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PC | Xbox 360 | Xbox One
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Respawn Entertainment Official Site:
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date:
13th March 2014

Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Respawn Entertai...
Official Site: http://www.titanfall....
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date:
13th March 2014
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Titanfall Review
Review By @ 03:00am 11/03/14
Please Note:

flew to San Francisco courtesy of EA to review Titanfall.

As a result, this review was conducted in a near ideal environment. We had sub-20 pings and there was very little network congestion (there were, in fact, occasions when the servers were too empty to properly accommodate people).

Keep that in mind as you read this review, but with the expiry of the embargo I can reveal that Respawn Entertainment and EA are working very hard to have servers located in Australia available for the launch of Titanfall. It's circumstantial, but the EA South Africa Facebook page illuminates the fact that EA fully expects these servers to be live for launch (or very close to launch) in Australia (otherwise they would have pulled the game from the regional store.)

Movement in first-person shooters used to be the single greatest element to separate the good from the great. A player who could rocket jump, bunny hop or ski had an advantage over their opponents because it forced them to be better. Executing a perfect rocket jump was worthless if it put you in a worthless position in the map, so people who mastered movement also mastered map control, they mastered snap-aiming, they mastered everything.

And although camping existed for a long time beforehand, locking down the rate at which a player could move on each axis is arguably what made it prominent -- a much less agile form of map control, but a form nonetheless.

In a way, the blame for the rise of camping can be placed at the feet of Infinity Ward. In its quest to popularise the first-person shooter it levelled the playing field by keeping everyone grounded, and as time marched onwards the Call of Duty games flattened more levels until, with Ghosts, we have maps which rarely breach a three storey ceiling.

Still, the horizontal style of play of the Call of Duty games has been trending downwards and games like Tribes Ascend and Shootmania Storm have inspired a resurgence in the skill differentiator that is movement -- gamers want to move again, even if they're forced to work within the boundaries of the game's rules (the skiing of Tribes was a glitch in the game's physics engine before it became an active element of the series).

Respawn Entertainment, many of its staff formerly of Infinity Ward, has latched onto the Movement movement, and so Titanfall is a game where competent players aim well, complete objectives and call in their Titans at appropriate times; while good players will master the art of the wall-run and the double-jump to find themselves (typically) at the top of the Leaderboards.

My favourite moment in the game so far was playing CTF on Lagoon, a map set in a fishing village founded at what seems like the mouth of a canyon, the colour pallette all greens, blues and light browns. I popped a burn card that gave me unlimited Stim Pack -- a Rare card, valuable because it let me move at a Sprint pace at all times while also allowing me to pop my other ability (my cloak) -- and headed straight for the enemy flag at the start of the match. Wall-running moves players faster still, so I bounced from village hut to canyon wall and back again, moving as fast as I could towards their flag until I was about 10 seconds away. I leapt to the ground and activated my cloak, sprinted into the flag area and kept moving in the same direction, jumping out of a window and then double jumping back the other way, onto the roof. I sprinted towards a zipline and used it to tear quickly away from the cap area and back towards my own flag, jumping off halfway to wallrun again, using the curve of the wall to put me on a direct path to my goal. By the time I launched myself back down to my cap area, the enemy team had just reached it -- I'd made a circuit of the map before they'd made it halfway round.

Burn Cards -- like the Rare Card I used in the scenario above -- are a way for players to augment their game in between rounds, but they also serve as rewards for completing challenges. A mini-achievement style system, Challenges allow players to track their stats without paying much attention. At the end of each round you're told about the six Challenges you're closest to completing, letting you know you've run 1km in a Titan, or spent six minutes Cloaked -- the sort of pointless gamification that endeared Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to players, only now with randomised rewards in the form of Burn Cards.

Superficially Titans seem to be the stars of Titanfall. Their arrival is right there in the title and they command attention whenever they are present. There are three variants of Titan: The Atlas, The Stryder and The Ogre. The Atlas will be familiar to anyone who played the beta -- it's the default Titan, with two Dash moves, moderate armour and a Damage Core, which allows it to deal double damage for around 30 seconds.

The Stryder is the speedy Titan, equipped with three Dash moves, SFA armour and the Dash Core, which allows it to push itself at speed around the map without exhausting any Dash moves at all. The final Titan, The Ogre, is the tank variant. It can only dash once but can take a shitload of damage -- and if it pops its Armour Core it can remain practically invulnerable for a fairly lengthy period of time.

