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The Sims 4
The Sims 4

Genre: Action
Developer: Maxis Games Official Site: http://www.thesims.com/thesi...
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date:
Thursday, 5 February 2015
Post by Eorl @ 10:45am 05/02/15 | 0 Comments
The Sims 4 will get its first expansion, Get to Work, this April, Maxis and Electronic Arts announced today. The add-on will bring a handful of new active careers to EA's long-running life simulation, letting players explore professions in medicine, police work, science and retail.

As a doctor, your Sim can treat diseases, perform surgery and, for the first time, even deliver babies. Sims can also play police detective, solving crimes and interrogating other Sims — and based on the expansion's first trailer, send old ladies to county jail. The science career path lets players discover new inventions in The Sims 4 and use those creations for good or evil. Get to Work will also let players create a retail business — a bakery, clothing boutique, art gallery, book store — hire employees and build out their store in Build Mode.

New career venues, including a hospital, police station and science lab, will be included in the expansion to give those new career paths a home.

The Sims 4: Get to Work will also add new skills: photography and baking.

Finally, in a more wild tangent, the expansion will also introduce aliens. Players can uncover which Sims are aliens in disguise — it's unclear whether They Live-style glasses are involved — and explore a new "Alien Dimension."

The Sims 4: Get to Work will be released in April from Mac and Windows PC for $49.99. The expansion is available to pre-order from EA's Origin now.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014
Post by Eorl @ 10:51pm 05/11/14 | 0 Comments
The Sims 4's latest free update, released today, will finally allow players to add pools to their homes, Maxis senior producer Shannon Copur announced via the game's website.

Swimming pools were excluded from the game at launch, upsetting many fans of the franchise. Players can now build pools on any level, including the roof, and "create an infinity-pool aquatic" aesthetic using windowed walls.

"For months now, we've been talking with you about Build mode and just how easy it is to create homes," Copur wrote. "All that great technology has now been applied to pools, making pool building faster and easier than ever before."

As in previous games, Sims can die by drowning. According to Copur, this may lead to their ghosts being "a little more wary of water than before." New Sim swimwear is also available, as well as a few more "surprises." The update can be downloaded by launching the game through Origin.
Thursday, 2 October 2014
Post by Eorl @ 08:45am 02/10/14 | 6 Comments
Electronic Arts and Maxis have announced new content for their recently released Sims 4 in the form of free patches, aimed at bringing features like swimming pools and careers to the life simulation. Oh, and Star Wars costumes.

In an update to The Sims 4 hitting today, EA is adding ghosts, gnomes, eye colour options and the aforementioned Star Wars-themed costumes, according to a report from Sims VIP. Developer Maxis has taken to the official Sims site to outline how ghosts work. When a sim dies, non-player character ghosts become attached to tombstones or urns. Players can then befriend the ghosts, turning them into playable sims.

How the ghost died, whether from laughter, anger, electrocution, fire or other means, determines some of their personality and abilities. Maintaining a happy ghost sim will come with benefits; they'll help around the house while your living sims focus on their goals.

Also coming in a free update scheduled for November is swimming pools, a feature missing from the original release that didn't sit well with fans of the franchise. Careers will arrive the following month.

For more on The Sims 4, read up on AusGamers' review to see our thoughts on the latest life sim title.
Tuesday, 9 September 2014
Post by Eorl @ 05:04pm 09/09/14 | 8 Comments
I know that headline might not seem out of the ordinary considering if a game isn't successful in today's market it wont' typically be given a second chance (unless you happen to be a big name that is), but the comments by Maxis producer Grant Rodiek have sparked quite a discussion on the official Sims forums.

According to Rodiek, the fate of the popular Sims franchise hangs in the balance of how well received The Sims 4 is to the public eye, and going by our recent review it may be struggling a bit on that part. "We're not working on Sims 5," Rodiek said. "We're not thinking about Sims 5. If Sims 4 isn't successful, there won't be a Sims 5." This isn't an absolute credo, however – when another fan asked for clarification on that statement, Rodiek said, "It's not all or nothing, per se, but something has to pay for 5."

