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PC | Xbox 360 | Xbox One
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Respawn Entertainment Official Site:
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date:
13th March 2014

Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Respawn Entertai...
Official Site: http://www.titanfall....
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date:
13th March 2014
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Tuesday, 10 July 2018
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:09pm 10/07/18 | 0 Comments
Which doesn't overly affect us, given we might never have seen the game in Western markets, but it's still sad news because despite mixed reviews and mixed sales, Titanfall as a shooter series is unique in the space and, most importantly, a lot of fun.

Rival Activision tried their hand in the same market with Call of Duty Online, notes VentureBeat, however, local games tend to trump the Western Trojan horse attempts, and growth here has seen a potential reverse affect.

“It is true that Nexon and EA have agreed to cancel Titanfall Online under a business decision,” South Korean-based Game Focus reports from an official involved in the cancelled project. “After much deliberation, it was decided that reallocating development resources to another project was better for the company.”

Our review of Titanfall 2 was in the favourable camp and you can check it out here.
Thursday, 12 February 2015
Post by Eorl @ 09:55am 12/02/15 | 4 Comments
In news that won't shock anyone, EA has confirmed that a Titanfall 2 is in development and that it will more than likely not be an Xbox console exclusive like the debut title, which did launch on PC as well.

News of the sequel broke out at the Stifel Technology, Internet & Media Conference earlier this week on Monday, where a whole variety of tech heads were in attendance. One keynote speaker, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, spoke at great lengths about EA's future and of gaming's future.

Besides talk that tablets and mobile devices could soon be outperforming consoles much to the hatred of console fanboys, Jorgensen noted that BioWare have a few new IPs up their sleeve (though not Shadow Realms, obviously). Gamespot noted that Jorgense also spoke at great lengths about Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall, where he pretty much confirmed a sequel to the 2014 release.
“Last year it was on the Xbox only; in the future, we haven’t yet announced, but we’ll probably have another Titanfall game. It will probably be a bigger footprint than just a single platform. I think that’s a huge positive for us.”
Read into that what you will, but who knows if we'll be seeing it at this year's E3 conference. One thing is for sure, it definitely makes sense to go non-Xbox console exclusive.
Thursday, 20 November 2014
Post by Eorl @ 01:27pm 20/11/14 | 0 Comments
Electronic Arts and developer Respawn have revealed Titanfall: Deluxe Edition, which is available now on PC and coming digitally to Xbox One on November 25th.

Titanfall: Deluxe Edition adds all three DLC packs — Expedition, Frontier's Edge, and IMC Rising — to the standalone game in one digital package. The new version also includes all of the other updates and tweaks to the first-person shooter, such as the four-player cooperative mode Frontier Defense and titan customization.

Pricing for the Deluxe Edition on PC (through Origin) is currently at a reduced price of $59.49, down from its $69.99 price tag. No word yet on Australian pricing for the Xbox One edition, however we can probably expect the $60 mark or thereabouts.

A new video by Respawn has also been revealed, looking back at Titanfall's many updates, which have added a variety of new modes and gameplay changes to the game. They also reveal that Titanfall has been played by more than 7 million people, to date. Titanfall producer Drew McCoy clarified on NeoGAF today that doesn't mean that the game has sold 7 million copies to date across its three platforms, so it's possible that free promotions through EA's Origin factor into the number of people who have played the game.

Friday, 24 October 2014
Post by Eorl @ 01:50pm 24/10/14 | 0 Comments
We chatted about it yesterday, but today players of Titanfall can now engage in the four-player wave-based co-op mode called Frontier Defense for both PC and Xbox One.

Today's Update 8 also brings about Ranked Play, various bug fixes and of course a range of other additions which you can read through on the official site. Currently the update is available to just PC and Xbox One, but Xbox 360 players can expect it sometime down the track.