They're definitely awe-inspiring weapons. Seeing a Titan "fall" for the first time is certainly a special moment, especially if it's an enemy. I imagine it would be a little like seeing a Tank for the first time, all weapons and armour, nigh invulnerable to your puny attacks. This wears off quickly, however, and it reinforces my belief that Titans are a sideshow to the real stars of the game -- the Pilots themselves.

A Titan is simply a Pilot powerup guaranteed to everyone in the game -- eventually your Titan build timer will expire and you'll experience the power for yourself, but the Titan's themselves are merely distractions -- a momentary way to soak up and dish out a lot of damage. Most maps don't allow for Titans to access Hardpoint Domination cap zones, and I didn't see a single map where a Titan could readily access the Flag Capture.

Good pilots, then, won't focus on getting a Titan like it is the end-game for a player, instead they will only use it in specific situations -- a handy tool, but a tool nonetheless. Once you work out just how simple taking a Titan down can be, the hulking bipedal machines lose their lustre a little.

Titans continue to lose their reverent sheen the better you get. A player can take down a Titan in about 15 seconds if you can get close enough to it, and in the midst of a firefight there's very little the pilot of that Titan can do about it (with the exception of electric smoke). By rodeoing an enemy Titan you can fire directly at its engine systems, doing damage to its core and bypassing any armour it has.

Of course, outside of a firefight the enemy pilot can simply jump out of their machine and shoot you -- and if you're not paying attention they might even get a kill on you. As you begin to understand how Titans move though you'll also understand the telltale signs that a Pilot has abandoned ship, allowing you to attack them when they do.

The customisation options -- different Titans, shield abilities, weapons etc -- are actually fairly lacking. There are no options for customising aesthetic elements of your Pilot or Titan (except for the ability to change a Pilot's gender) and there are only a handful of weapons for both Pilot and Titan. Most of the weapons are only slight variations, too. Two sorts of automatic rifle, two sorts of sniper rifle, three types of pistol -- it all makes the distinction feel primarily pointless.

It points, I think, to the way Titanfall plays it very safe. There are just five game modes, and two of them are Team Deathmatch variants (Pilot Hunter is a straight TDM mode, Attrition puts a tiny spin on the concept). The other three are Capture The Flag, Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing, a single life mode that exhibits the only real creative vision out of all of them. Why not have a mode where Pilots are forced to wall-run everywhere? Where players can't touch the ground -- something akin to the Team Aerial Combat mod for Tribes (but without the aircraft).

There are 15 maps, but I only felt like three took full advantage of the player's extreme ability for movement. In one map -- Angel City, which you might have played in the Beta -- I was able to lock down hardpoint A and attack B without touching the ground by taking advantage of the walls and visual cover between the two, but attacking C was out of the question. On the C side of the map the roads are wide and the cover is all but non-existent, so attacking it is complicated and typically involves walking on the ground for at least some time. So instead I'd bounce between A and B, calling in my Titan and leaving it in AI mode to guard point A -- knowing to return to the main hardpoint when I was told my Titan was engaging with another pilot.

The Epilogue, a sequence at the end of most rounds where the defeated team is given the opportunity to escape, is also a safe play, allowing the losers a small sense of victory (provided they happen to be capable enough of getting away). Of the challenges I saw, none seemed like stretch goals. Shoot 100 people with the R101C Carbine, hack 20 Spectres, commit genocide on 100,000 Grunts. These things all seemed like inevitabilities, as do the movement-based challenges.

The campaign is pointless too, doing very little to develop the universe or compel the player. The voice-acting is well done, but that's all the story is -- voice-over communications from otherwise unseen characters. Your success or failure in a campaign mission has no impact on the way the story plays out, and the only reason people will play the campaign is because the Stryder and Ogre chassis' are gated behind the completion of it -- you can't customise your own version of either of these Titans until you've finished the story missions for both sides of the conflict.

It's odd to say that Titanfall feels unambitious, because it tries some very bold things. Seamlessly shifting perspectives between Pilot and Titan is technically challenging and beautifully executed here. The hordes of AI exist as a curiously effective attempt to adapt MOBA elements into the game (instead of receiving gold for last hits you knock off time from your Titan Build timer). I still feel like these aren't risks for a company built of veterans like Respawn is, however. Instead I feel they're designed to draw in as many players as possible.

