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Post by trog @ 09:48am 03/08/04 | 410 Comments
Doom 3 has, after several years of development, been released in Australia, and is now available from major retail outlets. The RRP seems to be around $99.95 but I'm sure other users would be interested if anyone can find it cheaper and let everyone know. Go get it!

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Posted 12:06pm 03/8/04
what are u complaining about...:P i wont have the pc to play it on properly till end of the basically my mate is going to have me live at his house..whether he wants it or not. he's got a chunky beast of a comp
Posted 12:31pm 03/8/04
You'll have to wait a week or so for it, but $64 with free delivery ain't bad!
Posted 02:03pm 03/8/04
They said this game will run O.K. on a basic Nvidia geforce 64 ram mx 440 card which I have.Ive got a p4 2gz with 500meg ram.I also updated to the DX 9.0 b.Sound is OK.I have my res set at 640 by 480 and still the game runs slowly and the characters are out of lip-sync. Anyone please have any thoughts about this?
Posted 03:19pm 03/8/04
Can someone please let us know if you need more than 1 origional copy to run a lan accross 4 machines ?
Posted 03:22pm 03/8/04
On Prices : EB are doing $99.95 but will match prices... eg I found Games Wizards and Game Rush stores doing $89.95 but went down another 5% to $84.95 when I pushed them on it.
Posted 03:52pm 03/8/04
Electronics Bootique $85:00 Warrawong.NSW
Posted 03:54pm 03/8/04
yes I agree... I am disapointed they give you the option to turn them off. Especially for the multiplayer cheats who will frag you when you thought you were hidden in a dark corner but seen instantly because they wont have the shadows on...
Posted 03:54pm 03/8/04
One thing I noticed when I was trying to play this game was that it will look better playing it at night.Useless during the day.Unless you paint your windows black during the day.
Posted 04:37pm 03/8/04
What level is that screenshot from BoBa ??? ;) ANd what are you doing to that sheep in the picture?? Isn't that illegal ?
Posted 06:05pm 03/8/04
and then copied HL as best they could adding better graphics and some other things from other games that are cool (i.e the palm pilot from system shock?).

s*** invaders' creators ought to sue everyone for using guns in games
Posted 06:25pm 03/8/04
you would think that since the game is that far in thr future either :

1: There would be lights built into his helmet showing the way..or
2: You wouldnt NEED light to see but use advanced optic sensors and then VIEW the image on a helmet montor type thing..

Its soooo cheesy retro to actually run around in the future with a goddamn torch...
Posted 06:29pm 03/8/04
how the hell does carrying a torch improve MY gameplay ??
Posted 12:04am 04/8/04
Lol sLaps_Forehead you fool! How in hell did you not realise that the aliens in 'signs' were simply used as non-important devices for the protagonists of the film to utilise, solely to reunite and restore faith in their family, somewhere akin to 'Everything happens for a reason'. I mean come on! How shallow do you have to be to degenerate a movie based on a factor that's SUPPOSED to be under developed, the aliens aren't the freaking pivoting point of the movie, the way the protagonists USE their presence is the underlying point of the movie. NOT THE FREAKING ALIENS THEMSELVES! Sorry for anyone who is disconcerted by my ranting, sLaps_Forehead comments just offended me, because I thought 'Signs' was a great movie....
here comes the two to the three to the f
Posted 12:44am 04/8/04
Yeh trog, no offence, but wether or not you were going to be suprised wasn't exactly a suspense :)
here comes the two to the three to the f
Posted 12:49am 04/8/04
Sorry I meant 'wether or not you were going to be massively impressed' as you put it :)
Posted 09:07am 04/8/04
Time for a rant, i doubt anyone will read this as its at the bottom of 155 comments. But is have to do it anyways.......

Why are we paying soo much for computer games. Im not a tight arse, but i luv my games, and i want to buy one a week as i tend to tear through them. Now once a game is finished thats about it frisbee material, apart from your special cases ie half life, far cry (thank christ for the mod world and the web)

In the US, Doom3 is going for $49.82 US to $54.88 US. Convert this across user yahoo currency converter and it converts to $70.91 AUS to $78.11 AUS.

Now down here we are paying $99.95 AUS (for Doom3 converted back $70.26 US), which is 41% more than what the US pay for it. I understand there are shipping costs, but please, done in bulk, im sure its not a 41% overhead. Why do they see fit to rip us off and not the rest of the world, oh yeah must be cause we are all rich down here, Aus being a super power and all hahahahahahaha er yer right.

