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Post by trog @ 10:39am 13/02/04 | 48 Comments are reporting (registration required) that BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen has been hired by Valve Software to work on their Steam content distribution system:
Out of the blue, he heard from Gabe Newell, the managing director of Valve Software, based in nearby Bellevue, Wash. Valve is developing what gaming experts anticipate will be a blockbuster video game, Half-Life 2, but it is also creating an online distribution network that it calls Steam. Because of Mr. Cohen's expertise in just that area, Valve offered him a job. He moved to Seattle and started work in October.
We've been experimenting with BitTorrent with limited success in our files section - it seems the vast majority of users still prefer regular downloads to BitTorrent downloads, and of those few that do use BitTorrent, a limited number actually leave it running to continue to seed the download for other users (that is, upload data to the other peers).

Such a system built into something like Steam, for example - which you have to keep running as long as you keep playing - would probably have significant benefits, as there would be a vast number of users that would have little (or perhaps even no?) control over their system uploading data while they're playing games. It will be interesting to see how Valve and Bram choose to implement such a system.

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Posted 01:32pm 13/2/04
i get lag if it leave a BT open while playing games, even if its restricted to 1k/s.
Posted 02:51pm 13/2/04
like trog said... if it's 1/k = barely anything... i really don't see a problem and it could actually be usefull...
Posted 09:24am 14/2/04
LOL @ valve, such gumps

drops steam u tolls bars and stop trying to save $$$$$$$
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