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Post by trog @ 01:03am 09/10/02 | 80 Comments
It has been a long time coming, but finally the AusGamers crew are proud to present an all-new look for Australia's biggest gaming community network - the new AusGamers.com.

We hope that this new look will allow more visitors to the AusGamers Network to find out more about all the awesome services that are on offer here for Australian gamers, and that it will encourage more interaction amongst the continually growing local gaming community!

The new site will grant easier access to our ever growing collection of downloadable files - AusGamers Files is one of the major download points for gaming-related files in the Asia Pacific region, and is constalty updated with the latest and greatest downloads. In addition, the AusGamers Forum is one of the most active gaming forums around, with many users discussing all manner of topics and getting the chance to have their say on the latest happenings in the gaming world.

The new AusGamers site has been designed with ease of use in mind, allowing simple access to the major parts of the AusGamers Network. Over the coming weeks, we will be migrating the other network sites into these new templates in order to make everything consistent, so please be patient while we sort everything out.

In addition to these changes, there are many other exciting features planned for the new website. As usual, if you have any suggestions or comments, we'd love to hear them - please just leave your thoughts as a comment to this news item!

Mad props go out to Cold for his usual stellar job in helping out getting this up and running. Big thanks to Seven for the awesome new templates, and thanks to the guys that helped us out testing it out in the background!


Latest Comments
Posted 01:05am 09/10/02

very interesting

*looks around*
Posted 01:17am 09/10/02
Very nice indeed. Well done.

(also, trog, any chance of my getting ausgamers news posting back? I'm not sure what happened to it :))

Also, nice choice of time to intro it :P
Posted 01:18am 09/10/02
Nice work
Posted 01:21am 09/10/02
very purty
Posted 01:42am 09/10/02
looks uber :D
Posted 01:47am 09/10/02
least it's a nice color now!
Posted 02:01am 09/10/02
The banner needs to link back to ausgamers.com ;)

Snazzy new design, I love the subject icons.
Posted 02:05am 09/10/02
does this mean the qgl site will change too???
Posted 02:07am 09/10/02
nice advertising spiel there.
Posted 02:12am 09/10/02

now I'm going to use the forum less :(
Posted 02:13am 09/10/02
The banner needs to link back to ausgamers.com ;)

done :) the gold bit at the top now links back

Snazzy new design, I love the subject icons.

yea, check out this page for a list of what they mean.

gotta love the bling bling!
Posted 03:04am 09/10/02
Posted 04:08am 09/10/02
Wow, it even works in Opera.
13 members and 8 guests currently on the AusGamers Network!
Impressive :D

Still, it looks a bit... busy.
Posted 04:09am 09/10/02
AHHHH, updated cold's pic too.
Posted 04:56am 09/10/02
wheres it say how many people are online?
Posted 07:07am 09/10/02
Looks like GameSpy. I guess I'll just have to get used to it. Nice, but I'm not really into change much. :]
Posted 07:07am 09/10/02
Gunman-187 >> On the right sidebar, below all the other stuff.
Posted 08:12am 09/10/02
looks good.
Posted 08:21am 09/10/02
nice it looks real proffesional now.
Posted 08:25am 09/10/02
looks phat
Posted 08:48am 09/10/02
Hrm, I'm running IE6, and that xbox flash ad is obscuring the menus that drop down behind it.

hope that gets fixed.
Posted 08:52am 09/10/02
Nice design :)

I agree with cyph... the drop down menus are going behind the xbox flash ads.
Posted 09:06am 09/10/02
yeh, this is a known issue. Kind of hard to fix really but we'll get it done today sometime
Posted 09:15am 09/10/02
sex in a can
Posted 09:45am 09/10/02
weird but cool :D
Posted 09:53am 09/10/02
too boxy for my liking
Posted 09:55am 09/10/02
yes too much like me for warts liking
Posted 09:56am 09/10/02
The drop down menus are also pretty much unreadable with Mozilla 1.1
Posted 10:02am 09/10/02
Mmmm.. pretty is a way to describe it.

