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Post by trog @ 05:23pm 29/03/05 | 20 Comments
Pure Pwnage is a comedy series about a guy that considers himself a pro gamer and his adventures "pwning noobs". It is vaguely amusing.
My roommate Jeremy is a "pro gamer" that pwns everybody. If you play video games, you have probably been pwned by him. If not, chances are you soon will be. The life of a pro gamer is often a challenge since your talents are rarely appreciated. Some say he was born before his time, others say "OMFG U PWN ROLFOLOL!!1". I'm in film school so I decided to make this show about him.
This is the story of a man who has no fear. A man with more kills than Genghis Khan. This is the story of Jeremy.
Episode 6 just came out and it is probably the funniest I've seen so far, because it highlights the addictive nature of World of Warcraft. The rest of the series is available from our Short Movies section.

pure pwnage

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Posted 06:00pm 29/3/05
Boom headshot!
Posted 06:14pm 29/3/05
trog you just like him cause be wears a rag on his head ;-)

On another note how about a bigpond mirror... or lets get all those f*** on here that say that 10gig is impossible to reach downloading legal things.

Flagrent homos.
Posted 06:15pm 29/3/05
sif not that funny, this s*** is fkn awesome

has the funniest parody songs as well.

the first episodes 1-3ish, cover the game zero hour and have some f**** funny interviews, for example:

they get a bunch of girls and ask them a bunch of questions, one of the questions being:

"I'm coming to your base with 2 rockvees and an ambo - you've got a jarmen, two scorps and a quad. What do you do?"

the expression on their faces are priceless.

from episodes 3-5ish it covers Counter-strike, and FPS games.

and now in ep 6 its dealing wit MMO's and World of warcraft.

definetely worth a watch.
Posted 06:49pm 29/3/05
hahha that song is so funny!
Posted 07:51pm 29/3/05
bit slow in parts, but i loled
Posted 07:54pm 29/3/05
i loled too cause it reminded me of u
Posted 07:56pm 29/3/05
That was pretty interesting. Not super funny but quite amusing ;)
Posted 09:55pm 29/3/05
I pwned my download cap... So this will have to wait... I still miss my unlimited cable (no caps, no limits, no shaping) :(
Posted 10:04pm 29/3/05
just let in come through at 64kbps overnight :o)
Posted 10:31pm 29/3/05
it just doesn't feel right.... even posting on qgl knowing i'm capped makes me feel all icky :P
Posted 10:53pm 29/3/05
This is definately worth it, I've been following since ep 3 and it's scho hilarious.

Question 6:
I'm coming at your base with two rockvees and an ambo - you've got a jarmen, two scorps and a quad. What do you do?
Posted 11:42pm 29/3/05
Posted 12:25am 30/3/05
Funny yet true. I thought the song was quite good :)
Posted 09:33am 30/3/05
Hahah... just watched episode one... classic.

"I like dogs, I used them a lot in RA2... I was really good at microing them"
Posted 09:47am 30/3/05
i see ep6 is on gamearena, hows about 1-5 too :D
Posted 10:22am 30/3/05
Only watched the first one so far...

I liked his micro skills at the ATM. Haha

Rested are downloaded, but yet to be seen
Posted 10:26am 30/3/05
ta for the hosting admins ^_^ downloading now
Posted 11:23am 30/3/05
Just noticed "Computer Boy" on the short movies list. That was a classic.
Posted 08:39pm 30/3/05
ON a similar note ... Welcome to the scene indie movies and bittorrent is a win!
Posted 01:12am 31/3/05
This surely is a huge leap for nerd-kind..

Heartily endorse this event / product - its that good =P

*now why the FCK isnt my WoW server up yet.. its been down since 5am

Ahaha astonishing resemblance to trog?
"Ohh Warcraft and MMO at the same time... jeeeeeeze" hahha

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