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Post by trog @ 10:48am 27/01/06 | 41 Comments
Microsoft have announced that the Australian Xbox 360 launch has been delayed, confirming some rumours that have been floating around:
Xbox today announced a new launch date in Australia and New Zealand for the Xbox 360. The new launch date is 12:01am on March 23 2006.

The new launch dates have been set due to unprecedented global consumer demand stemming from challenges in ramping supply for a complex product like the Xbox 360. This is a short term manufacturing challenge and steps have been taken to increase supply to provide adequate supplies at launch.
The official press release is available. Bad news for Aussies!

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Posted 10:51am 27/1/06
Posted 10:59am 27/1/06
how long is that delay? if its more than a week then good, it means itll happen after my march pay packet instead of my february one :p
Posted 10:59am 27/1/06
Launch was originally March 2nd.
Posted 11:03am 27/1/06
excellent. well not really but hey.

we went for the extra pack too fpot, but 800 bucks all up makes me sad in the pants :(
Posted 11:20am 27/1/06
You aren't getting the core system are you?
Posted 11:21am 27/1/06
no im getting the standard for 650, and the vip pack for 150

Posted 11:31am 27/1/06
Okay just what you said sort of sounded like you were going to buy the $650 one and the VIP pack but you thought it was too expensive :P

I'll play you at Perfect Dark on launch day :D
Posted 11:35am 27/1/06
ho hum

I'm just not a console fan these days...

Posted 11:40am 27/1/06
see now i have to think about random stuff like this new xbox live stuff, whats the silver/gold shizzles?
Posted 12:41pm 27/1/06
i been playing them at work for 3 months, they're nothing special...all the games look like s***.....jaggies galore....i rather play COD2 & NFS:MW on my pc at high res with all the bells and whistles than on 360.... Flame away if you want, but before you do - ask yourself, have you actually played 1 or are you just a jealous n00b?

3 weeks hoo!
Posted 01:01pm 27/1/06
i been playing them at work for 3 months, they're nothing special...all the games look like s***.....jaggies galore....i rather play COD2 & NFS:MW on my pc at high res with all the bells and whistles than on 360.... Flame away if you want, but before you do - ask yourself, have you actually played 1 or are you just a jealous n00b?

Were you play it through a standard res or hi res screen? on a standard tv with RCA, i'd imagine it'd look s*** but ive seen photo's of a 360 plugged into a 24" Dell Monitor and it looked pretty damn good to me.
Posted 01:05pm 27/1/06
I was playing it on a nice big plasma screen and definitely noticed the jaggies. I don't know if they were final units/final game code though. The visuals are pretty lush though, but I agree there were too many jaggies.
Posted 01:10pm 27/1/06
I've played 360s on lots of high end plasmas and in HT setups and the jaggies remain. I can't stand it so i don't play the 360's that much. Also, these are the final units....have played them on and off since the 23rd Nov 2005 release of the 360 here in north america.
Posted 01:37pm 27/1/06
Whatever man..i don't care if you believe me or not... sorry if i shattered you're little dream of having a 360 and it being so uber...just giving my opinion.

PC < 360

When Microsoft even sells the USB 360 controller for $35 everywhere, why not just buy 1 of those and hook it up to a pc and play COD2 like that....not that'd i'd want to i hate the controllers aswell...

anyway sorry again, here's a tissue
Posted 01:42pm 27/1/06
I dunno all the technicalities, but is plasma HDTV? 1080i or whatever the f***? All the reviews I've read of stuff like PGR3, Kameo and Perfect Dark say they look absolutely gobsmackingly amazing on HDTV setups, and still quite impressive even on normal televisions. Theres a s***load of ports in the launch lineup, which is a bit disappointing because they really dont show off the XBox 360 at all, but stuff like the games I listed above that are made specially for 360 (and Oblivion, which may now even be a launch title with the pushed back launch date) are where you're going to see it at its best.

Ah well, its just like every console, some will love it some will hate it, If you're not a console fan than I doubt it'll convert you. Personally, I can't wait :D Not that I can afford my own, but my brother already has one pre-ordered, so at the very least I'll get to play it when hes not around :P
Posted 01:48pm 27/1/06
This is the controller i am talking about to hook up to your pc:

Anyway just to explain how i have played the 360 on tonnes of different setups since it came out last november, the company i work for has contracts with the largest electronics stores in north america, mainly Best Buy & Futureshop and the work i do gets me flown all around the place and when doing my work instore, when i get bored or have to wait for another contractor i play the i've played it on up to 2 different display setups per store...and i've been in a fair few stores since Nov 05.....anyway like i said, i care not if you believe me or not you're obviously upset that i bad mouthed your future girlfriend.

