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Post by trog @ 10:00am 10/08/04 | 73 Comments
After several delays, Microsoft have finally released Windows XP Service Pack 2. As always, they encourage all users to upgrade - preferably by using Windows Update, which according to the official SP2 download page, should be available 'soon'. The network (full) version is available for download now, weighing in at around 280mb. Microsoft have explicitly not given permission to mirror this and as a result, we don't have a local mirror for it. This shouldn't matter as Microsoft's downloading service is blisteringly fast anyway, but the guys at Downhill Battle are making it available via BitTorrent as well.

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Posted 02:43pm 10/8/04
Hey GumbyNoTalent did it break SAVCE's ability to automatically update virus defs and client pcs or just the push (and I guess deploy) abilities?

Im running the same here at work and I'll need to know that before all the clients conveniently update themselves next week...
Posted 02:46pm 10/8/04
whoa that was quick, the updates are already availble for half of the symantec range, check out your service and support panel in the symantec system centre
Posted 05:16pm 10/8/04
Critical Updates and Service Packs
Windows Update did not find any critical updates for your computer
Review and install updates Total items selected: (0)

until that says "sp2 ready good to go" im not touching anything sp2 related:P

oh yes and for anyone with a corporate edition of windows xp(like myself) id wait even a week after sp2 is released as apparently there going to be shutting down any pirated corporate editions...oh yeh thats if u do have a dodge copy..and that'd be naughty.
Posted 09:22pm 10/8/04
anyone know what options us guinea pigs, who installed release candidates 1/2, have to update to final? ie: a smaller patch installed on top, the full sp on top or do we have to uninstall the rc and install the final >:?
Posted 10:36pm 11/8/04
Installed from the 'network' install file yesterday. Went smoothly, took about 20 minutes with full cycle.

NO apparent problems as yet. Added about 3 or 4 extra processes to memory (annoying since before I only had 22... and knew each one).

Turned of all warning about updates, virus and firewall... no longer get nagged. Have patched tcpip.sys to allow more than 10 connections (for peer2peer)...

IE is much better, pop up blocker works well enough (havent tested with major popup sites). Noticed a few changes in outlook... can no longer open .exe or other 'dangerous' files... but easily changed in options to allow for it.

Web bugs no longer work, as outlook express does not automatically download images from servers... you have an option to download them, just a 1 click thing... easy.

Havent played much with firewal as I have a router/hd firewall... but seems ok, improvement from ICF.... device manager is changed, for the better. Security/ computer management is better, but havent looked at it thoroughly.

All in all... the install/update went without problems, seems to be running fine. Fingers crossed :)

Posted 10:42pm 11/8/04
Right clicking a file and selecting > open with > divx player results in divx player saying it cannot find the file. But opening the file from within divx works fine.

First problem :)
Haggis McHaggis
Posted 11:34pm 11/8/04
The reason for the DivX problem and how to fix it can be found at

Looks like other programs could have the same problem
Posted 07:26pm 12/8/04
Went all well here, was paraniod about doing it then just did it and it went along with no worries. I was mainly concerned with it killing some programs I need to use for assignments that are due super soon and well just killing windows in general. All good though.
Posted 06:09pm 25/8/04
I'll just wait for it to be released on the Windows magazine with the CD included in the newsagents when they've finally got this thing all sorted out.That way reformatting my HD wont be such a gruelsome task in DL Win update every time because most of it will be on this C.D. If they ever do release it on CD though.cheers!
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