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Post by Term @ 06:36pm 09/02/05 | 33 Comments
Alienware, one of the leading makers of Gamer specific PC's, with some of the funkiest looking boxes you'll see on the market, backed up with some seriously powerful specs have finally come to Australia.

For those of you that have been living under a rock, Alienware have been quite active in the support of the large US game events, and one of the few companies that focus their products squarely at the gamer. I just wonder who will be the skank that turns up at a LAN with one of those bad boys under their arms!

Head on over to the Alienware Australian site for a look at the funky pc's!

Latest Comments
Posted 06:40pm 09/2/05
I only noticed last week!
Posted 06:50pm 09/2/05
its been ausgam0rs dotted! *cough*
Posted 06:54pm 09/2/05
sure as s*** is, going fat and bald, avoid aging, its not pretty
Posted 06:57pm 09/2/05
XandraX: you sir, obviously have no taste
Posted 07:00pm 09/2/05
I dont go on the qgl forums much
Posted 07:10pm 09/2/05
haha boxhead!
Posted 09:27pm 09/2/05
I'd get one just because I can't be bothered to go out and research parts and put it all together... though considering I can't afford the beasts, building is what I'm most likely going to end up doing.

I like Alienware machines, well, the look of them and the philosophy behind the company. But that's personal taste.
Posted 08:44pm 10/2/05
who cares! make your own computer and buy a cheap yet functional case. la di da, it looks fancy. who cares. i dont spend all my time lookign at the case anyway.
Posted 09:44am 04/3/05 for my current review of Australian Alienware.

Laptops good i guess but i'm dreading getting support for it in the future.
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