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Torchlight 2
Torchlight 2

Genre: Role Playing
Developer: Runic Games Official Site: http://www.torchlight2game.c...
Publisher: Perfect World Entertain...
Release Date:
21st September 2011
Torchlight 2

Genre: Role Playing
Developer: Runic Games
Official Site: http://www.torchlight...
Publisher: Perfect World En...
Release Date:
21st September 2011
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Summary Date Size Downloads
Torchlight 2 "Development Visualisation" Trailer 02-10-12 86,694,601 4
Torchlight 2 Launch Trailer 01-09-12 30,233,350 13
Torchlight 2 "Beta Update for May 10th" Video 14-05-12 154,392,584 12
Torchlight 2 Intro Cinematic Trailer 21-04-12 208,029,096 13
Torchlight 2 "Papilon Pet Reveal" Trailer 16-04-12 19,672,825 13
Torchlight 2 "Berserker Frenzy" Trailer 08-04-12 36,801,171 12
Torchlight 2 "Pets" Trailer 02-04-12 26,523,257 24
Torchlight 2 E3 2011 "Armor Sets" Trailer 08-06-11 35,061,757 89
Torchlight 2 GamesCom 2010 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer 19-08-10 87,648,859 33