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Tuesday, 11 July 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:43pm 11/07/17 | 1 Comments

After spending a few weeks with the new Necromancer class for Diablo III we've put together what might just be one of the most powerful builds in the game. Using the Grace of Inarius set and a few underused legendary gems, this is one build that can not only deal out quite a bit of damage but also take a beating.

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Which occurred right after the closing moments of the annual Steam Summer Sale on July 6. As per the report by Dot Esports, the Valve Anti-Cheat or VAC system identified a huge number of accounts which players create to test out cheats for games like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Where, naturally the guise of a sale is a more affordable way to cheat.

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And if you've ever watched a FIFA World Cup on SBS then this breakdown of qualified teams, groups, and then elimination rounds leading to a grand finale will make a lot of sense. If not, then prepare to be schooled! In the ways of how a sporting World Cup works when many countries send their best competitors to battle it out.

Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:38pm 11/07/17 | 2 Comments

And is all set to make its Australian debut as part of a Destiny 2 deluxe combo on September 6. Which will come with the new white PlayStation 4 Pro console and a copy of Destiny 2. Like last year's Xbox One S release the new white PS4 Pro looks sleek and modern, and something that we'll be considering spending $649.95 AUD when it launches.

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Valve's 1998 classic Half-Life needs no introduction. But if we were to give it one we'd call it one of the most influential sci-fi 3D first-person shooters -- release at a time when the genre was evolving at an incredible rate. And now, almost 20 years after its original release Valve has patched Half-Life.

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After debuting on PC and Xbox One earlier this year, the new game from the team behind classic LucasArts adventures like Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, and Zak McKracken will be making its way onto other consoles later this year. That's right, Thimbleweed Park is coming to both the PS4 in August and the Nintendo Switch at some as-yet unknown date.

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Christopher Nolan's next film is due for release very soon, and sees the Batman and Interstellar director setting his sights on World War II and the Battle of Dunkirk. And when it comes to World War II battles, the trilogy of Wargaming's World of Tanks, Warships, and Warplanes is impossible to ignore. Which makes this announcement a pretty cool one.

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Hopefully that reference to a well-known wrestling move will prove to you that I know what it is to talk wrasslin'. And when it comes to the world of vidya game wrasslin' the WWE 2K series is the be all end all. As in its the only game that we know of. And with WWE 2K18 due for release in Spring, the series will be making its return to a Nintendo console with a Nintendo Switch release.

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It's no secret that since its release PC players have been anxiously awaiting news, of any kind, of a proper PC release of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption. And now with the sequel on the horizon this prospect is starting to look less and less likely. Which is where Wild West Online steps in, a new MMO from 612 Games that looks to scratch that Wild West itch. And so far, it looks pretty good.

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Headed to PCs and consoles October 6, with those that pre-order the game getting access on October 4. The Open Beta which will be available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Origin) will include the Battle for Naboo stuff seen in the multiplayer reveal -- plus a Starfighter Assault battle.

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