Titanfall is a very good shooter, and I'm always a fan of any game that lets players use movement to separate themselves from the herd. Nevertheless, I feel like Respawn is simply setting the foundation here -- what they really want is for us to prepare for Titanfall 2.

Joab "Joaby" Gilroy is a huge fan of sports games, racing games, first-person shooters and 4X strategy games. He's awful at fighting and real-time strategy games although he'd love to get better. He thinks the Halo universe is hollow and that Arkham City was the real game of the year in 2011 and that AusGamers' managing editor Stephen Farrelly only gave Skyrim the nod because he is a filthy Marvel fan. His top three games of all time are (in no particular order) Deus Ex, GTA: Vice City and DayZ.

Recent articles by Joab:Find him or follow him on Twitter - @Joabyjojo, Steam - Joabyjojo, Xbox Live and PSN - Joaby, Twitch - /Joabyjojo, - Joaby#6688, and Origin - Joaby.

What we liked
  • It runs exceptionally smooth on the Xbox One
  • Even though I know I'm being manipulated, I do enjoy chasing challenges and Burn Cards
  • An emphasis on movement as a skill differentiator is exactly what gaming needs
What we didn't like
  • If your game is 40% Team Deathmatch variants there is room for improvement
  • It feels like most maps don't properly facilitate the heightened movement of the game
  • The campaign mode is pointless
  • The Active Radar Tactical Ability is a wallhack plain and simple
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 08:48am 11/3/14
Why review this in an ideal environment and give them slack??

This should be reviewed as is in Australia. They should learn that they needed the local infrastructure and should get reviewed
Posted 08:58am 11/3/14
i think it's a fair review - they put a disclaimer on the top (which they didn't really need to do..)

doesn't sound too bad i guess. will wait before picking it up i think.

I miss games like UT - fast paced, rocket jumping.. aw man.
Posted 09:05am 11/3/14
Yes the review is fair but it is not how most of Australia will experience it unless you live in WA.
Posted 09:12am 11/3/14
As Steve said in the OP; "Once it's playable in Australia though, we'll be taking another more local review look at it for proper transparency."
Posted 09:30am 11/3/14
I understand what is being said, though to be fair they did not launch the game in South Africa due to players getting pings 160-180ms saying the game is not ideal for playing like that.

Most of the east coast of Australia is getting pings like that but EA still wants to release it here.

Unless they get servers within the next 2-3 weeks in Australia I think they should be getting reviewed on those pings as most of Australia will be getting those pings.

They can do a review of the review once local servers are in which is fair but until that point the review is not genuine to the game play we will get here.
Posted 09:42am 11/3/14
I guess no body learned from sim city.
Posted 10:12am 11/3/14
Still on the fence with Titanfall, the game looks fun and it has mechs, the only thing holding me back is the server situation.
Posted 10:20am 11/3/14

I did play in the beta for PC and to be honest it was a lot of fun.

The ping issue will be an issue as I would hit 180+ pings from Brisbane and the difference between someone with a lower ping was night and day.

Getting killed behind walls is always a lot of fun especially when you watch it on kill cam /s
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:50am 11/3/14
Just to clarify for everyone.

We're being as transparent as possible, hence the disclaimer at the beginning of the review. There are two ways to look at reviewing like this as well: on the one hand, we're taking the product, as was intended by the developers based on the ideal environment, for a proper review spin. This also allows Joab to analyse the product and its systems properly.

The other way to look at this, based on the idea we plan to present an Australian play environment follow-up, is we now have a benchmark that isn't just taking into account other reviewers reviews or media from EA or Respawn. Joab was on the ground and took everything you read in this review away from his experience.

We ABSOLUTELY plan to highlight the game's running here in Australia, but without it actually being available, this is a bit hard right now. We'll endeavor to have something up as soon as the game has been in Aussie hands properly though, and we'll be including video capture as part of this new process.
Posted 11:08am 11/3/14
Lol, I too would fly to SF on EAs dime to (pre)review this game.

What other perks did you guys get?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:09am 11/3/14
No perks, just early access to the game
Posted 11:32am 11/3/14
After playing the beta and seeing that Aussie servers are touted as being available sooner rather than later I pulled the trigger and ordered Titanfall, its preloading now. Looking forward to this one, I don't play many games these days but I really enjoyed the beta.
Posted 12:11pm 11/3/14
Same... Even with 200+ ping it shat all over BF4 lag wise.

