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Post by trog @ 02:05pm 21/03/06 | 129 Comments
The ABC is reporting on yet another misguided attempt to try to stop children accessing unsuitable material on the Internet:
Opposition Leader Kim Beazley says a Labor government would introduce laws requiring Internet service providers to offer a "clean feed" without pornographic and violent sites.

Mr Beazley says Australian parents do not want their children to be exposed to such material.

"Block it at the point of the provider as opposed to the point of the parent and if that particular household wants to opt into the pornographic sites then they make an active decision to do so," he said.
Won't somebody think of the children!? You should probably let your local Labor MP know what you think of this idea. Of course it's technically impossible, but that isn't really the point.


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Posted 02:52pm 21/3/06
ever wonder why australia's technology and communication situation is so far behind the rest of the world? it's because people like that are in charge. people that have no idea whatsoever about the technology or the people using it.

the whole thing smacks of a cheap buy at some votes - heck, beazely probably DOES know it's impossible, but he'll promise it none the less.
Posted 07:06pm 21/3/06
Well said Pete!
Posted 10:28pm 21/3/06
I hope that they full on BAN porn from the net. Put all those perverted porn stars and movie makers out of business. It is some of the sickest crap out there. All it does is warp the mind and perspectives on people. It hurts to see friends spend so much time downloading and viewing it, then archiving it etc etc - and all for what? If peolple cant do that s*** behind closed doors amd keep it there is something seriously wrong with them. Who in their right mind would want to show to the whole world their most private parts and show it getting abused or whatever. The sooner governments clamp down on all the crap that parents don't want their kids potentially viewing or even themselves by an accidental "clicking on a link" the better.
Posted 10:43pm 21/3/06
KIM BEAZLY IS A HEROIN ADDICT! not only a heroin addict, a toal noob at tech. banning porn and violence is just going to get kids back out on the street vandalising, taking drugs and raping people.
Kim Beazly is in fact the worst human being to ever breath my air.
Posted 10:28am 22/3/06
VorteX, I know a stress relief technique I'de like you to try. That thing between your legs, play with it for half an hour, porn might help in this process, but you will in fact be a happier person.
WhiteWolf, you are infact the single dumb-est human-being I've ever encountered.
Posted 02:38pm 22/3/06
lol lol lol rotfl good one fpot thats the funnyiest thing iv'e heard all day "OBLIVION" lol
Posted 06:03pm 22/3/06
WhiteWolf, you must be atleast 11. Probably pushing 12 with the grammar and sentance structure of a 7 year old.

"internet, how has the internet the worst thing mankind has ever done to this planet and themseleves?"

leik leanr 2 gramer okai?

Do you read what you type? no? Didn't think so. I'm not going to break down the rest of your "rant" its not worth the effort. It's just "dumb".
Posted 07:09pm 22/3/06
Probably. Nerf mtshadow.
Posted 10:36pm 22/3/06
Kim Beazly will probably try and make Heroin illegal next. :P
Posted 06:55pm 23/3/06
I wouldnt expect you to get it.
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