It would be cool to have the functionality for threaded discussion for each news item. a la slashdot
Posted 10:03am 09/10/02
This is awesome and very professional.. excellent work lads.
Posted 10:05am 09/10/02
i don't like boxes boxhead :P
Posted 10:05am 09/10/02
I think the way it is looks better, threaded ala Qgl pre-ausgamers days would not suit this new looking layout

wart you love me
Posted 10:07am 09/10/02
The drop down menus are also pretty much unreadable with Mozilla 1.1

i concurr

but the site does look good
Posted 10:13am 09/10/02
Still, it looks a bit... busy.

Only at 4 in the morning ;)
Posted 10:16am 09/10/02
Right!, whos the web designer... show yourself and prepared to interviewed with questions from fellow AG users :)

btw. yes the site does look like Gamespy and IGN... thats because most designers "Borrow" ideas from other websites
Posted 10:38am 09/10/02
"Still, it looks a bit... busy." Draffa
I agree... In my opinion, it's because of the banner graphic, it almost creates nautious feelings. ;)
Other than that, great work, like it a lot.
Posted 10:41am 09/10/02
so whens the qgl design getting redone?
Posted 10:43am 09/10/02
site rocks!

i like the banner pic!!

Posted 10:45am 09/10/02
i must say im not a fan of fixed width websites.
Posted 10:47am 09/10/02
Yay, Its about time the website got a update.
The old one was starting to look a bit crap with all the tack'd on bits you guys added over the months.

Also I logged on to ausgamers.com, when I clicked on the link to forums my session wasn't carried over and I had to re logon. You might want to see if you can fix that up. Also the login to forum link colour made it realy hard to read on the dark BG.

Otherwise it looks all good.
Posted 10:50am 09/10/02
i must say im not a fan of fixed width websites.
And well you shouldn't be! We generally hate them as well. However, they're a bit easier to deal with in terms of layout.

My favourite thing about the new site is it is FASTER!
Posted 10:54am 09/10/02
while i dont realy "lothe" them, I still try to design websites to fit 800x600 :)
all in all, its good!
Posted 11:22am 09/10/02
So far I'd have to say I'm not impressed...

Too me it just seems way too proffesional for a gaming site, and the frontpage looks really cluttered.

What can I say, if it aint broke, don't fix it!
Posted 11:26am 09/10/02
it just seems way too proffesional for a gaming site

Posted 11:28am 09/10/02
hehe, content is exactly the same. I personally hated the old site, it looked totally stupid for australia's leading games site to have such a shabby site.

As far as coding goes, we can pretty much do anything we care to, but I think everyone would agree, the biggest failing of AusGamers as a group has always been its lack of a decent graphic artist. Having said that, if any other good gfx type dudes want to help out, send us a line!

new site == win!
Posted 11:32am 09/10/02
Agreed, awesome site, the only thing that is annoying now, is when you go to edit your post in QGL and you have to keep logging it.
Posted 11:35am 09/10/02
eheh Ausgamers mail needs to look ermm better.. gotta love that poo green on a black background :p
Posted 12:31pm 09/10/02
Looks better, more informative - but still can't find files (eg, nightfire, two towers game movie) that fileplanet says you have !
Posted 12:40pm 09/10/02
Werry werry nice...!!

A change is always good from time to time
Posted 01:03pm 09/10/02
Looks good, nice one.
Posted 01:35pm 09/10/02
Posted 01:48pm 09/10/02
looks good to the eye
Posted 02:23pm 09/10/02
I reckon it rocks! Good work guys!
Posted 02:35pm 09/10/02
Hmmm, this post didn't go through, let me try again (sixth attempt now)...

Ok, to try and explain it a bit better I think the old site just needed a little spruce up, this seems to be going to far...

As far as i see it a games site should be fast, look good (IMHO the old site worked well, but did need a LITTLE face lift) and have all content available and easy to find.