Of course, our review alone doesn't determine how well-received The Sims 4 is, having already topped the UK charts last week and more than likely selling boatloads of copies to all those needing a virtual playground. At the same time, it feels like Rodiek's comments are almost a virtual stickup, telling potential players or fans of the series that they must buy this game in order to fund others, but not quite delivering on the current title's performance.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!
Post by Eorl @ 03:32pm 09/09/14 | 1 Comments
Instead of introducing The Sims 4 review with our typical word shenanigans about the game, here's a fun little story from when our reviewer Joab "Joaby" Gilroy played it.
It took less than ten minutes for my Sim (creatively named Joab Gilroy) to visit the houses of others in his neighbourhood to mock someone's outfit and insult someone's face. There is actually an option for "Insult Face" in the game. And Joab Gilroy spent a little bit of time trolling some forums (the first thing he did when he moved into his fully appointed mansion, purchased with the 'motherlode' of riches in his coffers) and then thought that was how you interacted with other people.

If that isn't art imitating life I don't know what is, dickbags.
Read Joaby's The Sims 4 Review here on AusGamers.
Tuesday, 5 August 2014
Post by Dan @ 10:06am 05/08/14 | 0 Comments
After the missteps with 2013's SimCity, EA Maxis look to be getting back on the right track with the forthcoming The Sims 4, with support for user content creation being deeply integrated into the game.

Sims fan site simsvip outlines some details gleamed from a recent 'Creator's Camp' event hosted by Sims developers, suggesting that modding will be able to flourish in the next addition to the successful social simulator:
What to expect in The Sims 4
  • Directory for Mods in the user data folder.
  • Custom Content Technology Document with data formats that will help creators avoid conflict with what has been done in the game. This document will be expanded on as we go along.
  • Dedicated Modding Section section on The Sims 4 Official Forums for feedback, discussion, and issues.
  • Game options panel contains section for mods. (Script and Non-Script)
More coverage from The Sims 4 has also hit the intertubes today, and you can check out PC Gamer's hands-on footage embedded below.

The Sims 4 is due on PC and Mac on September 4th 2014.

Thursday, 31 July 2014
Post by Eorl @ 02:26pm 31/07/14 | 0 Comments
A new day, a new trailer for Maxis' The Sims 4, this time taking a look at one of the major new features of the fourth title in long-running series: emotions.

While emotions aren't necessarily a new thing when it comes to the wacky Sims world, Maxis looks to be putting even more emphasis on just how each citizen will interact depending on their emotions. From selfies in front of a mirror to getting a Sim angry at a party which subsequently turns into pouring drinks on people, the emotions can offer some pretty wacky encounters that I'm sure fans of the series will love to explore.

The Sims 4 is due on PC in Spring (Northern Fall) 2014.

Saturday, 26 July 2014
Post by Eorl @ 02:15pm 26/07/14 | 18 Comments
It won't require much more than a functional PC to run The Sims 4 according to The Sims official website, where a new FAQ has revealed the system requirements needed to run the game.

The Sims 4 will require Windows XP (or later), at least 2 GB RAM and 9 GB of hard drive space, with at least 1 GB of additional storage for custom content and saved games. The Sims 4 will also be DirectX 9.0c compatible.

The processor and video card requirements are as follows:
PROCESSOR: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core 4000+ or equivalent (For computers using built-in graphics chipsets, the game requires 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.0 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-62 or equivalent)

VIDEO CARD: 128 MB of Video RAM and support for Pixel Shader 3.0. Supported Video Cards: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better, ATI Radeon X1300 or better, Intel GMA X4500 or better
A one time internet connection, as well as an Origin account, will be required for product activation and installation - however a persistent online connection won't be necessary.
Tuesday, 22 July 2014
Post by Eorl @ 03:29pm 22/07/14 | 2 Comments
Following on from yesterday's reveal of a new gameplay video for The Sims 4, it seems a new subscription-based service has been subsequently spotted hidden in the 20-minute long gameplay, offering members exclusive items and early access to new content.

The service, which EA is calling The Sims 4 Premium, appears upon entering the gallery, an in-game area that lets players share content with each other. An advertisement pops up at 13:26 in the video below, and reads, "Become a Premium member to get early access to 3 new packs, with exclusive items. Your Sims can throw a spooky costume party, camp in the great outdoors, and toast to the new year in style."

