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Post by trog @ 01:40pm 29/01/03 | 79 Comments
A reader sends in this article on AustralianIT today:
THE owners of the Kazaa file-sharing network are suing the movie and recording industries, claiming that they don't understand the digital age and are monopolising entertainment...Sharman's counterclaim alleges copyright misuse, monopolisation, and deceptive acts and practices.
Another snippet:
In a statement, the Recording Industry Association of America called Sharman's arguments "laughable."

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Posted 01:52pm 29/1/03
All I can say is lol. It is like the case where the burglar sued the house owner of the house he was robbing for cutting himself on a broken window, and like that case Sharman might actually win with the strangest most irrelevant arguments, that make no sense to anyone except the amercian legal system.
v i s a g e '
Posted 02:06pm 29/1/03
gah, KaZaA is good, i cant be bothered spending money on buying CD's so I use KaZaA. I mean, ok they sue KaZaA and they win...KaZaA shuts down and dies, two things can happen. One, KaZaA dies and someone else takes over the market. Two, KaZaA shuts down its servers and finds underground servers and use those. Most likely the first one is going to happen. I mean they need to realize that shutting a program like that is not the solution. It is controlling it that does what they want. First we have Napster, wuhu everyone loves it then they attack it and it shuts down. And so comes Morpheous they attack it and it shuts down and now we have KaZaA they attack it and it shuts down, what next? There are many many other filesharing programs out there just waiting for KaZaA to shut down so they can dominate and what when they shut down...Repeat untill they have no more funds to sue with!! I mean cmon they are corporate structures they should have advisors with brains the least.....
Posted 02:20pm 29/1/03
yes i agree with visage, filesharing cannot be stopped
Posted 05:54pm 29/1/03
P2p is the biggest thing to ever happen to distrabution,marketing,advertising, and sales. And yet it's being held back by people that are either A) Totally ignorant of the power B) People scared to change C) People sitting on "old world" wealth who fear losing all their money.

The recording industry has to get off their collective ass's and innovate to meet the peoples needs. If they don't then someone else needs to step in and take their place. I fail to understand why there has been no move by the recording industry to create their own "legal" P2P system. They could release their entire collection, include all kinds of bios info,cut prices, and God forbid increase sales. If prices were cheaper then sales would increase. It's a basic sales principle that has proven to work. Look no further than The Bullitens article 2 weeks ago. England and Australia lead the world in record sales stats. and the main reason??? we both still have singles. Cheaper than albums..... in the USA the RIAA cut singles to sell more albums and consequently sales have died in the ass....

Back to the innovation. The RIAA should have / could have devised a limited use, pay per use, or network share file encription system of their own. Imagine if you will a format similar to MP3 which can be traced from it's source RIAA main server down through subsequent servers, each time it's shared it generates money which is dispersed to everyone down the line. If this sounds like I'm on an acid trip consider how Network marketting works.

Advertising, storage, marketing and all the other middle man costs are cut and then shared by the people who by default take this on themselves. Some of you might think this is taking money from the artists, but in reality the record companies are already taking all this from the artists. If the files were networked then the users would be more loyal as they would be getting paid, the artists would recieve a bigger cut, they could reach a larger audience, there would be no single corporate body holding the reigns.

Posted 08:10pm 29/1/03
Well the theroy is,

Person hears a peice of music on radio/television
If person likes piece of music, he then proceeds to remember the artist/name of song
then he goes to either kazaa, or if he can be bothered goes to a local record store and buys the album with the song that he heard on it.

Now if a person only likes one song would he
a) buy the single costing around $8
b) buy the full album if single not availible
c) Download the song off kazaa

I know which one I would be taking....

Posted 10:52pm 29/1/03
I agree with trog 100%

I wish only some of the typical movie/music downloaders would create somthing they call their own and sell it, So i can just steal it and give it to m friends, make them feel a lack of income.

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