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Post by trog @ 08:16pm 16/11/04 | 212 Comments
From Valve Software:
Half-Life 2 is available now for purchase and to play. Those who pre-purchased their copy via Steam may access the game by double-clicking on the Half-Life 2 icon in their Steam Games directory.
You can buy it online now at

Latest Comments
Posted 12:52am 17/11/04
:( bad luck to me, was preloading it, got to 17% and steam restarted, now it won't let me preload.
Posted 02:12am 17/11/04
played for 6 and a half hours straight. on normal mode. seems pretty easy but its quite fun. went a bit crazy though.
Posted 03:49am 17/11/04
I'm annoyed that you can't rent this game! Planet Video, here in Perth, has copies for sale, but not for rent - reason being that when you activate it online, you're the only one who can play that copy of the game!

This means you can't sell it, if you get bored/finish it/lose an arm/need money for drugs. That kinda sucks... I like trying a game out before I fork $90 into someone's pocket. I also like having the option to recoup some dosh if I don't like it. Not that there's much change of that, but still! :)
Posted 04:10am 17/11/04
its games like these that u really dont need to "try out" considering theres been nothing but praise for it.

have faith in the fact that everyone is basically giving it the thumbs up.
Posted 07:33pm 17/11/04
Trying to install HL2 and this happening. Any ideas gentlemen.

Posted 09:15pm 17/11/04
Yeah I did. I managed to find out what the problem is. It's something called Steam so I grabbed it from the steam website.
Posted 11:43pm 17/11/04
I'm just basically not going to buy HL2 until all the crashing and s*** is sorted out. After reading these forums, I decided... not yet!
Posted 12:15am 18/11/04
[Q] and penny-arcade are the anachronisms. Most people on here are interested in interacting and supporting each other on a community forum. So f*** off. :)
Posted 03:39am 20/11/04
well all i can say is. the collectors edition bought at the local eb store was extremely poor in quality content. i cant believe how much extra s*** people got from ordering the collectors pack from steam.

thank god ive got my wc3 collectors box set to admire.
Posted 04:26pm 21/11/04
finished it. it's so-so. i mean its not bad but its not really 98% kind of thing.
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