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Post by Psycho! @ 07:33am 07/10/03 | 9 Comments
Cnet is reporting that Philips in conjunction with Mitsubishi Kagaku Media have developed new tech to double the capacity of DVD's.

The new dual-layer technology raised the capacity of recordable DVDs (DVD+R) to 8.5GB from 4.7GB for single-layer DVD discs. The companies will be demonstrating the new disc technology this week in Tokyo.

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Posted 12:43pm 07/10/03
Im getting me a DVD burner!!! ;-)
Posted 06:31pm 07/10/03
please tell me they will work with my (all) current dvd burners and players.
Posted 08:39pm 13/10/03
I'm assuming the "new" technology to be used in these burners is very similar to that used by our current DVD players in that when they get to the second layer (DVD-9 format discs) the lens has to refocus (hence the odd pause, but not on all discs... someone figure that one out) and then start reading again, but obviously in the case of these burners refocus and restart burning. Which might pose some frustrating issues. IE what would the chance be of an under-run if while refocusing the laser the data rate falls to zero - as you would expect it to happen.

Also how much are these things going to rip my wallet apart? Is it going to be fairly even in price as with HD-DVD players (Japan only at the moment, equivalent to $2000 USD - I think they're prototype only as well) and what is the media going to cost? Original DVD+R and DVD-R and their RW equivalents were ridiculously expensive. Will these companies be smart and not sting the early adopters?
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