I also said something about this site seems to going towards a business focus and maybe going towards a subscription based server (this is only mine and a few other peoples opinions...)

Well, hopefully this time my two cents will get posted... :)
Posted 04:29pm 09/10/02
As far as i see it a games site should be fast, look good (IMHO the old site worked well, but did need a LITTLE face lift) and have all content available and easy to find.

So what's the problem?
Posted 08:00pm 09/10/02
ahhhh, the boxey look drives me nuts, I still like the old skool design :D
Posted 08:44pm 09/10/02
yes very good much better....
i like the new login idea as well.
Posted 09:07pm 09/10/02
Yeah it looks nice, but I still like the oldsk00l site better :).
Posted 11:03pm 09/10/02
i miss my signature :(
Posted 11:16pm 09/10/02
What a mad site, so proffesional now. Good work guys!
Posted 01:27am 10/10/02
while i dont realy "lothe" them, I still try to design websites to fit 800x600 :)
you could do what i've done, and automatically detec the resolution and load up seperate html files. god i'ts messy, but it's fixed width.. that isn't!
Posted 04:46am 10/10/02
very gooood work :P...................
.....................works i opera =)
Posted 10:55am 10/10/02
ITS ALL ABOUT THE BLING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mein fuss tut wei
Posted 12:14pm 10/10/02
Great Job Trog and the Ausgamers team!! I love the new layout.... The old one was starting to get a bit dull imo..... Can we expect all Aus sites to get the same treatment ?
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:36pm 10/10/02
The new layout is nice indeed. However, I think the message board colour scheme is very hard on the eyes. Basically, the colours suck for it.

Apart from that, well done everybody.
Posted 02:16pm 10/10/02
Is there a way one could ftp into the files site. I do prefer that method of browsing for files.
Posted 02:47pm 10/10/02
Posted 03:35pm 10/10/02
What about the pda version of Ausgamers? Any news on that?
Posted 03:37pm 10/10/02
Umm, that should be coming back soon, I'll check it out asap
Posted 03:47pm 10/10/02
don't change QGL... its fine as is... plus its not the leading game site but the leading lan site ;)

only place I get my news is from QGL and if the site were to change... I'd have to find a new site :(

Ohh well new site is okay... like some of the others said a bit too busy... its like a fat guy wearing 2 shirts too small... and that Xbox ad thingy is annoying.

They old one with new colours and moving of objects woulda been fine... New one is great thoe.. but like at the top area its kinda uno... fat guy, shirt size too small

Posted 08:10pm 10/10/02
File Library seems to return empty space when i click a file to download, file not there? or it just doesent work
Posted 08:13pm 10/10/02
Forum Posts: 1
AGN Total: 1
Location: USA Is there a way one could ftp into the files site. I do prefer that method of browsing for files

Get your stuff from Gamespy ffs.. its closer to you...
Posted 08:25pm 10/10/02
you could do what i've done, and automatically detec the resolution and load up seperate html files. god i'ts messy, but it's fixed width.. that isn't!
well if you design your website to be faily independant of resolution then that genrally is the best methord to take. and yes, individual html files is hella messy :)
Posted 08:06pm 13/10/02
Great, but now AusBabes needs to change too :)
Posted 08:34pm 13/10/02
Posted 09:14pm 15/10/02
I just had a thought, why not put the other ad in the sidebar like this?
Posted 09:16pm 15/10/02
Looks alot better, less obtrusive.
Stealth Tree
Posted 11:55am 18/10/02
Theres too much blueness on the edges!

Apart from that not bad
Posted 11:45am 19/10/02
very nice improvement..
when i first came to see it..which was just then...i was like WOW!!!! that in the hell happened to this place...it was very umm lets say more into the present rather than the old style that most sites use....a very unique style of taste ^^
in other words....mad~~~
Posted 11:49am 19/10/02
TROG: Any news on that personal ausgamers file section thing which you spoke of?
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