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Post by trog @ 11:26am 22/03/06 | 17 Comments
EA and Dice have confirmed Battlefield 2142:
Today we have some really big news to share with you. The more sniper-eyed of you out there will probably already know, but we're currently hard at work developing "Battlefield 2142", which is scheduled for release this Autumn. As you'll have guessed, this is a departure for the BF series as we're going into the future - something that a lot of you wanted to see happen in the BF universe. We're creating a ton of cool features that you won't have seen in any BF before, including cloaking devices, mines that follow you, awesome new rifles, guns and grenades, and of course, MECHS! We're developing this here in DICE Stockholm while the DICE Canada studio will be hard at work on a 1.3 update for Battlefield 2, as well as the Armoured Fury Booster Pack.
There's a low quality trailer which sets the scene and shows off some of the footage. A formal press release is due later today so stay tuned.


Latest Comments
Posted 12:04pm 22/3/06
What the helllllll, it makes no sense dude.
what next? battlefield 1450?
Posted 01:49pm 22/3/06
im officially not buying this until i read this forum and find everyone saying how awesome it is.
Posted 03:51pm 22/3/06
Woot? EA decided to rip of another awesome mod. like everything after 1942 they have ever produced. GG.
Posted 06:07pm 22/3/06
BattleField 3: This time its not BattleField 2!
Posted 11:27am 23/3/06
At least people wont be saying "The Phased Plasma Rifle with the 40Watt Range is NOT this weak in real life!!1 :(", etc.

ie. it hopefully will give them more freedom for content and balancing without the need to conform to reality.
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