As we reported yesterday, two other modes are also aiming for a release next month: Deadly Ground and Marked for Death Pro.
Thursday, 23 October 2014
Post by Eorl @ 10:40am 23/10/14 | 1 Comments
Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment is adding a wave-based co-op mode called Frontier Defense to the game, the studio announced today.

Frontier Defense is a Horde mode-esque battle that pits four players against increasingly difficult waves of AI enemies, including "a bunch of different enemy types" that are entirely new to Titanfall, said designer Jason McCord during a livestream of the mode. Frontier Defense will be playable on all 24 of the game's maps; the livestream consisted of a few rounds on Angel City. A Harvester was drilling for resources on behalf of the Militia, and the players had to defend it from IMC attackers. Players can place turrets around the map to assist them, and switch loadouts and replenish ammo in the middle of a match at loadout crates. And those who die will return to battle in a dropship, and can rain down damage during the flight.

Respawn showed off some new Titan types in Frontier Defense. Arc Titans are Striders equipped with Arc Cannons, and they're also surrounded by a ball of electricity that quickly drops the shields of any opposing Titan — and of the Harvester. Mortar Titans sit back on the outskirts of the map and fire shells at the Harvester. They're joined by plenty of grunts and Spectres, including Suicide Spectres, which rush players and explode. Teams will get a rating from one to three stars depending on how well they do.

Frontier Defense, the first of three new modes, will arrive in Content Update 8. The others are Deadly Ground (Nov. 5) and Marked for Death Pro (coming Nov. 26). In the former mode, the floor is electrified smoke, which "encourages players to really use wall-running abilities," said Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe. According to McCord, the studio had "kind of jokingly talked about" implementing something like the mode for a while.

Content Update 8 will also introduce Ranked Play, a new system of level progression in the main game aside from Generations, the game's prestige mode. It doesn't apply to Frontier Defense, but in other modes, you'll earn points with good performance that go toward tiers in a ranking system that resets on the 1st of every month.

Other features coming in the update include sudden death in capture the flag mode, a score-based grading system with stars for every map, new graphics quality settings for PC and improved load times. Check out the blog post from Respawn for all the details.
Thursday, 25 September 2014
Post by Eorl @ 09:15pm 25/09/14 | 0 Comments
IMC Rising, Titanfall's third downloadable content pack, has received a new gameplay trailer showing off Respawn Entertainment's latest map pack.

The DLC pack will add three new maps to Titanfall: Blackwater, a hidden bootlegging colony; Sand Trap, a facility built atop fuel reservoirs; and Zone 18, a robotics facility. Check out the video below to see each in action and learn how Respawn designed the maps for pilots and Titans simultaneously.

Respawn unveiled IMC Rising last month at Gamescom 2014. As with the game's previous DLC packs, Expedition and Frontier's Edge, it will explore new areas of the science fiction universe. Like its past packs, it too will also be available in the game's Season Pass.

The map pack will be heading to Xbox One and PC tomorrow, with an Xbox 360 release expected in the future.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014
Post by Eorl @ 04:41pm 23/09/14 | 3 Comments
Respawn has released information about the Sand Trap map set to be released as part of the upcoming IMC Rising DLC.

The map, which you can read more about at the blog post, is designed "to use old ideas in new ways" with a central bunker designed to allow Titans to stomp around above ground while Pilots hide below. Deep trenches across the map aim to provide a relatively safe means for Pilots to quickly travel from one end of the space the the other.

These trenches also mean the main central space of the map can be left as a Titan's playground, with little cover. In theory, Respawn believes this adds a unique feel to game modes thanks to long site lines, open spaces and clearly designed choke points when it comes to Capture the Flag.

MC Rising is the final of three Titanfall map packs, and features three new maps called Backwater, Zone 18 and Sandtrap. The map pack will hit Xbox One and PC first and Xbox 360 a short time later.
Friday, 29 August 2014
Post by Eorl @ 09:21am 29/08/14 | 2 Comments
Respawn Entertainment has revealed that update six is in the works for Titanfall, introducing a new featured game mode called Pilot Skirmish and making Marked for Death a permanent fixture of the first-person shooter.

