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Post by trog @ 09:19am 03/10/03 | 86 Comments
Peacekeeper let us know in the forums that the source code for Half-Life 2 has apparently been released into the wild. This post on halflife2.net, allegedly by Valve's Gabe Newell, explains what has happened and asks for the help of the community in tracking it down:
What I'd appreciate is the assistance of the community in tracking this down. I have a special email address for people to send information to, helpvalve@valvesoftware.com. If you have information about the denial of service attacks or the infiltration of our network, please send the details. There are some pretty obvious places to start with the posts and records in IRC, so if you can point us in the right direction, that would be great.

We at Valve have always thought of ourselves as being part of a community, and I can't imagine a better group of people to help us take care of these problems than this community.
Again, there's be no official press release or anything about this, just a post on a forum, but everyone else has jumped all over it so we'd be lax in not posting it as well! As a general rule we try and refrain from posting wild rumours, but this is a pretty major one. The comment about denial of service attacks though has been brought up earlier by Valve's Erik Johnson in an email to the HLDS mailing list.

Latest Comments
Posted 09:27am 03/10/03
Snipped from bluesnews forums

On the halflife2.net forum people have been picking apart the code. I'm not sure a lot of people here understand the full scope of the leak. It's not just HL2 source, but TF2, HL1, CS, etc. It seems to be valve's entire source code tree including all the code they have licensed from havok, ipion, radgametools, etc.

This is a massive leak of several companies 'IP', and many of those companies survive based on selling/licensing that IP.

Posted 10:15am 03/10/03
I'd guess that the source code would be useless to 99.999% of the community

I would say more like 90% I know plenty of wantabe apps programers that will be hanging to get their paws on this. As a game developer this is your worst nightmare, and as a game player it means more time till the game is released, christmas?

If you had one of the top hackers in the world targeting your machine, your accounts, your network, would you even know? until it's too late.
Posted 10:16am 03/10/03

Doom 3 Alpha.exe

Nobody has the actual program for HL2 yet... do they? I would say they have done a good job of keeping such a high profile game secret for so long.
Posted 11:11am 03/10/03
LOL lame. expect a jail term for the sucker that stole it for sure (WHEN he/she gets caught)
Posted 11:46am 03/10/03
source code would not be useless to 90% of the community.
at least %50 would find it useful, not to mention the fact that basically now valve will have a hard time selling the engine to a company since the chance of some 'cs kiddy' making their own game with the engine before a company even starts their game is incredibly high.
not to say it will create profesional content but it will increase cheating etc.
It's also pretty sad that they had such bad security, but worse so that the lack of morals on the internet is increasing not decreasing.
The person that stole the source has quite possibly ruined both hl2 and the vamp masq sequel and anything else that was in dev on source.
that, or delayed hl2's release to the godly 'when its done'.. gg dnf.
Posted 12:11pm 03/10/03
I have it. It's not really useful unless you're a coder, but it is interesting.
And it's been CONFIRMED by Valve now, and Valve is requesting people track them down and such.
Posted 12:51pm 03/10/03
i just love how idsoftware sit back, make there games, let piss companies like valve screw up constantly then earn the respect of everyone after they release a quality product
Posted 01:30pm 03/10/03
You do realise that using the source code would be illegal because it is there IP. No Proper mod will use the source because if it is found that they used the source documents then they could have potential legal action against them.

No sane company will use the leaked code, companies will still purchase the engine off Valve, for not only support, but bug fixes etc. They will more than likely get a signifficant amount of documentation to suppliment the system.

ANother thing that should be noted, the plugins for the various packages like xsi and maya and what not that you seen in the demonstration videos about 2 months back are not in the code i believe. Besides hammer there is no modeling data there, no ability to export to valves format from the 3d packages amongst other features they built in to those 3rd party applications.

The graphical features you will not get as mentioned in my previous post are exampled here. Btw i am not just talking about the graphic extras, textures etc. I mean the tools.




I am sure a few people here have seen these graphic presentation demos before. Just let it be known that these are not the Bik video presentations, but a preview of their system that they use when constructing their game.

Posted 04:53pm 03/10/03
You can rest assured Gabe's post, and the leak are indeed legitimate. We've discussed this with Gabe, and the account he used on our forums has been used previously - from time to time he does actually post.
Posted 07:59pm 03/10/03
I don't think many people know what this means, the fact that the half-life 2 is in the open...

Anyone with vast knowledge of C/C++ will find use of the source, ranging from mods to hacks... anythings possible.
Posted 08:25pm 03/10/03
http://members.optushome.com.au/madlebo/haha.JPG I just took that screen grab now

I have also cut out the Server details from where it can be downloaded from etc.

LOL, This is funny because look how many people have the source code, Not only that ... How many people are downloading it from websites.
Posted 09:52pm 03/10/03
someone should send the source back to him and say "here you go i found it"

Posted 12:02am 04/10/03
AHahhaha I've been reading through that 31 page thread on halflife2.net.

Third post on page 23:


Thread summary?

- i dont get it ?
Posted 12:05am 04/10/03
Its still called stealing.
If somebody left their car door open and the keys in the car would you steal it?

say you have a starving family and you steal some bread to feed them, is it wrong to steal. No, well then say your family likes cigarettes....
Posted 11:57am 04/10/03
wait a few weeks... more shall come of this ;)
Iggy Pot
Posted 02:43pm 04/10/03
Posted 04:15pm 04/10/03
hey rec, why did you guys steal the wireplay ladder/font
That's an official ad-banner from UK's Gameplay. You know, UK's Wireplay? It's their font, it's their logo. Wireplay used their font, and their logo, not the other way around. Nothing was stolen.
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