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Post by Term @ 01:17pm 21/12/04 | 13 Comments
Now we've all had a chance to pound on the games we were waiting for all year, its time to of course start looking for the next new thing to talk about on messageboards, read up on the latest releases of information on, and generally get all round excited about!

Battlefield 2, due for release sometime around March is looking like it might be a great game, building on the huge open environments, massive 64 player servers, and awesome vehicle physics and action that made Battlefield 1942 so successful online, all with the popular Modern warfare action made popular by the developers of Desert Combat mod for BF1942. Thats right folks, we're done with WW2 games, FINALLY!@!!

Check out this video showing some of the fantastic graphics and action that will be seen in Battlefield 2 in 2005.

battlefield 2
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:49pm 21/12/04
Heard good things about this. Checking now.
Posted 01:58pm 21/12/04
Posted 02:54pm 21/12/04
Looks good.... looks like the Australian outback to me :)

I liked the effects on the water, the reflection of the sun on the water when looking down from a helicopter and the ripples behind the boat when it was racing down the river. The trees up close looked a little dodgy but that may be the encoding on the video.
Posted 03:06pm 21/12/04
it just looks too awesome.
Posted 03:10pm 21/12/04
I don't like the explosions :( I assume they're a bit wimpy because the debris is handled server-side (because debris in BF games from vehicle explosions can hurt you).

Personally I'd like to see mega beefed up explosions that are done on the client side. When you smash a vehicle, the shattered hulk of it could be handled by the server, so the carcass can still cause damage to wayward pedestrians and other vehicles, but surely doing massive visual debris just on the client side would look frickin' awesome!
Posted 03:32pm 21/12/04
Hmmm.... Its really all the same thing, repeated multiple times...
The Parachute Animation is looking pretty dodgy (it just appears) and the peaple seem to bounce a fair bit :/

Would have been nice to see the RTS view that the overlord commandery guy gets. Looks good though.
Reverend Evil
Posted 04:10pm 21/12/04
This will be a game worth getting. Looks like just as much fun as Desert Combat was. Hopefully they've done away with the grass too. It really ruined BF Vietnam I think, with cheaty AI being able to see you and you cant see them.
Posted 04:52pm 21/12/04
well theres definately grass in that video.
Posted 04:56pm 21/12/04
Asif play BF games with AI!
edit: grass was awesome in BFV, I had much fun proning in long grass and smiting people from afar with my sniper rifle of doom - until a chopper flew over me and could see me easily :(

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Posted 05:23pm 21/12/04
the vid needs music
Posted 05:29pm 21/12/04
Only problem with BFV grass was that it only rendered if you were within so far. Therefore you think you might be nicely hidden, but a sniper afar is outside that magic distance for grass rendering and can see you clear as day.
Posted 01:33am 27/12/04
The way the helos fly doesnt look too good, i hope they end up making them fly like in DC, apart from that its pretty cool.
Posted 01:53am 27/12/04
ahh f**** awesum cant wait to watch the vid.
cant wait to play

stop complaining lol nothing is ever good enough. it is a EA game after all, looks way better than i expected
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