50 gig Preload... BOOM, thats a huge B****!!
Posted 12:13pm 11/3/14
I really enjoyed the beta even with the highish pings. Still waiting for local servers though. Can only imagine how much better it will be then.
Posted 12:18pm 11/3/14
After playing the beta and seeing that Aussie servers are touted as being available sooner rather than later I pulled the trigger and ordered Titanfall, its preloading now. Looking forward to this one, I don't play many games these days but I really enjoyed the beta.
My sentiments exactly, though i haven't ordered it yet and when I do it'll be on the xbox one. Using the controller was surprisingly good but it also helps to have a game that's mainly run, gun and spam the s*** out of everything you see. Who needs head shots when you have a titan loaded with destructive rocket launching missile nukes of mass destruction (similar to the ones that were never found in Iraq).
Posted 12:19pm 11/3/14
Already got my cdkey from CJS. Can't wait for this. I was pissed about the ping but surprised how much fun I had despite the 160 ping.
Posted 12:57pm 11/3/14
CJS and CD Key House seem to be running the cheaper prices, both available in any region without VPN.
Posted 01:13pm 11/3/14
50 gig Preload... BOOM, thats a huge B****!!

30+ gig of that is audio.
Posted 01:26pm 11/3/14
Given that EA is trying to get local servers and the disclaimer was nice and prominent I'm ok with the format of the review.

To be honest I kind of like that EA sent you guys out there, it shows that they actually give a f*** and that local servers are on the horizon at some point, and it gives hope. Getting you to do an ideal condition review for the AU market with no intention of local server would be an epic PR disaster.

That said, if we don't get servers at launch we should expect that the follow up review was appropriately honest about how the game plays and how much you get destroyed by LPBs. I won't be buying in until we know for sure, I'm not good enough at FPS to add a lazy 200ms to the problem :)
Posted 03:40pm 11/3/14
i think those pre ordering or buying this game is equivalent to letting the team down by breaking ranks.

The only thing these big game corps (like EA) listen to is $$$. Sale numbers. The whole "play it as best" is an attempt to get peoples money by getting around an issue. Its spin no matter how "honest" they are about the whole thing.

The bottome line is IF we want servers at launch and due respect with this game, and into the future, we cant have people buying the game "just because" we are told it will be ok "soon". IF and when its fixed - different story.

EA wont be seeing a red cent of mine, or any true Australian gamer, until there are local servers. Its a message of love to EA to thank them for their regard.
Posted 05:13pm 11/3/14
Heads up to people, some of us unlocked the game early and the connection problems with OPTUS still exist. So unless it fixed by the proper release. Looks like it's unplayable on Optus.

So check into this if you're with optus.
Posted 06:14pm 11/3/14
Personally I wouldn't touch this game with a barge pole.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:12pm 11/3/14
RuleofBookz. There's A LOT of information trickled throughout this review, its news post and even other news posts close to it, time-wise. No one has yet said their WON'T be local servers for Australians. Try and take note of some of things that have been said and the language around them
Posted 07:50pm 11/3/14
Posted 08:30pm 11/3/14
what are you on about Steve Farrelly? where did i say there "WONT" be Australian servers? In fact I specially said when Aust severs get released "it will be a different story".

You will find im "up to date" on all the info regarding this game and how it relates to australian gamers - mostly thru the efforts of this great site. Im not bashing the reviewers or this site my aim is squarely on EA here.

Im saying no one should give EA a dime until there are servers. Ive payed too many gaming corps good money for broken promises in the past. Delays, changes, misrepresentations, demos nothing like release and broken games on launch. Now we get FPS games with no local servers on launch like we shouldn't expect good pings - its just f*****g rude and a huge presumption of EA that Aust gamers will take this kind of crap and still hand over $$$ with pre orders etc. Well if you do hand over $$ im saying you are telling EA "im fine with how you want to treat your Australian customers" because $$$ is all they understand.

So now, to me, the message EA should get loud and clear is its action first and then you get paid. Lets see the servers then we can talk

hope that is a little more clear on my position
Posted 09:40pm 11/3/14
Im saying no one should give EA a dime until there are servers.

You don't need other people to validate your decision so why get upset with those who are happy with what they get and not toeing your line?

Posted 09:44pm 11/3/14
As Steve said in the OP; "Once it's playable in Australia though, we'll be taking another more local review look at it for proper transparency."