Currently it is unclear just how much the service will cost, however publisher Electronic Arts isn't new to subscription-based models with the latest Battlefield titles sharing a "Premium" subscription service. This included early access to map packs and exclusive content like knives, achievements and more. Check it out below to see it in action.

Friday, 13 June 2014
Post by Eorl @ 03:12pm 13/06/14 | 6 Comments
A new trailer from E3 2014 has marked September as the time to prepare for Sim-tacular fun, with Maxis' fourth title in the long-running life sim series The Sims hitting Windows and Mac September this year.

Sims in The Sims 4 will be "smarter, with big personalities," according to the new gameplay trailer, "who every day collide and connect." Each one will have a story, and while those stories are "yours to tell," a big part of the attraction is clearly not knowing where they'll ultimately end up.

"These are brand new Sims whose traits, emotions and aspirations combine to define more meaningful personalities than you’ve ever played with before," The Sims 4 Executive Producer Rachel Franklin said. "You decide not only what they look like, but more importantly, who they are. The combination of these new Sims, our powerful new creative tools, and the all-new Gallery add up to the best game we’ve ever made."

The Sims 4 also includes a new powerful creation tool, which allows you to customize Sims to your liking. Dubbed Create A Sim, this new creation tool uses “reinvented technology” and is said to be much more powerful and intuitive than the tools used by previous games. Now you can simply drag facial features when creating Sims, as opposed to browsing through menus. The system also offers a wide range of accessories and comes with options for changing your character’s personality, movement, voice, and behavior. Without going on a tangent, let’s just say The Sims 4 will be a vast improvement over its predecessors and leave it at that.

The Sims 4 will be launching on September 2nd for Windows and Mac OS X. Check out the E3 2014 trailer below.

Thursday, 29 May 2014
Post by Dan @ 10:44am 29/05/14 | 0 Comments
In another recent video EA Maxis demonstrated the way Sims body parts could be pushed and pulled to dynamically sculpt your perfect in-game avatars, and in today's trailer they show how similar new mechanics can be used when designing your Sims' homes.
With Build Mode in The Sims 4, effortlessly construct the home of your dreams! Build Mode in The Sims 4 will allow you push and pull the size of the rooms, drag and drop objects, and pick and place styled rooms directly from an in-game catalog.
Watch the clip below. The Sims 4 is due on PC in Spring (Northern Fall) 2014.

Thursday, 15 May 2014
Post by Dan @ 10:34am 15/05/14 | 0 Comments
EA has released a new trailer for the upcoming Sims 4, showing off the new and improved character creation system that does away with the multitude of sliders for a more hands-on approach to sculpting your sims with precision.
In The Sims 4, you'll be able to create more unique and personal Sims faster than ever before with our most powerful Create A Sim yet. Create A Sim has been completely revolutionized to allow you to sculpt smarter, more relatable Sims with precision and ease. Bring your Sims to life with the all-new Create A Sim in The Sims 4.
Watch the clip below. The Sims 4 is due on PC in Spring (Northern Fall) 2014.

Thursday, 8 May 2014
Post by Eorl @ 02:23pm 08/05/14 | 0 Comments
Two of Electronic Arts' major upcoming games, EA Maxis' The Sims 4 and EA Tiburon's next golf title, now have possible release windows thanks to the publisher's schedule for the 2015 fiscal year.

The Sims 4, which EA previously delayed to 2014 last October, is scheduled to be released on PC during the second quarter of EA's 2015 fiscal year. That would put the game's launch somewhere within the three-month period from July through September 2014. The other main EA titles set to be released during that quarter are Madden NFL 15, NHL 15 and FIFA 15. EA's third fiscal quarter, which runs from October through December, will include NBA Live 15, Dragon Age: Inquisition and an unannounced console title running on the Frostbite 3 engine that EA will reveal at E3 2014.

Last October, EA announced the end of its relationship with Tiger Woods for the publisher's Tiger Woods PGA Tour series of golf games, and indicated that the franchise would continue without him on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. EA is skipping this year, but the company's next golf game — the new name of which has yet to be revealed — is scheduled to be released during the fourth quarter of fiscal 2015. That means the publisher is aiming to launch the title from January through March 2015; the last few Tiger Woods titles were released at the end of March, just before the Masters Tournament.
Wednesday, 23 October 2013
Post by Eorl @ 12:29pm 23/10/13 | 2 Comments
The Sims 4 will launch worldwide for PC platforms come Spring 2014, Electronic Arts announced today. Developed by The Sims Studio of EA's Maxis team, The Sims 4 looks to expand upon the series' cornerstone simulation offerings with more lifelike Sims and a new creation-focused player toolkit.

