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Post by trog @ 06:27pm 09/02/05 | 38 Comments
The Vivendi Universal Weekly News page mentions that World of Warcraft has sold over 700,000 copies - and it hasn't even launched in Europe yet. The latest pie chart (dated February 2005) indicates that World of Warcraft currently has an 11.5% slice of the MMO market (excluding the Lineage series and Ragnarok).

world of warcraft
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:49pm 09/2/05
you only ever post negative news about mmogs because you hate them
Posted 06:52pm 09/2/05
hes such an mmo hater, lets get lock him in your office and make him play wow all day tomorrow
Posted 10:41pm 09/2/05
yeah so many copies and i couldn't get one, something is terribly wrong with the system =(
Posted 03:52am 10/2/05
apparently I am a super star ... although at least this time the love is from something I actually said this time, and not something obes said I said.
Posted 05:29am 10/2/05
umm andy - harvey norman have just got new batches of the game and gamecards in...i got one from aspley the other day (after initially searching for a few days and finding they were all sold out)
Posted 08:55am 10/2/05
As soon as iD makes an MMORPG Trog will turn to the dark side!
Posted 09:57am 10/2/05
Well, they were supposed to be working on an RPG themed game, but then there was a company split over it and Doom 3...and Doom 3 won..
Posted 09:59am 10/2/05
hahah I made typo cry and I didn't say anything.
Posted 10:00am 10/2/05
checked out the chart, how insanely popular is lineage!
Posted 10:45am 10/2/05
you're a super star in my bra
Posted 10:56am 10/2/05
They probably have just as many cancelled accounts as they do with active sign-ups
Posted 07:43pm 10/2/05
Post by Fade2Black @ 08:55am
As soon as iD makes an MMORPG Trog will turn to the dark side!
...that being will never turn to the dark side:P
Posted 09:04pm 10/2/05
Maybe they should, because they're obviously not very good at making fps games anymore.
Posted 09:22pm 10/2/05
Yeah they do, just nobody sees them.
Posted 09:35pm 10/2/05
when i got my copy a month ago, i went to EB at indro, and they had 1 copy left, and 2 people who had preordered it, hadnt picked it up for 2 days. so they sold it to me! and i was happy.

and after completint the van cleef quest tonight with 2x21 mages(me inc) 1x21 druid, 1x22 preist and 1x25 rogue, i'm even more happier. that was awesome fun. and with a ping of 600 too.
Posted 09:40pm 10/2/05

going by that, i dont believe it. you have blizzard saying they have sold 700,000 copies, yet only 350,000 subscribers. for some reason i dont think so.
Posted 11:12pm 10/2/05
Its probable that they record sales the same way record companies do.

As in, once they ship it from the factory its considered a sale.

A single can go platinum in the first week, if they company sends out >50,000 cds. (Or whatever the cut off is.)
Posted 12:46am 11/2/05
going by that, i dont believe it. you have blizzard saying they have sold 700,000 copies, yet only 350,000 subscribers. for some reason i dont think so.

Read the news on the front page though, the guy says he doesn't have the latest updated figures for WoW or EQ2 and says the current figures are most likely a lot higher.

But yeah, I'd say its probably partially what nf said too, cos that site measures by actual active subscribers (ie, people who have installed the game, registered their account and are playing it), not by number of units sold.
Posted 10:20am 11/2/05
do people still play wow? I left overseas at the begining of December and only got back yesterday and my computer worked for about 5 minutes then the motherboard fried so i wasnt able to play any of it :/
Posted 10:46am 11/2/05
I left overseas at the begining of December and only got back yesterday

Holy s*** that's a long ride. Did you come by canoe or something?
Posted 10:55am 11/2/05
going by that, i dont believe it. you have blizzard saying they have sold 700,000 copies, yet only 350,000 subscribers. for some reason i dont think so.
MMOGCHART is hardly accurate. Blizzard said on their front page that they had exceeded 500,000 subscribers a few weeks back yeah? I think they said subscribers and not sales.
Posted 10:56am 11/2/05
Posted 11:07am 11/2/05
Posted 11:07am 11/2/05
heh, nope not a canoe, a round the world ticket ... anyway are the qgl wow players still playing it? what levels are you? i left off at lvl 33 if i remember correctly, cant wait to get back into it, i bought a replacement motherboard to0day and it was dead too
Posted 11:15am 11/2/05
Rofl, Gnome mage...

Posted 11:42am 11/2/05
i'm just small boned
Posted 11:51am 11/2/05
Easy mode

last edited by Hashy at 11:51:22 11/Feb/05
Posted 11:55am 11/2/05
Haha thats gold hashy.
Posted 12:00pm 11/2/05
its true i tells ya...

i was in an instance once and saw the bulls*** that is a paladin.. it was a 15 man raid and we wiped... we had 1 paly left and he was on 1/2 health 3/4 mana he took on the full health lvl 60 elite and won and ressed the group...

i was like WHAT THE F***

although he has arcanite champion with crusader.. it proced 10 times during the fight took about 3 mins to kill him

they are hard to beat if you let them heal

i can beat some of them in duels but others pwn me
Posted 12:06pm 11/2/05
does existence play? i saw a lvl 53 ne priest i think named existence on blackrock, wondering if that was existence from here?
Posted 01:30pm 11/2/05
Yes scoobs, that's existence :)
Posted 01:38pm 11/2/05
Bah, we eat paladins for breakfast.
Posted 01:46pm 11/2/05
Once my Shaman hits level 50ish (43 atm) palidans are gonna know the hurt.

Odie and I have a rule that is "kill all rogues on site" which we abide by religiously (regardless of odds - only ones over level 50 currently avoid our wrath for obvious death reasons)....

Btw does anyone know if a sentry totem lets u see stealthed rogues? If so I will invest in one.
Posted 01:55pm 11/2/05
Best way to detect stealthed rogues is to have either a warlock or a hunter in your party :)
Posted 02:31pm 11/2/05
hunter? lolol you have 0.3 seconds to react when track hidden kicks in.
I have a lvl 33 hunter and rogues own me so bad, track hidden is useless at the moment.
Posted 03:50pm 11/2/05
Lots of people have left wow already ... so I'd beleive 700k copies and 350k subscribers
Posted 06:06pm 11/2/05
Interestingish read from a guy who seems to be vaguelly in with the Blizzard guys:

CLick this link thing

Has a lot of big numbers in it, and is quotes current conditions as:

The game has now sold almost 700,000 copies in those markets, and at peak hours about 250,000 people from those areas are playing the game simultaneously.

I have no idea how to infer concurrent connections @ peak time to active subscriptions though, which Blizzard seem to be pretty close mouthed on.

Posted 08:06pm 11/2/05
Why tell people how many active subscribers you have, that is like telling us how much phat l00t QGL has.

This from WoW website:

After months of testing and anticipation, World of Warcraft is now ready for its official release in Europe tomorrow, February 11, 2005.


All of us in North America and Korea would like to give a warm greeting to our European compatriots as they get set to embark on the shining shores of Azeroth for a lifetime of epic adventure! Welcome to the World of Warcraft!

Does that mean us Australias dont want the frenchies playing?
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