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Post by Term @ 02:13pm 21/07/05 | 34 Comments
Falling into the just goes to show how huge China is category, news that World of Warcraft has gained 1.5 million subscriptions in just one month of commercial launch in the country:
World of Warcraft, its subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), has surpassed 1.5 million paying customers in China just a month following the games commercial launch on June 7, 2005. The critically acclaimed World of Warcraft has now achieved another significant milestone as the largest MMORPG in the world, with more than 3.5 million global customers.
No word on if they sold the game or gave the game free with a higher subscription cost, but it sure is a huge number of people. In other news, the other 998.5 million people in China were found farming gold on blackrock for sale on ebay to fat rich Americans. Check out the full press release here on AusGamers.

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Posted 02:14pm 21/7/05
cue that goldfarmer link you pasted yesterday
Posted 02:16pm 21/7/05
yeah, I couldnt find it :( If you find it I'll post it. I was roffling quietly just writing that! You could probably hear it
Posted 02:17pm 21/7/05
Posted 02:18pm 21/7/05
haha, thats it, sooo funny
Posted 02:21pm 21/7/05
can I read this thread or is it a "work" thing!! :P
Posted 02:40pm 21/7/05
you can, and you should
Posted 02:46pm 21/7/05
haha holy s*** thats alot of money blizzard is making now. In one year @ $10USD per month 3.5 million subscribers results in 420 million dollars. Jesus thats alot of money.

And I think its more than that per month isnt it? I forget how much subscription costs.
Posted 02:48pm 21/7/05
bet ms are wishing they bought vivendi while they had the chance, blizzard alone will make the asking price in profit
Posted 02:55pm 21/7/05
Is 100 Gold a lot?
Posted 02:59pm 21/7/05
not heaps, in lower levels its a hell of a lot, but at cap it isnt that much, I have 450 currently
Posted 03:06pm 21/7/05
Because alot of money is made from things like arcanite (which isnt available to lower level players) 100G is tonnes at the start.

But given that the epic mount is 900G (and s***loads of people have theirs) and most epic quality crafted items sell for a few hundred gold its not very much at lv50+ Only takes a day or two to make 100G when farming and selling things like arcanite.
Posted 04:08pm 21/7/05
I have a lvl 32 Warrior, through grinding + herbs + mining I've made 120g so far.

You'd be very suprised how many players buy money. Think about it, how many gold sellers are there? They wouldn't be around if people didn't buy it. I'm in a guild of about 100 players, I know of 5 that bought 1000g for their epic mount. We had another player who had 2 lvl 60s in no time and was on 24/7. We suspected he paid for his chars to get leveled, so we asked some questions and caught him in a lie. Later he admitted to it but we still booted him. Unfortunately for him the guys leveling his chars are only skilled at that, they're f***en retards in every other aspect.
Posted 04:23pm 21/7/05
You can make a surprisingly large amount of money by having two collection trade skills and selling it all. On Gorgonnash where I played you could make a s***load selling the higher level herbs on the AH. Like 7G a stack which is more than potions would make you.
Posted 04:29pm 21/7/05
Ye I made 7g a stack from Kingsblood. The real money was in Fadeleaf. So many damn Rogues needed it for a reagent. I sold it in stacks of 5 for 5g. :))))
Posted 04:30pm 21/7/05
haha holy s*** thats alot of money blizzard is making now. In one year @ $10USD per month 3.5 million subscribers results in 420 million dollars. Jesus thats alot of money.

well its $80 to buy the game, so already they have made 3.5million * $80 then 3.5million * US$10 a month. They would be rolling in the dough...
Posted 04:35pm 21/7/05
I had a pretty good combination when i played, i had a lvl 60 rogue with mining and skinning. Selling arcanite made pretty good money, as did selling millions of stacks of leather.

Then i had a lvl 42 priest, which was making mooncloth. Just left him at the moonwell near splinter tree. Came on every 2-3 days and made mooncloth, then about once every 2-3 weeks sent all the mooncloth to my rogue and sold about 8 mooncloth, which was about 160g for doing nothing :P
Posted 05:13pm 21/7/05
WHen are they making an Aussie server, damnit.

They should make a pro server, as well, that has some sort of difficulty modifier to turn away the newbs. Diablo II hard c0re styles.
Posted 09:05pm 21/7/05
talk about phat lewt, blizzard are raking it in!
Posted 11:03pm 21/7/05
this is the queue for blackrock atm:

Posted 01:47am 22/7/05
Just what the world needs another 1.5million gold farmers. I'm thinking it would of been better for Blizzard to release the game in China before everywhere else. Then it might of prevented the Chinese from farming the crap out of the yank servers, then again I doubt it.

The MMORPG players biggest curse..... chinese players
Posted 01:51am 22/7/05
am i the only one who thinks that girl in the yellow shirt is hot
Tanaka Khan
Posted 02:48am 22/7/05
am i the only one who thinks that girl in the yellow shirt is hot

Yes...yes you are!

You'd think with the money they got rolling in they would fix the bloody servers!!! With summer break in the states its taking upwards of 20 minutes to log in on proudmoore during the day.
the yellow dart hk
Posted 09:11am 22/7/05
How many people can one server hold?

And how many Australians play WoW?

Just wondering if it would be feasible for Blizzard to make a friggen Aus server. :P
Posted 09:20am 22/7/05
Just wondering if it would be feasible for Blizzard to make a friggen Aus server. :P
The problem is that a lot of players would not play on an Aussie server. I know I wouldn't I get 250ms to the US servers. That is fine for an MMO. Even 500ms is fine. There is just no point in an Aussie server. I enjoy playing with Aussies, Kiwis, Yanks and Canadians. It is a good mixup of people. My guild is all Australian, but we have good relationships with US guilds and players. This is good because sometimes some of us play late at night and it is good to have the US timezone full of US/Canadian peeps and the Aus timezone full of Aus/Kiwi peeps :)
Posted 09:25am 22/7/05
That 500ms would put you at one hell of a disadvantage in, say, a rogue vs. rogue duel. Ping matters.
Posted 10:37am 22/7/05
Its just as bad with a spell caster. Casting a spell, watching the spell bar fill up to almost completion then getting as "You can't cast that spell yet" error because of the client side prediction getting it wrong. Grrrrrr.

At least my rogue I could just spam the everloving s*** out of the buttons.
Posted 08:30am 23/7/05
Can someone tell me, have they made any new servers?
ie Ones that would be good enough ping to play on from Brissy?
Posted 08:32am 23/7/05
Nevermind, I took 2 seconds of effort and found:

New Realms! - Tyren on 7/21/05
We're pleased to announce the launch of two new US realms: Moonrunner (PvE) and Kelecgos (PvP)! The addition of Moonrunner and Kelecgos increases the total number of US realms to 99. We hope you enjoy these two new opportunities for a fresh start on Azeroth. On the realm-selection list, the two new realms will be tagged with a "New" label to make them easy to spot. Happy adventuring, and see you online!

Sorely tempted to buy WoW and play on that... Especially since it's selling ubercheap at Big-W.
Posted 09:32am 23/7/05
The only problem with new realms is that the economy could take a while to get going. Still, having less lag would be a major plus.
Posted 09:40am 23/7/05
am i the only one who thinks that girl in the yellow shirt is hot
I thought it was a man, its hard to tell apart a lot of them ... strange race
Posted 01:27pm 23/7/05

you GA admin guys are pretty funny when you arent on GA

Posted 03:13pm 15/1/08
Posted 03:14pm 15/1/08
why does this work!?!?!?!
Posted 03:16pm 15/1/08
nice work with the epic bumpage! :/

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