Developers are always ranting and raving ooo piracy is costing us money, stop the illegal copying of our games boo hoo. How bout dropping the prices to at least be in line with the US price and maybe ppl will be able to afford the games and won't copy them. ie if i pay $40 a month for 1G download DSL, and doom3 being 1.5G takes me 2 months im spending $60 (1mnth $40, 1/2 mth $20) to download the game. If it was $70 (in line with the US price after conversion) then i would rather go out an buy it and get the original CD and documentation etc.

But no, its $100 (who the f*** are they kidding $99.95), its 41% more than what the US pays for it, we get ripped off yet again, don't get me wrong, i grew up with ID software, Spear of destiny, Doom123, Quake Wolfenstein etc, luv the games, but seriously f*** ID software and all the developers out there for overcharging us, champions to the companies that bring out decent priced games.

I say piracy, stick it to them until they make it affordable to the average gamer. !!!!!
Posted 09:42am 04/8/04
Yeah thought of that then went nup, Aus is a population of 20Million, obviously not all gamers, US is a population of around 291,500,000 again not all gamers. Piracy down here hahahahahah, yeah it costs them money but im sure piracy in the US obliterates anything done down here. An trying to recouperate the costs of the US piracy down here does not wash either. The money they would get from over chargeing us would be pocket change compared to the losses within the US.

Its just a blatent rip off of us by the US.
Posted 09:51am 04/8/04
So the developers have no say at all in what its sold for, no say or influence at all, they just release the game and the distributors go, hmm think i will charge this price for it. Right. yer....

as for the research yeah fair nuff, im all for searching for a decent price, but $89 is still way overcharging when you convert it from the US prices.

an yes thats a good point, u should not steal if u cant afford somthing. BUT, what is wose, stealing somthing cause u cant afford it, or ripping off millions to make urself more rich, specially when the millions are kids with crap jobs dealing with crap customers who abuse them at every chance getting a crap allowance. Its a long debate, what it comes down to is this,

yes piracy is wrong, but so it obvious overchargeing to increase an already wealthy profit line. Thats why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Posted 10:43am 04/8/04
hmm fair nuff,... need to hound some publishers then. I still find it hard to believe that the developers have not say in it all. Even when they are as powerful as ID, or Blizzard etc....
Also im the first to admit im no expert in the process of selling games. My points come purely from a consumers view where all i can see is that we are serverly overcharged.

Though if spraynwipe is correct, well then i cant argue over that. $75, sold.

jus a shame ppl had to pay $100 for it.

Posted 12:17pm 04/8/04
i never said i was guna steal it, ... just not pay 99.95 for it, siff im guna download 1.5G yer how bout no. i guess it now comes down to if the multiplayer is good or not.

anyways jus s**** me getting ripped off. how much more games would u be buying it they were all round the $70 mark.

anyways after a bit of searching found this

aplogies link to another forum but its got a stack load of places selling it for less than $99.95

Posted 01:08pm 04/8/04
I went and picked up my copy of it last night :) verynice ( thank god because it has had a but load of hype ) i am running a amd2000+ with 768mbs ddr333 and a radion9600xt ( over clocked to 570mhz at core and 320mhz at memory ) and Im running it with out complaints on high with 800x600 :)

hehe I also milked the girl at the local EB for 2 figurines and a T-shirt
Posted 03:19pm 04/8/04
lol call twist...

havent tried it out yet...well havent got the pc power too. so ive settled with the new rhcp cd to keep my going to the end of the year before i buy a new pc.
Posted 04:40pm 04/8/04
Some of the eye candy is nice...but I think they nailed the sound timing the best..jesus some of the timing is perfect to make you jump...last last night I was moving the headphones off my ears slightly so I wasnt effected as much by the sounds..

best use of sound in a game i have ever heard..
Posted 05:01pm 04/8/04
i dont know if any of you babies are old enough to remember, but iD kind of pioneered the 3D gaming genre back in the day with doom. then, every software company in the world wanted a piece of the first person shooter pie, and they all copied doom.

in saying that, i believe doom has every right to borrow aspects from other games. its given plenty more to the gaming community and to the genre in general than any other fps game has, and deserves a lot more than 'omg these guys sucks so bad at making a game i cant see s***' from a bunch of 12 year old nit pickers trying to sound opinionated and witty. 2 points.


