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Post by trog @ 11:36am 11/02/05 | 13 Comments
GameSpot bring the (sad?) news that Ion Storm has closed its doors. Ion Storm was founded by a couple of ex-id Software guys, most notably (due to his sheer volume) John Romero, and promptly set about making Daikatana, which pretty much crashed and burned. Romero has since started a new company. However, Ion Storm did have some success with Warren Spector's Deus Ex. Eidos has finally shut the doors.

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Posted 10:14pm 11/2/05
They had a good ru...err..couple of game, Deus Ex. I hope with his new company he won't flush it down the toilet trying to make rushed a poor sequal like he did for Deus Ex invisible that was bleegch!
Posted 05:49pm 13/2/05
I braved the Daikatana game recently and had a look. Yes it had mechanical frogs and mosquitos. It crashed the first time I couldn't work out the patch system then I found a patch on the disc and it worked worked all right.

Shame Romero and Carmack couldn't work out their indifferences because as we now see in Half Life or Half Life 2 plot makes a bit of a difference if used in the right contexts. I wouldn't be surprised if "the Romero" had a bit of a hand in Deus Ex either, people actually still play Deus Ex and think it is still good.
Posted 05:54pm 13/2/05
Soz for the English :P
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