But not one of the "What we didn't like" items has anything to do with the game not being played local. All the points are about the game play no matter where it is played.
I'm so glad to see an honest review like this. Nice work Joab.
Posted 10:23pm 11/3/14
As Steve said in the OP; "Once it's playable in Australia though, we'll be taking another more local review look at it for proper transparency."

Then until this happens it should receive a score of zero. Game devs should be given ZERO slack when it comes to this s***. We already get f***ed over by high prices, now we're getting f***ed over by a lack of servers and you guys have basically accepted bribes in the form of free trips over seas to give the game a review.

What bulls***.

To be honest I kind of like that EA sent you guys out there, it shows that they actually give a f*** and that local servers are on the horizon at some point,
No, it means they can get a good review so people will pre-order and they can just go yeah we'll get you some servers some time. I'll believe it when I see it. How quickly people forget. THIS IS EA!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:45pm 11/3/14

Just wait and see
Posted 03:16am 12/3/14
Wait and see, you mean like Battlefield 4? Which seems to get more bugs added with every patch? With the latest patch for some of us, it no longer shows who killed you or what weapon they used. LOL EA / DICE lol.

Pump out mass produced s***, get money, "fix" it later.
Posted 03:52am 12/3/14
You don't need other people to validate your decision so why get upset with those who are happy with what they get and not toeing your line?

u might of missed this:

i think those pre ordering or buying this game is equivalent to letting the team down by breaking ranks.
Posted 08:22am 12/3/14
Bought this yesterday, preloaded 20gb, started playing 6am this morning. turned off at 8am. Requested refund. I honestly wasn't that impressed. I paid $50 through mexican origin store, and that still was too expensive for the quality of game it actually is. I was on US servers with most people only playing attrition and hardpoint, as usual barely anybody playing different modes like capture the flag (took 10 minutes to find a game). I also was playing on US servers because asia was DEAD. I wish I enjoyed it more but it's lacking something. My opinion. Also the maps were not good at all. I played at least 7 and they are just bland. The tropical maps are just reskins of eachother. Not cool. I miss cod 4 quality maps.
Posted 08:42am 12/3/14
I am picking up my Xbox One version tonight. Interested to see how that works out. If we have to play on garbage connections like we usually do I won't be buying another EA game.
Posted 09:15am 12/3/14
I'll believe it when I see it. How quickly people forget. THIS IS EA!
Is it really fair to extend that auto-judgement to this situation though? This isn't like Battlefield 4 and DICE which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the megacorp publisher.

Respawn Entertainment is an independent developer contracted under what used to be the EA Partners label, the same mechanism that published games like Portal 2, Crysis 2/3, Rock Band etc, where depending on the terms of the relationship, leaves the developer with a greater element of the control over the product than an internal EA studio would have.

imo, EA hate has been pretty misguided at the best of times, but it's even less relevant here.
Posted 11:30am 12/3/14
I also was playing on US servers because asia was DEAD

Maybe because it isn't out there yet? Can't knock your other criticisms though, sounds like even if you could have played on better servers its not the game for you :(

I'm still hopeful we get local servers sooner rather than later, because I did have a lot of fun in the beta, but I can't bring myself to pre-order or buy it without some kind of confirmation that I wont be stuck on a 200ms ping.
Posted 12:19pm 12/3/14
Too late! already paid and downloaded it through my Xbox One, except i changed my region to US and instead of paying whatever the aussie rip off price was i paid $60 in total.

Played it this morning for a few hours, was very playable, very fun, though n****z be running around all level 40 already n s*** wtf.
Posted 12:34pm 12/3/14
Reading its 50gb download and no unmetred
Posted 12:35pm 12/3/14
Nah its out in korea/japan and i was on those servers. which is sad. And I loved the beta khel.
Posted 12:51pm 12/3/14
Is there an option for a version that isn't ridiculously huge? I don't care about uncompressed sound and 50GB is unfortunately half of my monthly quota.
Posted 12:59pm 12/3/14
It only downloads 20gb even though origin says 50gb.
Posted 01:09pm 12/3/14
I agree with Whoop. it should score ZERO until it has a proper local Australian review.

I played in the beta, and it was clear that ping differences were a significant problem.

Until this has local servers, count me out. I'll re-assess when they have local servers, but if they leave it too long, I'll simply have moved on to something else.
Posted 10:16am 13/3/14
Too early to tell about game play. However so far I am just jarred by how far this seems from innovative, the next step and next gen.

