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Post by trog @ 11:14am 15/03/06 | 39 Comments
Much to the disgruntlement of all the server administrators who were expecting a later release, EA have snuck out the Euro Forces mini-expansion/booster pack for Battlefield 2. You can buy it with the new EA downloader. You'll get three new maps, four new vehicles, seven new weapons and a new army.

My commentary on expansion packs for multiplayer games is still something I think is valid, and something that players should consider carefully.

Battlefield 2

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Posted 10:38am 16/3/06
haha sif pay for content patch!!! like what if they did that everytime a new dungeon/weapon was released in WoW... would be liek a $4300 dollar game. Why should we pay for something that makes a now boring game slightly less boring?
Posted 12:10pm 16/3/06
Do EA provide all the server hosting? no. do EA have new content for their games almost every month? no. Thats what the monthly WoW fee's are for, and yes I'm sure that some of the $15/month goes towards content development and I'de expect nothing less. However, Blizzard dont say "Hey here is a 5 new weapons" pay another $13 bucks and you can have the chance at getting them!". EA are simply adding what should have been there in the first place and asking people to pay for it.
Posted 12:39pm 16/3/06
International lag isn't a problem and anyone who thinks they lose duels or whatever becuase of it is just lacking skills. I've never had a problem with it myself. Never lost a duel or missed something "becuase" of internation lag. And if one WoW server goes down, there are still plenty more to play on. I dont have a problem with the Downtime personally, Unlike some people I really do have better things to do than write a 20 minute post flaming blizzard in the general forums,when the server does crash.
Posted 12:59pm 16/3/06
Yes, you do have to start another character, I already played on different servers so it's not a problem, it may be for others. As for international lag, MMO's arent really like an FPS where 100 and 500 latency means life or death. An Australian "based" server would be nice but its not going to happen.
Posted 03:59pm 16/3/06
No really, they are. 5 million players x 15-20/month = GG.
Posted 04:03pm 16/3/06
lolol GG.. PP ep 10 is out. gogo trog.
Posted 04:52pm 16/3/06
33kb/s from canada. Ill wait for it on ausgamers... ETA trog?
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