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Post by trog @ 02:00am 02/06/03 | 30 Comments
A couple of days ago, the Nullsoft site opened up a new project called Waste. Mere hours after, the site was pulled, and now the following message appears on the site:
An unauthorized copy of Nullsoft's copyrighted software was briefly posted on this website on or about Wednesday May 28, 2003. The software was identified as "WASTE" (the "Software") and includes the files "waste-setup.exe", "", "waste-source.tar.gz" and any additional files contained in these files... If you downloaded or otherwise obtained a copy of the Software, you acquired no lawful rights to the Software and must destroy any and all copies of the Software, including by deleting it from your computer. Any license that you may believe you acquired with the Software is void, revoked and terminated.
WASTE is basically a peer-to-peer client that uses encryption to secure communications. Of course, conspiracy theories are rampant - Slashdot are reporting that AOL pulled the software. Interesting to see where this one goes; obviously Pandora's Box has been opened insofar as this software is concerned; AOL/Nullsoft appear to be trying to do some damage control (futile? probably) now - stay tuned for more news.


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Posted 02:03am 02/6/03
sounds interesting !
Posted 04:48am 02/6/03
Very intereting :D

Encrpted p2p.

I'd like to get my hands on that :)

Oh well, too bad I aint.

Dogmatix Man
Posted 06:55am 02/6/03
One interesting theory that I heard on the matter was that AOL wanted to see if the GPL could be retractable under extreme circumstances. Testing the water, so to speak.
Posted 07:01am 02/6/03
This is exactly the same thing that happened with the original version of gnutella.
Posted 07:54am 02/6/03
I looked at the Nullsoft-waste site several hours after the /. post and there was nothing there, but there were mirrors listed in the comments section of the /. post so managed to grab it. It's probably all over the net by now though.

You need other people to have it installed and have exchanged passwords with them to be able to join a 'network'. So I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

Something I originally read said that the day it was released was the aniversary of the AOL buyout of Nullsoft.
Posted 10:51am 02/6/03
hrmm I wonder what sort of scheme they are planning this time
Posted 11:55am 02/6/03
For those interested this is what the program looks like:

Posted 12:32pm 02/6/03
hypothetically speaking,

someone hsould post a key here and we can start our own network just to see what the program is like,

that was, if we actually had the program.
Posted 12:47pm 02/6/03
someone translate this issue into really really simple terms as to what has happened.

ie, I know what all those words mean, but the sentence makes no sense to me.
Posted 12:50pm 02/6/03
but there were mirrors listed in the comments section of the /. post so managed to grab it.
Posted 12:51pm 02/6/03
i can't find a way to translate trogs post so that it contains the word sidwahz maxe so sorry you'll never understand
Posted 12:57pm 02/6/03
apparently if it was released under the GPL, it cant be pulled, the source is here ..
Posted 12:59pm 02/6/03
I bet someone got an earful from AOL because of this.

Posted 01:13pm 02/6/03
dOmino you might want to send that link to SCO's legal department. :)
Posted 01:14pm 02/6/03

can anyone connect to the damn network with this thing ?
Posted 01:34pm 02/6/03
nulsoft releasing a P2P program? that has popular written all over it.
Posted 01:48pm 02/6/03
It's like IRC with DC file browsing/searching but encrypted.
Posted 01:57pm 02/6/03
how the hell do i use this program?
Posted 02:41pm 02/6/03
you need to have a mates key, and their ip, and one of you (or both) has to have routing on in the network settings..

peadophiles are gonna go ape with this..
Posted 03:28pm 02/6/03
There are like hub things that you can connect to which have many users. Ive seen that and it gets silly because so many people. If you get your key that is generated during install, give it to a mate and then get theirs you can connect just to them.

There is an option in preferences that allows you to not accept others keys without permission which is what will auto happen when you connect to a 'hub'
Posted 03:32pm 02/6/03
whats so bad about connecting to a hub with a lot of people ?!

and could you post a key for a someone on a hub ?
Posted 03:44pm 02/6/03

there are a s***e load of mirrors here...
Posted 03:48pm 02/6/03
i was on shacknews when waste hit, we all managed to get it up and running (around 60 of us)
it works, its a little bit too much effort for what its worth, its the sort of thing thats good for very small amounts of people to use, i dont see it working well for large groups of people
Posted 04:00pm 02/6/03
Exactly my point... Its not designed for S***LOADS of people to use. DC++ or whatever is better for that sort of thing...
Posted 04:57pm 02/6/03
This is really cool because I have around 10 mates who are all on iinet / netspace / labyrinth that all have free p2p in the same state. This is gonna work out really sweeeeet :)
Swiss Cheeseman
Posted 05:04pm 02/6/03
This is exactly the same thing that happened with the original version of gnutella.

Actually, its quite different, the main difference being that for waste, the source code was released at the same time, under the GPL. Gnutella, didnt have the source included, or licensed under the GPL, it was reverse engineered.

Also, there are some complications over who actually, owns the code, nullsoft, or AOL, as they are both different companies, even though AOL owns nullsoft.
Posted 05:25pm 02/6/03
hehe Aol owns nullsoft but null soft owns the software. So who really owns the software?

Depens on the terms/conditions that nullsoft was bought under.

Swiss Cheeseman
Posted 05:27pm 02/6/03
Just because a company owns another company, doesnt mean it has control of all its assets.
Posted 05:28pm 02/6/03
Could anyone show me how to connect to a server...

Do you have any public ID's or IPs that you might be able to post so I can see what this program can do...

Posted 08:46pm 02/6/03
What was the original use of waste for nullsoft???

And how can we make it benefit us???
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