Graphics are clearly old gen. Fairly early old gen. I know game play is the 'most important' thing but really, bad graphics are distracting. Worse than the last few COD's for sure. Textures and the effects on them is bad. Lighting is bad. It just makes it ugly. Seriously game loaded up and I immediately went into graphics settings thinking textures were set to low. Nopes, maxed out.

The other thing is, so far nothing at all has come across innovative. You start off the training in something that reminds you instantly of the portal testing laboratory.

Then you go through training and realise they've basically just taken a lot of elements from Crysis 2/3 game mechanics. You have a recharging cloak shield. You have a less smooth and satisfying ledge grap. Your meelee and it's like they directly copied the Crysis animations. Oh you have recharging abilities to sprint etc.

The wall running stuff reminds you of mirrors edge.

I do like the little jumping boosts stuff, that actually came really natural to use.

It really just feels like a remix of elements from other FPS games. So I am not sure what exactly is meant to be new or revolutionary.

I know none of these elements are exclusive to other games, the whole genre is based upon borrowing, but this all seems very familiar. Not fresh and new.

As far as smooth game play, yeah it feels better than the mess BF4 is, but it doesn't feel as smooth or satisfying as BF3 or Crysis 2/3.
Posted 05:25pm 15/3/14
So like... is it 40v40 ... 20v20 ... I read one thing that said it was 5v5 with the rest of the team made up of AI bots?
Posted 06:11pm 15/3/14
I read one thing that said it was 5v5 with the rest of the team made up of AI bots?

it's 6v6 with bots + titans if you set them on roam.
Posted 09:56pm 15/3/14
So like... is it 40v40 ... 20v20

6v6, small tight maps, its not Battlefield. The bots aren't really part of the equation, its not like they're AI controlled team-mates, they're essentially Dota style creeps that mill around protecting key points and you can farm them for score and to speed up your titan.
Posted 11:41pm 15/3/14
Got to admit I now always go straight to the negative reviews at metacritic to find the constant complaints with a game before reading any 'officially sponsored' reviews like this one. Did they fly you 1st class? Surprisingly though, after reading this review if found similar (not the same) negative point that seemed very important to the neg's on meta. The main point there was that the game wears thin pretty quick, peeps are saying that, well it just dies in the ass quick. Here, the statement 'Titans continue to lose their reverent sheen the better you get. A player can take down a Titan in about 15 seconds..' is a pretty big negative and I just can't help that its being way over looked when giving this game that 8.7. Good review though, always nice to read a review by someone who isn't noobtown.
Posted 02:41pm 26/3/14
Price has already dropped $20 on, a friend told me the servers are already hacked. This game's going to the bargain bin fast.
Posted 03:26pm 26/3/14
You do know how MightyApe works right? 95% of the games are priced at a ridiculous price and then they show their price claiming "SAVINGS!!" when really they're lucky to be $10 cheaper than the average brick and mortar stores. Quit worrying yourself over a game you don't want.
Posted 05:17pm 26/3/14
Looks like its still $80 on xbone and $70 on PC, I got it for $55 on xbone at launch, so its still overpriced even with their 'discount', hardly bargain bin.
Posted 10:53am 27/3/14

This is interesting:

Q.) So what happens if I get banned?

A.) Great news: you get to keep playing Titanfall! Less-great news: you only get to play with other cheaters. You can play with other banned players in something that will resemble the Wimbledon of aimbot contests. Hopefully the aimbot cheat you paid for really is the best, or these all-cheater matches could be frustrating for you. Good luck.

Q.) If I'm banned, what happens if I make a party with my non-cheater friends?

A.) When anyone in your party is banned, then everyone in your party will be treated as banned for that play session. If you are a non-cheater and you invite a cheater friend into a party, you will be stuck playing against cheaters. If you stop inviting your cheater friend, you will once again get to play with the non-cheater population. You do not get permanently tainted just by playing with a cheater - you are only banned for cheating if you are actually cheating.

Posted 12:15pm 27/3/14
Just wanted to say i'm still having a blast (no pun intended) with this game. 1 more level away from Gen 3 to reset again but i really do not want to let go off the Chain Gun fitted with Accelerator + Core Accelerator Kit (allows you to activate your damage boost faster when you're the Atlas titan - which is a bit like quad damage from quake). Rate of fire goes through the roof and even adds an extended magazine at the cost of heavy recoil but it doesn't matter against titans cause they're so big - it rips through them.
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