Posted 02:06pm 27/1/06
asif feed the trolls
Posted 02:07pm 27/1/06
Well you're obviously not a console fan anyway, since the first thing you did was start up the "Just play a PC lol" argument; you're pre-disposed to not liking the 360 no matter what it does. Not to say your opinion isn't a valid one, I'm sure theres plenty of people who just don't like consoles and won't be buying a 360, but on the other side of the coin your opinion really isn't going to sway the people who do like consoles and do want a 360 because they're coming at it from a completely different point of view. I wouldn't put much weight in the opinion of a greenie who hates cars when I'm buying a new car, same as I wouldn't put much weight in the opinion of someone who is anti-console when buying a console.

I've never seen the point in comparing consoles to PCs anyway, its like comparing watching movies at the cinema to watching them at home on DVD. Both mediums have their advantages, both have their disadvantages, and theres room in the world to enjoy both, without having to make a choice between one or the other; the two are not mutually exclusive. I think you'll find (at least on this forum) that a lot of the console fans have PCs anyway, and when buying a console they aren't looking for a new cutting edge PC, they're looking for a new cutting edge console. If we wanted new cutting edge PCs, we'd go buy new cutting edge PCs.
Posted 02:22pm 27/1/06 i've played it on up to 2 different display setups per store...
Thing is with that, is that every store setup I have ever seen in my lifetime is not setup properly. I wouldn't be suprised if they were using a composite cable for their 'display model'. We have $2500 LCD tvs at work that are using a composite cable from a DVD player for christ's sake.

I think I'll let my own judgement prevail over yours, cheers.

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Posted 02:29pm 27/1/06
fpot - no, all the displays use the very expensive monster cables... even the audio cables for the xbox are those fibre optic cables....pretty cool to see the light coming out the ends of those things when playing with them...i'm easily ammused but the 360 didn't ammuse me :P

They are trying to sell the units so obviously they want them to look their fact everything connected in the stores is with Monster, even coming down to the monster power surge protectors that are up to $500 each...

and Khel...I guess i just expected alot more out of the 360....I thought the xbox was great when it was first released however the 360 just hasn't impressed me.
Posted 02:33pm 27/1/06
I liked khels last post, it made sense.
Posted 02:37pm 27/1/06
What games did you play on it? From what I've heard, Kameo and PGR3 are the most graphically impressive, I've heard mixed reviews of Perfect Dark Zero though. And then theres an army of ports which dont look much better than they did on normal XBox, thats what disappoints me the most :( I guess on the one hand, at least they have a launch lineup with a good selection of titles, instead of 3 or 4 like a lot of launches had ended up with in the past (I still have bad memories of deserpately trying to find a game even worth buying to play on my ridiculously expensive Ps2), but when 20 out of the 25 launch titles are ports, in some instances of games that are already months old, its not really that much of a choice.

Still, even if PGR3 was the only exclusive launch title, it'd still be enough for me, there is no emoticon that could truly express the love I had for PGR2.
Posted 02:40pm 27/1/06
AENIMA, just a question..have you played them on any high end CRT HDTV's at all?..I want to know as I have a very nice Sony HDTV (CRT) and I was thinking about the 360 on that would look nice. The tv has some sort of optomised 'game mode' in it as well.

I dont think plasmas would be any good anyway as I reckon they all suck at the mo, havent seen one that even comes close to the picture quality on this CRT HDTV.

Posted 02:43pm 27/1/06
i think and hope my g/f buys me an xbox 360 for my birthday,
Posted 03:22pm 27/1/06
Maybe the Xbox will have a worthwhile exclusive software range that isn't limited to the likes of Ninja Gaiden and Otogi this generation.
Posted 03:22pm 27/1/06
I've mainly played call of duty, quake, need for speed and a bit of perfect dark which is pretty fun in MP....basically I am marking the 360 down because I have witnessed how good the games can look (on PC)....i expected it to look alot better and trog obviously knows what I mean when i'm talking about the jaggies...very annoying. Haven't played many new titles, usually just use the wireless net and check email etc in spare time these days.

Psycho, as for your hdtv crt tv it should be pretty sweet for the 360...I've found the image quality very nice on them and for a sweet price. Can't say i can recall using a sony with the game video mode but then i don't mess with the tvs that much when they are setup and working properly.

