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Post by trog @ 12:24pm 17/10/03 | 30 Comments
iTunes for Windows is now available! Windows users can download a version now (instantly from Akamai).
iTunes 4 is the best software jukebox in the world, with a great music store inside. With it, you can create your own personal digital music library to manage and listen to your music collection, all with drag-and-drop simplicity.
I've just given it a test run - while Australian users can't subscribe (unless you have a US-based billing address) you can still browse the collection and listen to previews. I'm completely impressed; this is the first online music service that I've typed 'Pearl Jam' into the search box and it has actually come back with results (including all the recent live tracks from the last Australian concerts!). This is definitely worth checking out. The download is about 20mb.

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Posted 02:45pm 17/10/03
Can't seem to get it install here.
"Error 1325.Docs_And_stuff is not a valid short file name"

"Docs_And_stuff is" is my "my documents" folder.
Didn't run it from that drive, or from that folder. This is just while its extracting the installer to actually install. Yay!
Posted 03:44pm 17/10/03
Personally I think Music Match Juke box is better
Posted 04:22pm 17/10/03
Bought 2 online at and arrived within 4 days...
There's also a mac shop on flinders st in the city if you live in melb where u should be able to buy it too
Posted 05:56pm 17/10/03
for what its worth, its made a beleiver out of me... in 10 minutes im very happy!

bye bye winamp :P
Posted 08:49am 18/10/03
I've only been waiting forever for this... Since the rumours started last week that they'd be annoucing it (i didn't think it would be up for download on the same day) i've been waiting and waiting and waiting...

As a windows iPod owner there has been nothing "Official" from apple to use. Musicmatch was never going to get an install and Ephpod, while superb, wasn't the all-in-1 solutions like iTunes is. And to top it off, the Music store looks like it will own me once i can buy stuff from it. Unfortunately it will end up being the record companies who decide what gets on there (ie atm there is nothing from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or anything from a Warner's artist). Although that would be mighty silly of them...

And yes, you need a US billing address, the only limit is you can't buy stuff, you can do EVERYTHING else....

btw if you want to buy an iPod go buy it from a local Apple Centre (see the whitepages)... they at least get to make a tiny bit of money from it (and it costs the same as the online store)... be kind to them :) Now if only they'd release an update for the G2 Windows iPods so i can buy stuff from the store :) or use AAC...

Like big kev, I'm excited...

- Rob
Posted 08:50am 19/10/03
i seriously doubt that travelling with your iPod breaks any law/agreement...

It is more likely that it is only available in the US as the deals have all been done with the US distributors of the music.

Being able to buy stuff online for non-US residents takes away from local distributors, although "most" stuff is distributed by local arms of the US labels. In the end they are seperate businesses operating in different markets. Each outlaying $$ to market and distribute the music locally. Notice the Telstra deal was with Warner Music Australasia not with Warner Music (its US parent). International distributions right will be an interesting addition to this whole online music drama, and it will be very interesting to see what happens. Potentially we will end up with a .au store... hopefully not.

Its similar to DVDs and region coding (was one of the reasons). The local rights holder basically gets a monopoly on that region (good for them, bad for consumers, and the ACCC have also said that).

- Rob
Mein fuss tut wei
Posted 01:07pm 19/10/03
Opec: Try Winamp5 (Combines Winamp 2 feature + Winamp 3 features hence the 5)

Its about 5 megs to download and is really good I think!
Posted 04:18pm 19/10/03
can i use iTunes to put AAC (.m4a) files onto an iPod?

bloody well hope so cuz i just re-ripped all my cds into AAC format (smaller, better quality)
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