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Post by trog @ 04:59pm 01/09/05 | 52 Comments
September the first - the Sony PlayStation Portable has hit Australian shores and is now out, retailing for around the AU$400 mark. The official site has a decent wrap-up of the system; if you've been living in a cave and don't know anything about it that is probably the best place to start. If you're looking for some more information, GameArena have a hardware review looking at some of the aspects of the platform, as well as a stack of reviews of the launch titles.

Some of the word on the street is that the PSP is shipping with the older v1.52 version of the firmware out-of-the-box, but it includes a disk with the 2.0 firmware on it. Thanks to Dave who has sent word confirming this and clarifying that the homebrew stuff only works on v1.50 firmware, but there is apparently a patch in the works to downgrade to that version (if you're brave).

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Posted 05:17pm 01/9/05
we sold over 40 of them by 10am at work :o (we opened at 8am)
they are damn shiny :)
Posted 08:30pm 01/9/05
PSP > All handheld entertainment.

And i also agree with waiting people. $400 is a bit much to spend right away. Give it a little time. $300 would be acceptable.

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Posted 10:02pm 01/9/05
Are there any games worth buying for it? Or is it all novelty?
Posted 10:43pm 01/9/05
woah I've had a psp for the better part of 8 months now. I bought it when I was in Japan over xmas/new year price was 24000Yen which in AU would be approx $350. I hadnt played it in 6 months or so because I didnt have any games other that ridge racer jap.

With all this local release hype i decided to pull it out of the draw and have another go at it. Read a few sites here and there and found out i have a v1.00 PSP :)

Happy days, I just ordered a 2gig mem stick duo to go with it :D
Posted 01:42am 02/9/05
Yeh i wont buy one yet.
My eyes cant handle little bloody screens anymore, maybe it was too much monochrome gameboy >_>
Posted 07:38am 02/9/05
Metal gear acid is what im looking for, im a vivid follower of metal gear/solid/and now acid, i hear it was like a card game or something.

Yet, $400 is way too high for me, i'll prolly wait till sony breaks even and reduces the like $200.
Posted 11:11pm 02/9/05
The PSP is rather tempting, but not tempting enough. Can't wait for Metroid Hunters on the DS, they're adding online play to it. And Mario Kart... and I'm pretty interested in Meteos.

The person who was interested in puzzlers, I'd recommend the DS, though that depends on what sort of puzzle games you like, you might be better off just getting an old school gameboy and Tetris.
Posted 02:20pm 03/9/05
Note that you are generally paying for micro-technology, the psp is as powerful as the ps2, if not more, and is about 1/3 of the size of the ps2 mini, the battery life can be easily overcome, but buying more than one battery.

Geez, the psp is perfect in almost every way, except for its high price and battery life, but like many critics say, you cant really compare the DS and the PSP, because they are meant to target completely different audiences.
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