Anyway i'm going down the pub....Australia Day here and also Wet T Shirt night down the local....giggedy giggedy giggedy

Posted 03:58pm 27/1/06
xbox sucks!!!

pc gaming 4tw!
Posted 04:08pm 27/1/06
the controllers pretty nice
i bought one from harvey norman a few weeks ago and its good for platforming sorta games on pc. just you need to get the XBCD drivers as the microsoft ones suck.

since ms is pushing it as a standard and vista will allow 3 full axes of motion to work properly, finally pc games will be decent with these types of games which are better to play with a controller.

i also recently bought a HDTV, but may save up a bit more and get the 360 after i get a Nrev :)
Posted 04:28pm 27/1/06
You can buy the 360 controller to use for the PC already? I was planning to pick it up, looks great.
Posted 04:49pm 27/1/06
AENIMA I totally agree.
Posted 04:56pm 27/1/06
Posted 05:10pm 27/1/06
Arguing on QGL is like competing in the special
olympics, even if you win you're still retarded.

F***, did you think of that all by yourself or did you read it on a christmas bonbon.
Posted 06:01pm 27/1/06
God I cant wait for this thing to come out, just so all the d*** waving that comes from people that have had a play with one can stop.
Posted 09:04pm 27/1/06
Dan, it isn't even about that....for me atleast...if it came out and it was so damn cool that i sold my car and left my girlfriend i would be raving on here 'wait till you guys get is so damn worth the wait even if it has a minor delay in releasing in Australia....' you think i would be telling everyone how bad it is and how i'd never buy 1? This of course is my say and you can take onboard or quickly dismiss anything you are reading here...

Although for me it was not, i did however leave my girlfriend but she was just a b****. Seriously, wait till it comes out there and make your own judgement... but don't give me s*** just cause i've played a 360 and thought it wasn't that much and posted my honest opinion on here.

My advice to those that do buy a 360: Don't be cheap, spend the extra $100 and do it right, make sure you have a good display and sound system and above all... don't listen to anyone on a forum, if you want something that bad and you get it, and it is all that you wanted, it makes it that much more better, so enjoy!

ps...only 4 girls voluntered for wet tshirt when they needed 1st place got $500, 2nd place got $200, 3rd place got $100 and 1 sorry girl went home with a soaking wet white t shirt....good night in all, and lets not forget how orsom our country is....rock on Australia.

Posted 10:03pm 27/1/06

You can buy the 360 controller to use for the PC already?


The xbox 360 controls have been for sale at harvey norman for a couple months for 60$. rumble isnt really supported yet as they use Xinput instead of DirectX. but companies are going to put more compatibilty with it, I think Ubisoft is starting it off

xbcd drivers are the ones that some guy wrote so you could use Xbox 1 control on pc (modded with usb cable of course), but they have been modified again for 360 controller use, as MS drivers have no deadzone setting for the analog or anything..

from what ive read though, a limitation of windows xp is support of 3 analog style axes, so you can use the dual analog, but the triggers arent dual analog for like acceleration in PGR or if you want to play NFS:MW or something on pc, it acts like digital buttons :(

vista *should* solve the problem :S
Posted 10:20pm 27/1/06
Wouldn't dual analogue be 4 axes?

I'm kind of in a mixed state about the 360, it looks shiny and it's like a sleek white box of glory power compared to our old PC. On the other hand, I'm not really into the xbox scene. Viva la revolution.
Posted 03:31pm 28/1/06
my last console was a sega megadrive (sonic~!!$_@#$) and my current pc setup is a pos 6 year old anything...anything that comes out is going to impress....
Posted 01:12am 29/1/06
I'll never game online with my Apple Notenook again

~I swear

Posted 06:34pm 31/1/06
In Soviet Russia, Xbox 360 buys you

How can you complain bout jaggies on a tv that is 640x480 or 800x600 at best.
Man, even the ps2's sub-par graphics are good enough for me to play them without thinking "man this looks s***".
Although I'd prefer high-end PC with all the bells and whistles, as people have said, consoles are a totally different thing.
Either way, not many games are able to entertain me for more than an hour these days anyway, so they're both useless until something decent comes out.

F***, did you think of that all by yourself or did you read it on a christmas bonbon.
He's had that as his sig for awhile.
We all know what it originated from.
Who gives a s***, spilt milk baby, yeah.

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