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Post by Term @ 11:24am 10/11/04 | 68 Comments
The World of Warcraft Open Beta is now available for people to check out! Weighing in at 2.5 Gb, this one isnt for the bandwidth challenged user. We've split the Beta install up into two different files to remove issues that are commonly seen with files over 2Gb.

Download locally for Australian users here on AusGamers:

Download File 1 of the World of Warcraft Beta
Download File 2 of the World of Warcraft Beta

Once you've downloaded these files and installed, head on over to the World of Warcraft site and create an account. Hope this helps take the pain away from checking out this great game (though they donged it a bit in the most recent patch, regents for buffs?? WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!??!)

world of warcraft
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:23pm 10/11/04
I theenk they were theenking about a burger that is theekning eet ees a cheecken
Posted 02:58pm 10/11/04
YAY for mirror
Posted 03:19pm 10/11/04
Reagents for buffs and useless flavour spells. I mean, seriously, why put a reagent on the Mage's Feather Fall spell? Its just a novelty spell thats a bit of fun to use, but now nobody is going to bother using it when it needs reagents. Not only that, but the reagents you need from it only drop off mobs, you can't buy them!

Absolute crazyness!
Posted 04:09pm 10/11/04
I saw people saying you could by them in darkshore, couldn't be bothered going over there to check it out tho
Posted 04:39pm 10/11/04
*started download with 56k connection

*see you in 2007
Posted 04:43pm 10/11/04
Hope you registered your account already if you wanted in, as it is closed now.
Posted 04:46pm 10/11/04
Dam account creation at wow official site is now closed. Should have made an account yesterday. Hopefully some spots will be freedup in the next couple of days so I can give wow a whirl. Well at least I can go buy HL2 on the 17th. then play guildwars on the 4th dec.
Posted 04:54pm 10/11/04
umm this might sound dumb but how come we cant download the first half of the WoW beta? its disabled
Posted 04:57pm 10/11/04
From the download page :

TEMPORARILY DISABLED - please check back in a few minutes
Posted 05:00pm 10/11/04
Hope you registered your account already if you wanted in, as it is closed now.

geez im happy i made my account lastnight instead of waiting until i had downloaded the client.
Posted 05:00pm 10/11/04
I think he wants to know why it is actually down...not when it comes back up =\
Posted 05:09pm 10/11/04
hey i made an account yesterday through and it said account created succesfully and stuff but has it really? i didn't get any confirmation email or anything
Posted 05:12pm 10/11/04
I also didn't receive a confirmation e-mail

But I wouldn't think they would say "Creation successful" and not create your account

It is most likely made...and they would have told you if they had of sent a e-mail of confirmation
Posted 05:14pm 10/11/04
yer i got no email too, so they musnt send one.
Posted 05:19pm 10/11/04
yah but have u actually played yet? maybe they don't send an email out.. hmm no biggy i'll dload it anyway hehe.
Posted 05:34pm 10/11/04
I think he wants to know why it is actually down...not when it comes back up =\
Ok - because I took it down

edit : tis back

last edited by trog at 17:34:47 10/Nov/04
Posted 05:27pm 10/11/04
Well do you have any idea when it will be available for download again? And if so...when? =\
Posted 05:33pm 10/11/04
Nevermind...part one of open beta is now available for download..woo
Posted 05:37pm 10/11/04
hmm seems mighty slow..
Posted 05:38pm 10/11/04
I wish I had made an account.. *cries*

last edited by Protius-X at 17:38:55 10/Nov/04
Posted 06:09pm 10/11/04
If you want to see if your account works, try logging in at because it uses the same account as your game account.

Edit: Actually, after looking at the site, they may have taken the login bit off cos I can't see it anymore.

last edited by Khel at 18:09:37 10/Nov/04
Posted 06:19pm 10/11/04
how do u add the two files together?
Posted 06:20pm 10/11/04
khel, you go to the forums on that website and login.. that's how you can tell if ur account is active?
Posted 06:24pm 10/11/04
Well done on the mirror guys, I'll still be a while on 256k ADSL but at least I know I'll run flat out without having to freak out about the bloody Blizzard BT.

"Retrieve Password" on that site might work for account confirmations?
Posted 06:27pm 10/11/04
khel, you go to the forums on that website and login.. that's how you can tell if ur account is active?

Yeah, the forums should use the same login. There used to be username and password boxes on that main front page that logged you in though, which is what I was talking about.
Posted 06:28pm 10/11/04
oh ok. khel you got any idea on how to add the two files together?
Posted 06:30pm 10/11/04
i can login.. guess it works then
Posted 06:42pm 10/11/04
oh ok. khel you got any idea on how to add the two files together?
Have you got 2 .zips, or files that end in .aa/.ab? If you have two zips, just extract them to the same location. If you have .aa/.ab, see my post here
Posted 06:54pm 10/11/04
oh ok trog, i've got the zips :). Thanls.
Posted 01:33pm 11/11/04
is there any reason that i cannot get the files faster then 25k ?, im on a 1.5mb connection and i cannot get faster. any help would be great

Posted 01:35pm 11/11/04
Posted 02:32pm 11/11/04
nice going solarus
Posted 10:15pm 11/11/04
yeah awesome

snooze you lose.... no account for me... again...


