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Post by trog @ 08:58am 19/07/06 | 34 Comments
A trailer showing off some of Valve's recently announced Portal has been released, showing off a couple minutes of the action.
Portal is a new type of single player game that changes how players approach, manipulate, and surmise the possibilities in a given environment in a manner similar to how the Gravity Gun changed our approach to how an object may be leveraged in any given situation.
Download it locally for a peek. The Team Fortress 2 trailer will be available tomorrow.

portalhalf-life 2: episode 2

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Posted 09:41am 19/7/06
That is bloody brilliant. Pushing their tech to new uses. Gonna be a bit disorienting though, I imagine! Would be interesting in multiplayer...
Posted 11:41am 19/7/06
Nice vid, awesome idea

Cant wait!
y 4 r u h8 ?!
Posted 05:10am 22/7/06
anyone who thinks the people who made prey (humanhead) invented portals needs a serious kick in the nuts. for one, the portal technology that prey uses has been part of the doom3 engine since its creation, used for doors, windows, mirrors etc. these same portals can be seen in quake 3 even... however due to the technological constraints of the time of q3 their use was limited. even then, quake 3 wasnt setting any trends there, as portals have been, conceptually at least, part of game engines and rendering engines since very early on. all that has really changed has been the performance capabilities of the average gamer's pc. the fact that valve have actually taken the risk in backing a game that uses such an untested idea (from a marketing perspective at least) i think still deserves respect, not people accusing them of stealing ideas.
Posted 01:34pm 22/7/06
looks really good, cranially crazy. much better than the tf2 trailer...
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