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Post by trog @ 11:40am 20/06/03 | 26 Comments
EA sent through this press release announcing another upcoming thing in the Battlefield range, called Battlefield Vietnam.
Offering an arsenal of weapons and vehicles authentic to the Vietnam conflict, players will battle in first-person perspective. The workhorse vehicle for the U.S. during the conflict was the helicopter and it will serve the same purpose in Battlefield Vietnam. The NVA will be outfitted with many Russian-made vehicles including the T-54 tank and Mig-21 jet. Taking a step forward from its franchise predecessors, Battlefield Vietnam will allow passengers to fire from moving vehicles and players will have the ability to airlift other vehicles via helicopter.
It sounds sort of like the free Eve of Destruction modification for Battlefield 1942.

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Posted 03:57pm 20/6/03
has anyone played the desert combat mod for BF1942. the one thing that it showed is that choppers are unflyable and the maps are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too small for jets.

plus Vietnam is all about jungle so the BF engine will need some serious work done on it for this addon to work...
Posted 08:02pm 20/6/03
AusGamers is a bit slow isn't it, even SAGamers new about this before you lot, and the post on SAGamers didn't even get promoted to AGN news, what the hell is wrong?
Posted 01:15am 21/6/03
BF1942 is so overhyped you would think Peter Moleyneux made it.
Posted 10:39am 21/6/03
this is wat i feared as soon as i buy BF1942 they release another game so now their only gonna give a half arsed attept at supporting 1942 now so they can spend all their time on vietnam.

hopefullt apocalypse now will be major influence
Posted 03:21am 22/6/03
Line of Sight: Vietnam has even better jungle graphics than Vietcong, althrough you might have a hard time finding it since i don't think its for sale in Australia, oh and its a budget title too. You can dl the demo on ausfiles (Insert shamless advert here)
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