2. you are all comparing doom3 to half life 2, which doesnt even have a REAL release date. from what ive seen, doom3 looks like a whole lot more f*****g fun than half life 2, with plenty better graphics.

also, i found doom 2 scarier than half life by a mile. half life is suspense scary, doom is OMG MONSTERS EVERYWHERE AND HEADS ON STICKS WHO THE FACK DOES THAT?!?!?!

no contest. doom=FPS god.
Posted 07:36pm 04/8/04
i wasnt forcing my opinion on anyone at all. i was simply stating that if you dont like playing the game, whos forcing you to play it? im not, iD isnt, cormack isnt, the only person that is forcing you to play it is yourself. if you dont like it, take it back and say its faulty and you want store credit or something, or sell it on ebay cheap. dont come here and whine that it doesnt meet your expectations, because everyone has their own opinion on the game and i must say, its brilliant. i havent jumped this high since i saw the ring, and i love it.

im not saying dont hate it, im saying that your opinion plastered all over a popular forum is going to leave a bias negative mark on a game that certainly doesnt need it. let people play it themselves.

oh yeah and no more damn spoilers!
here comes the two to the three to the f
Posted 08:38pm 04/8/04
'dont come here and whine that it doesnt meet your expectations, because everyone has their own opinion'
LOL twizm you tool, you're wrecking your own argument. Don't you realise what you said above is an inherent contradiction?
here comes the two to the three to the f
Posted 09:31pm 04/8/04
Woohoo, got my copy from ebay delivered today via FEDEX PRIORITY delivery for $55 on ebay. Ownage.
Posted 09:59pm 04/8/04
$10 - Pre-order at EB

$80 - Game purchase at EB

Priceless - Having to get a keygen because some #@%$*! left the cdkey sticker off the jewel case!!
Posted 10:00pm 04/8/04
i must ask a question...

does anyone remember the end of doom2? how the f*** do you beat that s***?
Posted 10:09pm 04/8/04
as a rule, its never on the case. this is so you take it back to the store, complain, they show you where it is, and you look like a moron.

or so you return it, cant get your money back, and buy another copy anyway.
here comes the two to the three to the f
Posted 12:44am 05/8/04
Woah! Runs perfect on my AMD Athlong XP 3200+/Radeon9700pro/1 gig ddr400... Very impressed. Lol, funnily enough my first fright was when you walk into the main facility, and one of those drone running little spiders crawls across the screen when the doors open! hehehe, those things are spooky
Posted 08:02pm 05/8/04
The problem really is that because everything has been done it is soo hard to be innovative and do something new, elements are more often then not going to look copied.
Posted 11:25pm 05/8/04
Go me. I fixed one of my issues

Go to Doom3 directory, then base, then open your doom3 config file. Then find seta and scroll down till the following command:

seta g_muzzleFlash "1"

Its default is 0. Hence no muzzle flash.

I was actually pissy about not having muzzle fire early on. Would have helped in those close encounters versus the zombies and what not. Ah well. I cant see why they have it turned off by default. Thats really weird imo. Also the player shadow. Thats an integral part of the game!

Also i noticed when you are infront of a mirror and you lower your weapon it doesnt show it in the mirror. A bit of an inconsistency the producers missed. Hopefully all these little things will be patched soon!
Posted 11:36am 07/8/04
has anyone play'd alrady doom3
Posted 01:03pm 07/8/04
hehe, its funny when you punch the NPC'S (scientists, workers etc), they get blown away by your punch and moan really loudly. Then when you punch again, they disintegrate into a pile of bones and blood.
Posted 11:26pm 10/8/04
It would be nice if firing off your weapon acted as a light source. Just imagine it, standing in a pitch black room, desperately firing off rounds and seeing just snapshots of half a dozen zombies closing in.
here comes the two to the three to the f
Posted 11:40pm 10/8/04
It does Alex, but not to a great extent.
Posted 08:50pm 13/8/04
I just got Doom3 from Hardly Normal {harvey norman in campbelltown nsw}} at$88.00 with some little model of" Baron of Hell."
I am still getting the graphics sorted out, but running Radeon 9800pro with athalon 64 bit plus 1 gig of memory-{a little better than my apple lll}

am running at 1600x1200 high graphics but feel that may have to drop to medium.
Does anyone know where one can get ratings{already done}on a comparison between 1600x1200 medium graphics and say 800 x600 ultra graphics .I dont know effect of each change on any game for that matter?
ps Desert Combat still is no 1 so far for me.ttfn
Posted 03:47pm 02/9/04
After playing doom3 right through for the once and not bothering utill again untill I got the god-mode cheat did I come to realise that this must be the most expensive appetiser lead-up for Half-Life that I've played..So surely Half-Life2 must be better than this flop! But doom3 wasnt a COMPLETE FLOP there were times when I thought there were areas were Ive never been.But that interest tends to wane somewhat.I'm glad I didnt upgrade my hardware.S*** I'd feel like a knob if I did!!
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