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Post by trog @ 12:08pm 26/11/03 | 16 Comments
I recently had the opportunity to duck over to the USA and preview the anticipated Far Cry, currently being developed by German studio Crytek. The press event consisted of some hands-on time, which gave me an opportunity to check out both the single player and multiplayer facets of the game. I also got the chance to chat to some of the developers, which was great - they're all extremely into their game and were really fun to talk to.

Check out the first part of the two-part preview now on GameArena, along with some new screenshots that were released for the event. The second part of the preview (looking at multiplayer, the editor and more) will be up later in the week.

Update: Part 2 is now up, featuring information about vehicles, multiplayer, and more.

far cry
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:12pm 26/11/03
Looks awesome, I'm thoroughly impressed with what they seem to be doing with the rest of the game besides just having pretty graphics.
Posted 12:20pm 26/11/03
Is this the game we got a look at on the big screen during the WCG-AU finals?
Posted 12:38pm 26/11/03
Not to be confused with Term's Big Cry :P
Posted 03:41pm 26/11/03
Yup, this is the game that was demoed on the big screen at WCG-AU.

And believe me, it plays as good as it looks - the only thing missing is Catorina Rowntree in a skimpy bikini!! ;)
Posted 03:55pm 26/11/03
It's looking even nicer than it did before.

I can forsee a sort of hobbyist modding industry coming up soon for plants and scenery. Considering how complex the games are getting I reckon you won't just have modders who do levels or player models, you'll have people who do a nice palm tree, or the dude who modelled the orchids and staghorns for the Daintree Rainforest level...
Posted 04:26pm 26/11/03
That demo certainly was awesome.

At first i thought 'just another crud non iD engine based FPS' and then they took the action outside. WOW!
Posted 01:17pm 27/11/03
Storm, maybe there's a job going for modelling her then :) someone else can do the bikini.
Posted 01:22pm 27/11/03
yeah that game looked tops at WCG

i'll model her trix ;)
Posted 02:47pm 27/11/03
Yeah but who was the gimp playing it at the WCG-AU finals?
Posted 08:33pm 27/11/03
what a nice picture Farcry swamp :)
Posted 05:13pm 01/12/03
I believe the correct description is Gimboid... ;)
Posted 01:01pm 05/12/03
Updated with part 2 link
Posted 01:04pm 05/12/03
looks great, but it's gonna slay most computers
Posted 01:05pm 05/12/03

ahaha take out the dude and i swear i saw that pic on getaway a few weeks ago :p
Reverend Evil
Posted 01:14pm 05/12/03
I like how some of the plants have dead leaves on them. A nice touch. Really hanging for this game now and also Battlefield Vietnam. Anything big and multiplay that has huge maps and lots of vehicles will get my attention, unless it's like Tribes 2 then it can go to hell.

Posted 01:16pm 05/12/03
rev, ut2004?

i dunno how that one's gonna turn out
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