“The Sims franchise has the best fans in the world and their passion and enthusiasm is at an all-time high,” said Rachel Franklin, VP and General Manager of The Sims Studio. “Those millions of voices will fuel our development process, helping The Sims 4 to be the most ambitious and the best game our studio has ever made. We can’t wait to see our fans reaction when The Sims 4 comes out in Srping 2014.”

For those who can't quite wait can find pre-orders available through Origin, with a Limited Edition on offer which comes with The Sims 4 Life of the Party Digital Content. Check out the gameplay trailer below for a look at all the new content on offer.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013
Post by Eorl @ 01:26am 21/08/13 | 2 Comments
While we may have been spoiled on what to expect from the next title in the ever popular Sims franchise late last week, Maxis has today officially revealed The Sims 4 in all its gameplay glory.
The Sims 4 is the highly anticipated life simulation game that lets you play with life like never before. Create and control new Sims with mind, body, and heart. Build their unique worlds. Direct and explore the stories of your Sims and experience delightful and exciting results.

Create and control the most intelligent and relatable Sims ever with new, intuitive design tools. Customize your Sims’ appearances, personalities, aspirations, walk styles, and even their relationship to others.
If you need to know more on The Sims 4, check out the gameplay trailer below alongside a "Arrival" trailer showing off the slightly dorky arrival of Sims 4.

Friday, 16 August 2013
Post by Eorl @ 10:55am 16/08/13 | 7 Comments
Ahead of its formal unveiling at the annual Gamescom event in Germany on August 20th, a handful of Sims 4 screenshots have surfaced showcasing the game in action, including a look at the in-game character editor.
The Sims 4 is the highly anticipated life simulation game that lets you play with life like never before. Create and control new Sims with mind, body, and heart. Build their unique worlds. Direct and explore the stories of your Sims and experience delightful and exciting results.

Create and control the most intelligent and relatable Sims ever with new, intuitive design tools. Customize your Sims’ appearances, personalities, aspirations, walk styles, and even their relationship to others.
One of the main changes fans of the series will see in the leaked screenshots is the more in-depth creative tools for building and customising your Sim. According to the leaked information, the "Create A Sim and Build are more powerful, intuitive, and fun than ever before. You have the freedom to sculpt Sims with tactile precision. Effortlessly construct the home of your dreams with the all new room-based Build Mode."

The Sims 4 will also offer a more advanced AI system, allowing Sims to "move and act more naturally than ever before, from multitasking to expressing their emotions by the way they walk." Players will also find for the first time in the series Sims are now able to feel and express emotions. Sims can experience a diverse range and depth of emotional states and are influenced through other Sims, actions, events, memories, or even by the clothing and objects you choose. Emotions offer you more choice by giving you the opportunity to create richer stories with even more possibilities.

Check out a handful of the screenshots below and find the full information sheet over here for those eager to see the new additions.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013
Post by Eorl @ 09:08am 07/05/13 | 0 Comments
Maxis and EA have today announced that development for the next title in the very popular Sims franchise is currently underway, with The Sims 4 expected to be released in 2014 on PC and Mac.
The Sims 4 celebrates the heart and soul of the Sims themselves, giving players a deeper connection with the most expressive, surprising and charming Sims ever in this single-player offline experience. The Sims 4 encourages players to personalize their world with new and intuitive tools while offering them the ability to effortlessly share their creativity with friends and fans.

The Sims franchise is fueled by the passion and creativity of its millions of fans around the world. Their continued devotion to the franchise ignites the fire of creativity of the team at The Sims Studio, driving them to continually improve and innovate on one of the world’s most popular simulation games that has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide.
Maxis has also pointed out that the fourth title in the main franchise will be available as an offline experience, however no mention of any online play was revealed. A new website has also been launched with what looks to be an encrypted message in Sim talk and the ability to subscribe to an email.