breaks, I can easily source repairs or replacement parts from any local computer store. I think I can confidently say I would never buy an Apple desktop PC; but similarly I would never buy a Dell or other brand-name PC either.
Posted 07:51am 26/7/06
MacBooks start at AU$1749 apparently. I'm not sure how well it compares in terms of its specs.
Posted 02:35pm 26/7/06
If I had the money for a Macbook pro, I'd certainly switch with just my short time (about a year) on our church's 4G iBook. But that's generally because I'm not much into games really and more looking to video editing and such. A friend of mine has a Macbook pro and runs a program called Parallels (sp?), instead of switching between MacOS and XP, you can run XP right inside MacOS and the performance is pretty awesome.

I'm not exactly sure how it would go running games though, I'm not too up to date on laptop graphics cards, but the macbook pro has an ATI x1600 ... I think it's only 256MB though... whilst it might not be top notch for up-coming games like Crysis, I was thinking it might be adequate for current to fairly recent stuff, but I'm interested to hear how it performs.
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