The biggest change for Titanfall in update six is Pilot Skirmish, which removes AI and Titans. As such, player size is increased to 16 people, with two teams of eight battling it out on the frontier. In addition, Marked for Death is a permanent game mode, meaning it won't be replaced in the future.

There also will be three colorblind options for players added to Titanfall: protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanopia. "They affect IFF glows, crosshair colors, and names above heads," according to Respawn.

The burn card economy continues to be tinkered with as well, after the implementation of the Black Market with the last update. The daily deals in the market will now offer individual burn cards, but they're in short supply.
Friday, 25 July 2014
Post by Eorl @ 10:22am 25/07/14 | 4 Comments
Titanfall is set to add an in-game currency that you can use to buy Burn Cards and Titan Insignias.

An update will introduce the Black Market, where you can get access to additional customisation options for your Titan alongside the game-changing Burn Cards. The Burn Cards will be sold in packs, each focused on a specific theme to enable you to choose what type you need. XP boost, Pilot and Titan advantages are all mentioned, with the hope being this change will enable you to pick cards that suit your play style.

In terms of how you'll earn credits to buy these packs, fulfilling a number of different criteria will see you awarded with money to spend. Winning a match, completing a match and having your first victory of the day will all see you pick up points, as will completing daily challenges and selling Burn Cards you don't want. Additionally, once you hit level 50 a percentage of earned XP will be converted to credits.

The Black Market will be available once you hit level 11 and have opened the Burn Card menu. According to Respawn this is just the first step to a variety of new items in the future. Those worried that this may lead to a slipper slope, never fear. Designer David Shaver promised the studio will never introduce them and the only way to obtain credits will be by playing the game.
Saturday, 19 July 2014
Post by Eorl @ 12:16pm 19/07/14 | 0 Comments
Marked for Death, the latest multiplayer mode for Titanfall that was shown off by developer Respawn Entertainment at E3 this year, will be arriving on the Xbox 360 come July 21st, according to a tweet from the game's official Twitter account.

Released last month for PC and Xbox One, the game's fourth update will bring the much-requested Featured Game Modes playlist to the competitive mech shooter. Each multiplayer mode will be available only for a short time, beginning with Marked for Death - a mode where a player on each team gets a death mark - and then followed by Wingman and Last Titan Standing.

The update will also add 14 new burn cards, all focused on amping up your Titan weapons and abilities, plus new Titan OS voices and Titan insignias. For more on the update, you can check out the game's official site.
Wednesday, 9 July 2014
Post by Eorl @ 09:42am 09/07/14 | 1 Comments
Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has today announced Frontier's Edge, the second of three planned content packs for their mech FPS that is set to add three new playable maps for the game's rotation.

Frontier's Edge will drop players into the isolated mining outpost of Dig Site, the exclusive beach resort of Haven and the mining hub on the side of a mountain known as Export. A third DLC map pack is expected to launch later this year.

Frontier's Edge is included in the $24.99 Titanfall season pass or is available on its own for $9.99. These packs are available for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC versions of the game.
Saturday, 24 May 2014
Post by Eorl @ 10:33am 24/05/14 | 0 Comments
While PC and Xbox One players have been enjoying Titanfall's second patch for a few weeks now, Xbox 360 players have finally been let in on the game's update today with Respawn Entertainment noting the patch is now live.

The patch consists of your usual bug fixes, tweaks and more, including changes to private matches that now only require two players to start. dditionally, Player XP will no longer reset when a player reaches their max level. Other changes tweak the game's menu, party colors and more which can all be found in the patch notes.

