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Post by trog @ 08:43am 20/07/06 | 15 Comments
The Team Fortress 2 trailer has been released as promised by Valve. Download ahoy. Unfortunately it is just a collection of character animations introducing the character classes - no gameplay footage.

team fortress 2

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Posted 08:45am 20/7/06
not sure about the 2fort barn style, still it looks promising though. apperantly its all in game footage except for the spy
Posted 09:22am 20/7/06
Actually, everything in that trailer is in-game. There's some extra screenspace effects on it (depth of field & motion blur), but apart from that it's all just recorded in the game. So yep, that's what the models look like, and that's what 2fort looks like now.

Almost all of the animations are game anims used while playing (scout run, hwguy firing, etc). The exception is the Spy. We don't have a disguise effect we're happy with yet, so we whipped up that animation to give new players an understanding of what the Spy class is about.
Posted 07:35pm 20/7/06
Yeah, it looking good, IMO, the more I think about it the more this new style suits the gameplay of tf, thats IF they gameplay is going to be similar.

BUT I can't see the gibbs returning tho.... :)
Posted 06:48pm 21/7/06
gay, totally gay
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