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Post by Khel @ 01:20pm 20/08/05 | 35 Comments
Saw this article over on Gamespot about official pricing for the XBox 360. Theres two versions, the XBox 360 Core System which will cost $299 US and the full XBox 360 which will cost $399 US. The two bundles are:
Xbox 360 Core System - $299 (299 Euros, 209 GBP)
Xbox 360 console
Wired controller
Detachable faceplate
Xbox Live Silver membership
Standard AV cables

Xbox 360 - $399 (399 Euros, 279 GBP)
Xbox 360 console
20GB detachable hard drive
Wireless controller
Wireless Xbox Live headset
High-definition AV cables
Ethernet cable
Xbox 360 Media Remote Control (limited time)
Detachable faceplate
Xbox Live Silver membership

Theres also a range of accessories that will be available including wireless networking kits, extra wireless controllers, different faceplates and 64mb memory cards.

Still no solid release date (just "this holiday season"), and its anyones guess when we'll get it here and how much it'll cost (I'm betting at least $650 - $700 for the full system).

Penny-Arcade also have had their always-funny say on the pricing issue too.

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Fetal IceCream
Posted 11:00pm 20/8/05
australian 360 release will be feb 06 at the earliest.
the offical (off the record, we dont deal in rumors) word from microsoft
is late feb early march, @ $500 and $650 AUD respectivly
the leaked release dates (from microsoft/xbox) is nov 5th US and nov 24th EU

the "leaked" date is an old trick called baiting.
we "accidently" put the date up on the offical xbox site, and then took it back down.
"but now u have something to look forward to at xmass so start saving ur pennies."

Fetal IceCream
Posted 12:33pm 22/8/05
Yeah J Allard is quoted as saying the same thing virtually, a few months back.
Only he mentioned Australia as getting it at the same time as EU.

we, NDA. i know nussing.
Posted 12:45pm 22/8/05
"with worse control systems (esp. gamecube)"

I'd prefer to use the cube controller over the xbox controller any day. It may have a "quirky" design, but there's method to the madness and it feels nice to hold. Granted, the d-pad could be a little better... if it were ever needed. There's not one game I've played that has required the use of the d-pad to make the playing experience better.

That being said, I might get an xbox 360, I'm not a huge microsoft fan, but I don't hate them. The machine seems capable and hopefully it'll have some good games, it seems to have a huge developer support base.

Still, I'm waiting for concrete Revolution info... far more interested in that system more than anything else. Good air of mystery about it.

"id like to see a ps2 or a game cube serve me up my media like my xbox is"

I'd like to see any console serve me up my media like my PC is.
Fetal IceCream
Posted 01:33pm 22/8/05
yes troy
Fetal IceCream
Posted 01:54pm 22/8/05
it's all good
seen u in bf2 a couple times, might actually get into the server you're on 1 day
so i can shoot you... in the nicest possible way.

if u msn .. fetal_icecream@
Fetal IceCream
Posted 02:52pm 22/8/05
anyone else wanna jump in while we got memory lane goin ?
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