Alongside the new patch, Respawn has also promised that the previously removed Capture the Flag game mode on PC will soon be returning, along with other changes to the game's matchmaking. The mode was originally removed from the PC version of the game because "less than 1 percent of the player base was even trying to play CTF," and there were problems with its matchmaking, resulting in the player being unable to find and play a match.
Thursday, 15 May 2014
Post by Eorl @ 09:14am 15/05/14 | 2 Comments
Expedition, the first map pack for Respawn Entertainment's first-person shooter Titanfall will be arriving some time today on both Xbox One and Windows PC, EA announced today.

Expedition's story takes place after the multiplayer campaign and consists of three maps: Swampland, Runoff and War Games. Swampland melds a swamp forest with archaic alien technology structures offering Pilots with an optimal environment for wall running. Runoff is a smaller map set inside a multi-level industrial facility. War Games is based in the game's training simulator with transparent wall running paths.

If you happened to miss it, you can check out the gameplay trailer below for an insight into the new DLC map pack. As usual, Season Pass holders will gain access to the maps for free, while those wanting to purchase it separately will find it available at $14.99. Xbox 360 owners will gain access to Expedition in June.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014
Post by Eorl @ 09:31am 13/05/14 | 1 Comments
Respawn Entertainment has today revealed a new trailer for their upcoming Titanfall DLC, Expedition, showing off the DLC’s three maps - Swampland, Runoff, and Wargames.

Swampland’s abundance of tall trees provide new movement opportunities and cover during Titan combat. Runoff’s three levels - the upper passages, main deck, and drainage canals - are paired with long sightlines in an industrial setting. Wargames has a number of long, transparent wall running paths and a confined central corridor.

The DLC will be available for free as usual to Season Pass holders, however will also be sold separately at a $14.99 price tag. Expedition is set for release on Xbox ONe and PC this month, though Xbox 360 players will have to wait until June.

Friday, 9 May 2014
Post by Eorl @ 10:34am 09/05/14 | 1 Comments
Titanfall's first map pack, Expedition, will contain a new playground set in a rather muddy swamp, so don't expect your Titans to come out looking clean. According to a new blog post and video below from developer Respawn Entertainment, this map has taken "years to reach its final form."

Known as Swampland, the map went through "years of twists and turns and false starts," said Chris Dionne, the map's designer. Work on a swamp-based map began in the summer of 2011, nearly two years before Respawn officially announced Titanfall. But according to Dionne, progress on the map was shelved for "almost two years," and only picked back up after the studio had completed design work on the main game.

"With Swampland I tried to add a unique experience to Titanfall while staying true to the original themes of the level, like overwhelming nature and its intersection with technology. This was a level born of heavy experimentation and iteration," said Dionne.

You can find out more on the map by watching the video below, but also check out the blog post for the more intricate details. Swampland is one of three maps in the Expedition DLC, which is set for release later this month at $9.99, or free for season pass holders.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014
Post by Eorl @ 11:29am 07/05/14 | 16 Comments
Titanfall publisher Electronic Arts has revealed that the mech sci-fi FPS sold 925,000 copies during the month of March, Peter Moore, EA's chief operating officer, announced during an investor call today.

Launching on both Windows PC and Xbox One March 11th, the sales revealed today are taken from the last weeks of the month. Moore cited sales numbers from the NPD Group, so the 925,000 figure only includes sales of retail disc copies of Titanfall in the U.S. — not any copies sold outside the U.S., or digital copies sold through Xbox Live and Origin. According to the NPD Group, Titanfall was the best-selling game during March 2014.

With regards to Xbox 360 sales, Moore stated that the last-gen console sales were "off to a great start as well." EA CEO Andrew Wilson also revealed that the publishing giant will be continuing its partnership with developer Respawn Entertainment, stating that ""we'll be able to bring new Titanfall experiences to players worldwide." Wilson didn't specify whether this meant a sequel is in the works, or any other details for that matter.
Wednesday, 16 April 2014
Post by Eorl @ 01:56pm 16/04/14 | 1 Comments
While Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment may have revealed the first paid content pack earlier this week, it seems the studio behind the mech FPS are still keen on keeping the game up-to-date with free game updates. Game director Steve Fukuda took to the game's official website to explain the three categories that these updates are split into, and just what features to expect in each one — including loadouts you can name and filters to search through Challenges.

