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Post by trog @ 01:45pm 07/02/03 | 28 Comments
Nokia have released the official website for their N-Gage handheld gaming system/phone:
The Nokia N-Gageô mobile game deck goes way beyond your average pixel-graphic time-waster. The console is lightweight and ergonomically designed to make sure you get the enjoyable gameplay you expect from a handheld. The high-resolution color screen boasts amazing 3D graphics that do your favorite games the justice they deserve.
Of course, it is also a mobile phone. Not only that, it has Bluetooth built-in so you can play multiplayer without having to worry about cables. There are a couple of big-name titles listed on the site, such as Tomb Raider, Red Faction, and Sonic.


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Posted 01:48pm 07/2/03
I was *meant* to be at the official relase of this the other night, but due to work I couldn't make it :(

It looks kick ass, I know a couple of people that got one for testing it, so VERY keen to have a look and play with it... I should have had one *sniff*
Posted 01:54pm 07/2/03
It sounds pretty cool, but ultimately, I'd rather have a smaller phone, I think, than a big phone that can also play games. I wonder what the hackability options for this thing are like? I imagine the handheld hacking community are drooling at the mouth at the thought of a product like this that they might be able to get Linux installed on.

I wonder if you can do other cool stuff, like use it on the Internet if you have a Bluetooth network around, or if you still need to be dialled in.

The specs are pretty cool:
  • High performance mobile interactive gaming
  • Gaming-optimized design and functionality
  • Digital music player and recorder
  • Stereo FM radio
  • Nokia Audio Manager PC software
  • New design concept, new UI experience
  • Multimedia messaging
  • Full email support (IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, MIME2)
  • Content with XHTML browser
  • Tri-band EGSM 900/GSM1800/GSM 1900
  • Series 60 UI enabling application multitasking
  • Bluetooth
  • Slave USB 1.1. for digital music download from PC
  • MP3, AAC, Midi, WAV ringing tones
  • WAP over GPRS
  • Plus it comes with 64MB built-in, which is neat. It'll be awesome when they start figuring out how to cram a few gigs in things like this though.
    Posted 01:54pm 07/2/03
    and the biggest question of them all

    whats the price tag?
    Posted 01:58pm 07/2/03
    It runs red faction? OMGWTFBBQ. Pretty powerful then. Whats the FPS like running that though.
    Posted 02:39pm 07/2/03
    cool, I wouldn't mind having one.
    Posted 03:55pm 07/2/03
    I like the design it looks very nice
    Posted 04:25pm 07/2/03
    Oooohhhh I want one.. how much and where from? ne1?
    Posted 06:56pm 07/2/03
    I dont mind the size myself. I havea 5510 at the moment and that's just as big. N-gage is thinner than the 5510 though and it felt lighter.

    Poor Heardy, you missed out on the promo girls ... mmmmm :)
    Posted 07:36pm 07/2/03
    There is only one thing missing from it that would make it the ultimate accessory... a built in digital camera. Forget taking sceenies of games, I want to be able to take a digital photo with it. Then it'd do everything I'd want :)
    Posted 07:40pm 07/2/03
    if i bought a phone, i buy it to communicate, not to play games :) so i find this phone hopeless, i wouldn't even pay $150 :D
    Posted 08:00pm 07/2/03
    I just brought a 7650, i like it heaps,

    these new ones look cool but
    Posted 08:02pm 07/2/03
    I had 5510, easy to type on keyboard :D
    Posted 08:05pm 07/2/03
    i have a 3210 and won't upgrade until it dies!! a phone is a phone.
    Posted 08:06pm 07/2/03
    Posted 08:08pm 07/2/03
    shouldn't the be standing up vertical? so it 'can be scaled' meh.
    Posted 08:23pm 07/2/03
    i want one!!!

    any price estimates though?
    Posted 04:07am 08/2/03
    And here I was thinking N-Gauge was just for model trains...
    Posted 04:08am 08/2/03
    a phone is a phone.
    I have the same idea too.
    Posted 04:08am 08/2/03
    looks cool, how much ?
    Posted 12:40pm 08/2/03
    they wont tell, how convenient. But apparently they want to be competitive with Nintendo. May i ask, HOW??
    Posted 06:24am 09/2/03
    5510's are s***,

    there just a 3310 with a keyboard and pocketnews.

    Have fun using it 1 handed!
    Posted 10:35am 09/2/03
    its not a 5510, but it looks similar just with fat keys :) and a snazy colour screen.

    But apparently they want to be competitive with Nintendo. May i ask, HOW??

    its gonna be nokia's "gameboy" duh
    Posted 12:00pm 09/2/03
    I would prefer a SMALLER phone with LESS features
    Posted 01:07pm 09/2/03
    I would prefer a SMALLER phone with LESS features
    I'd prefer a smaller phone with more features, personally.
    Posted 06:01pm 09/2/03
    true, dat
    Posted 06:03pm 09/2/03
    yeah but I meant.. as a compromise I'd be willing to just have the phone capabilities without all the games and extras that I never even use
    Posted 06:06pm 09/2/03
    oh and if the technology improves to a point where it would take up no space, and making it smaller would make the phone s*** to use, then I'd like the phone to be able to pay for stuff, open my door, and brush my teeth.
    Posted 01:35am 10/2/03
    Ahh, remember the days when a mobile phone was actually a mobile phone, rather than a `portable entertainment device"...?

    On a related note, I hate people who change their ring tones to the latest #1 pop crap hit. It's a phone fer christs sake! Make it sound like one!
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