Posted 11:43pm 11/11/04
Sure sucks to be Ado!
Posted 12:03am 12/11/04
ahah seems my account has been disabled eventhough i never actually logged on yet... what the f*****g f*** f***
Posted 12:16am 12/11/04
I have an extra account it seems, if you want it shoot me an email.
Posted 12:24am 12/11/04
actually i shot blizzard an email and they said, 'hey since you took so long to dload the client we kind of thought you weren't interested... but since you are, yeah you can have your account back'

hahahahaha bastards :p
Posted 12:58am 12/11/04
sup adnoggles =]
Posted 12:48pm 14/11/04
Hey is the WOW that Ausgamers is hosting already with the patch? or do I have to install the lastest WOW patch after installing the Ausgamer download?
Posted 04:22pm 14/11/04
find out when you run the game --;;. if its outdated it will automatically update.
Posted 06:48pm 14/11/04
anyone got an open beta key they don't want??

i didn't sign up for one, and just wondering if someone got a spare or jsut doesnt want theirs if they could swing it my way.
Posted 07:22pm 14/11/04
this is a good game to play while waiting in queue
Posted 07:50pm 14/11/04
that game sucks
Posted 07:53pm 14/11/04
Holy moses I nearly crapped myself!
Posted 09:49pm 14/11/04
Haha, that person only got to level 4, so lame. I got to level 13 before giving up out of boredom.
Posted 01:14pm 15/11/04
hmm takes a while to bownload, but it will be worth it :)
Posted 09:21pm 15/11/04
When do we have to start paying?

Hopefully its months away =D its fun.

-Will it be like daoc? You have to buy the game for like $80? then pay $15 a month thats just gay...
Posted 09:27pm 15/11/04
You got like 1 more week till its retail and u have to pay, and yes it will be like 80$+
Posted 09:35pm 15/11/04
does anyone else think thats a bit gay? haveing to buy the game for $80+ then having to pay to play it?

I know that you have to pay so they can mantaine the servers and patches etc... but $80 + 15 every month is a bit of an overkill..
Posted 09:42pm 15/11/04
Posted 09:44pm 15/11/04
You aren't seriously doing this are you?

Ok, I'll bite.

You pay for the game initially to cover the 4+ years of development its taken to make it. Do you think Blizzard just made WoW for you out of the kindness of their hearts?

You pay $20 a month (or however much it is) to cover server costs, to pay for the teams who will be working on adding new content and fixing bugs and what not, and of course to make Blizzard some profit (it is there to make money for them after all).
Posted 09:55pm 15/11/04
yea f** dis man, i mite as well jus keep playin cs LOL

You guys have no idea how much money it'd cost for the bandwidth for all of the servers needed for this game to be running smoothly do you? Or the sheer amount of staff needed to be employed 24/7 to answer your in-game disputes, add new items, quests, fix bugs, etc etc etc.

This isn't a counter-strike server you f*****g c*******s. The amount of money needed to run something as huge as WoW (and as good) is phenomenal. It's approximately $5 per week. Stop your whining, and if you can't afford that, you shouldn't own a computer, because you're below the poverty line.
Posted 12:33am 16/11/04
See, now you've gone and fired up Pharcyde. Are you happy now?!?!

Well, are you?
Posted 01:06am 16/11/04
Anyone got an account they could spare? it seems someone used my beta key before me...
Posted 04:29pm 16/11/04
Ok peeps!
Im on server 31!
Anyone on this server?


Torion - Night Elf Hunter (Male)

last edited by Fireblood at 16:29:51 16/Nov/04
Fireman Sam
Posted 05:26pm 16/11/04
I'm on server 31
im a level 14 hippie
ie a tauren druid with fishing cooking herbalism and tailoring. What more does a hippie need.
Posted 11:43pm 16/11/04
argh this is pissing me off... i mtrying to do a fishing quest. ive for the fishing skill, i have a rod equiped, i have a macro in my hotbar. i click on the macro and nothing happens. what am i doing wrong?
Posted 04:34am 17/11/04
no shutup this has been disscused before go read the other theads and shutup. You expect a company to make a game yet no profit.
Posted 08:45am 17/11/04
When do we have to start paying?

Hopefully its months away =D its fun.
How about next Wednesday or so?
-Will it be like daoc? You have to buy the game for like $80? then pay $15 a month thats just gay...
No it isn't. I gets rid of f***head wanker gamers like the ones you come across in CS. If people are retarded quite often they get their account suspended at their own loss. Also the $15/month pays for patches being delivered within days of an exploit being found, etc, etc. Running an MMO is not like running a CS server on a Celeron 166Mhz machine. You need lots of power and phat pipes to keep it all going.
Posted 10:46am 17/11/04
Anyone havin problems getting past authentication?
checked the status page..nothing new :S
Posted 11:51am 17/11/04
Was scoobs dropped on his head as a child, or just beaten for being dumb?
Posted 12:21pm 17/11/04
argh i still cant fish
Posted 01:24pm 17/11/04
equip your rod in your main hand, stand next to a river/pond/lake/sea/whatever, press your fish button thingy (which you can find in your spell book, put it in one of your quick bars). That should cast it for you ...
Posted 01:32pm 17/11/04
yeah fireblood, i'm on server 31. although i'll be avoiding WOW for a few days, HL2 you understand :)
Posted 02:21pm 17/11/04
yer brut i worked out i had the wrong macro on my hotbar
Posted 09:54pm 18/11/04
Quick question about WOW - is it Turn based fighting like thoes boring games or mouse clicking madness like Diablo1&2 ?
Posted 10:45pm 18/11/04
its neither.

Its realtime game (wtf made you think it was turn based?!?)

and you don't spam keys like mad in D2 (which you dont even have to do, don't know why everyone just holds the button down)

Once you click on your target it automatically attacks for you, and then you just click to use your different abilities/spells.
Posted 11:14pm 20/11/04
The open beta's all over now :( , but release is only a few days away... lets see if i go crazy or not with no WoW
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