The first-person shooter's first type of update is designed to "tend the garden and keep the weeds out," Fukuda wrote, and they take the form of "minor tweaks and fixes" like weapon balance and matchmaking changes. He refers to the second group as "convenience features," like the recent Party Colors feature that lets players identify others in the game and its lobby.

"The next update will bring more convenience features such as: the ability to rename your custom loadouts and to make custom loadouts specific to each game mode," he wrote, "a way to filter your Challenges by criteria such as 'closest to complete,' and displaying the final scoreboard from your previous match in the Last Game Summary so you can review the scores at your leisure in the lobby."

Earlier this week at PAX East we saw Respawn unveil Expedition, a three map content pack set for launch sometime next month. You can find out more on that over here, and for those who may have missed it, you can check out our review on Titanfall here.
Saturday, 12 April 2014
Post by Eorl @ 09:14am 12/04/14 | 2 Comments
A new patch has gone live for Respawn Entertainment's mech FPS, Titanfall, bringing with it a number of fixes and tweaks but also the new private match mode for players to enjoy.

Respawn Entertainment announced the arrival of the mode earlier this week, which fulfills the developer's promises from March to add private matches. Private Match is a system used to organize tournaments or games against friends. It supports between two and 12 players and allows for one to six people per team. Players can open a Private Match lobby by selecting it from the game's main menu and inviting friends to join on any map or mode.
There is no XP gain, challenge progress, or achievement unlocking while in a Private Match. For this beta, the Last Game Summary screen will display what you would have earned in normal play outside of Private Match, but be aware that this progress will not be recorded to your lifetime total.

For this beta, there is no concept of a "lobby leader"; any player can change game options in the lobby or start/stop the match countdown.
The beta will be available on all platforms. Other changes to the game include party colors on the mini-map, auto-Titan name display in obituary, removed hack exploits and more. The Xbox One edition of the game now features a "Party" app shortcut on all menus.

Future updates are expected to add more custom loadout slots, additional customisation options for Private Match, scoreboard tweaks and more. You can find the full patch notes of yesterday's update over here.
Thursday, 27 March 2014
Post by Eorl @ 11:03am 27/03/14 | 6 Comments
Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall anti-cheating system, FairFight, is now active on PC, and those caught cheating will be placed in a "cheaters pool" that will limit interactivity to only other cheaters.

As Respawn puts it best in their new FAQ, "You can play with other banned players in something that will resemble the Wimbledon of aimbot contests. Hopefully the aimbot cheat you paid for really is the best, or these all-cheater matches could be frustrating for you. Good luck."

Respawn also outlined that if you happen to group up with a friend who isn't quite telling the truth about being banned, you'll be treated as a banned player for that session. Luckily, that only lasts for the session and will not get banned for playing with a cheater. Only cheating will do that.

For those who may have been banned unfairly, you can send of a kind-hearted email to, though you'll want to make a good case for yourself.

Titanfall is currently available on PC and Xbox One. An Xbox 360 version will be launching sometime in early April.
Thursday, 20 March 2014
Post by Eorl @ 03:39pm 20/03/14 | 0 Comments
While Xbox One and PC players are enjoying the chaotic nature of Titanfall's mech combat, those looking to grab the game on Xbox 360 may be scratching their head wondering where exactly their version is. Sadly, it seems the past-gen version has once again been delayed, pushing it back to an April 11th date.

According to a new blog post on the game's website, developer Bluepoint Games - who is handling the 360 version - revealed that while the experience is "fantastic", the game has been delayed to further improve on a "few things that can be made even better."

For those worried that the Xbox 360 version may find some features missing from its PC or Xbox One brethren, Bluepoint point out that won't be the case. The game will still feature the same 6v6 gameplay, maps, modes, weapons and Burn Cards though at just a later date.