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Post by trog @ 12:05am 14/01/03 | 36 Comments
A reader sent in this article announcing that after some phat console sales over the Christmas period, there are now over 225,000 Xboxes in Australian homes.
Since launching in Australia almost 10 months ago, Xbox has sold well over 225,000 consoles, while Sonys PlayStation 2 sold just over 100 thousand consoles in their first 10 months in Australia. (Source: Inform)
Presumably the Xbox Massive Entertainment Pack was the big seller over the last few months. Good news for Microsoft, at least in Australia.

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Posted 01:00am 14/1/03
Not bad sales, but these days consoles have gone down the toilet. Last bit of fun i had with a console was 4player Goldeneye64 and Super Mario Kart on the snes.
I got me a ps2 and its a bag of s***, wow gta3 and gtavc should have saved myself the 500 bucks for the ps2 and waiting for the pc convert. As for gt3, its got nothing over the original psx versions. Metal Gear 2, pretty good, but not worth the money for the ps2.
Id get the nintendo and mircosoft versions of consoles but i opened my eyes and realised consoles suck massive c*** these days.
Posted 06:42am 14/1/03
The Xbox isn't all that bad. No one should start flaming until they've actually owned one for a long period. I always thought the xbox was a POS until i got given one as a pressie, and it's actually quite good, esp multiplayer/coop halo, doa3, rally etc
Posted 09:25am 14/1/03
I'd get the ps2 or gc, I find xbox very boring - no fun at all. I'd say the super nintendo was the most fun console i've ever played, I own one, and still play with it! And I'd get the ps2, cause of some of the games that I really cant get on any other system (xbox, gc, pc)
Posted 11:03am 14/1/03
I could imaging GameCubes Sales would be low, And I also find it difficult to beleive Xbox outsold PS2. Hmmm
Posted 11:11am 14/1/03
hmmmm, so what, look how many PS2 sold around the world
Posted 11:35am 14/1/03
I don't think anyone was really expecting Xbox (or the GC) to be outselling the PS2 while they were both out. By then Sony had a fairly large fan base, whereas Xbox was just the new kid on the block.

Xbox has been selling really well (especially in the lead up to Xmas) but in the end nothing is going to touch the PS2 in terms of overall sales.

Unless they start giving away real life DOA chicks :o)
Posted 11:50am 14/1/03
It's still funny how they accually celebrate that they sold more xboxs then the PS2 in it's first 10 months. Well, if i remember correctly. In the first 10months of the PS2 it still cost around $500 - $600, there weren't a huge list of games, and there weren't any "3 free games" packs.
Posted 02:04pm 14/1/03
Why does everyone have a go @ Microsoft for, its been done leave them alone FFS. What I don't get is people on the hate MS bandwagon. Fark, most of their products are in fact pretty good (Windows 2000, XP, Windows Media etc etc). Its just people who have nothing better to do go on about how MS did this and how they doing that...... boring.........

Personnally, MS in the console wars is great for all of us. Gamecube and PS2 consloes have come down in price as a result. We have more games to choose fromm more companines pushing out games etc etc

A little off topic perhaps but here goes....

Oh and another thing, if you don't like MS products then don't farken use them, and don't go off preaching that something else is the s*** when it clearly isn't (or it may be but no-one really cares).
Posted 02:09pm 14/1/03
Now Replying to the main topic, they are only reporting 10 months into the launch date of each product. PS2 has been out for well over 2 - 3 years. And as a result have had alot of time to climb the ladder. They may lack specs (now) but they have the majority of the games out. (Metal Gear Solid 2 anyone?, GT3 etc etc).

Xbox will eventually surpass PS2 in the long run, by by that time no one will really care as they would be moving to the next generation of consoles.

BTW: Was it reported that the PS3 was to be due out sometime in 2005 ?

Posted 12:31am 15/1/03
so u think all microsoft products are a POS? windows, office, xbox are all crap? what about hardware like optical mice and keyboards? MS may have dirty marketing tactics but that doesn't mean they don't make good usable stuff.
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