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PC | Xbox 360
Genre: Arcade Players: 1 to 2
Developer: Brightside Games Official Site:
Publisher: Ubisoft Classification: G
Release Date:
4th November 2010
Travel through time to co-op play with a copy of yourself. Pull off amazing moves to defeat 8 massive bosses. Pace the game and improve your score with the powerful fast forward feature! Discover 6 unique game modes and beat 70 challenges in this innovative and action packed arcade game.

Zeit² is a traditional side-scrolling, 2D, shoot’em up game that brings unprecedented elements to the game experience. Zeit²’s unique time travel feature has yet to be seen in this genre even after decades of great games.

Intuitive controls allow players to move forward and backward in time making it possible for the player to combine shots and power, and even be assisted by a shadow version of yourself. Blast away swarms of enemies, get the highest score and discover how you can assist yourself in new exciting ways by warping time at will.


Time Travel - assist yourself and perform stunning moves by interacting with your time shadow when travelling back in time. Pace the game and gain extra points by speeding up time. Balance your time travel and life energy to master the game through 70 challenges.

8 epic bosses battles - Discover the potential of your arsenal of powerful moves while fighting over a dozen different enemies and defeating the eight massive bosses.

Weapon upgrades - Your main weapon can be upgraded three times and you will feel the striking force of your additional weapon systems including "Beam-Shot", "Chain-Shot" and "Shockwave". The bonus system gives you extra score multipliers as long as you don’t miss out on shooting all enemies.

6 challenging game modes Go on a journey through 20 chapters of action and variety in the “Arcade” mode. Challenge others in scoring the highest score in the other modes: “Score Attack”, “Survival”, “Wave”, “Time Limit”, and “Tactics”. All modes are well integrated with leaderboards and unlockable achievements.

Easily accessible for the casual player challenging for the hardcore gamer - Experience the flow of intuitive controls that give you absolute mastery over forthcoming situations. Treat your hunger for tactical depth and skill based action with the huge possibilities and rich choice facing you in Zeit².

Unique graphics style - Be seduced by a world where simplistic purity meets impressing special effects. Abstracted life forms are approaching you through time and space in a futuristic cosmos of energy fields and colorful nebulas. Unique level styles will keep you on the edge floating through fantastic worlds.