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The Last of Us
The Last of Us

PlayStation 3
Genre: Action
Developer: Naughty Dog Official Site: http://www.naughtydog.com/ga...
Publisher: Sony
Release Date:
17th May 2013
The Last of Us

Genre: Action
Developer: Naughty Dog
Official Site: http://www.naughtydog...
Publisher: Sony
Release Date:
17th May 2013
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Tuesday, 17 January 2023
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:52pm 17/01/23 | 0 Comments
Obviously in celebration of the release of HBO Max's The Last of Us adaptation, which is so far garnering a fair amount of critical praise (we're yet to see it, but did have early access), Sony is offering up a free game trial (read: demo) of The Last of Us Part 1, rebuilt from the ground up for the PS5 for anyone who may have missed the OG and is now itchy to get all interactive on escaping the Clickers.

You can just grab it or learn more directly from the PlayStation Store, but as a quick refresher:
Begin Joel and Ellie’s epic journey with the recently released PS5 remake of The Last of Us Part l. From the art direction to the character models, the entire game was rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of a new generation of graphical capability, allowing this game to reach the visual fidelity that the studio aspired for when crafting this experience a decade ago.
To legally catch the show you'll need Foxtel, Foxtel GO or Binge and it's airing in weekly episodic format, so if you like to literally binge you might need to wait two months and somehow avoid spoilers in that time.

Best of luck.
Friday, 22 July 2022
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:34pm 22/07/22 | 0 Comments
The Last of Us Part I is an iconic release for PlayStation and developer Naughty Dog, and with its debut on PS4 and remastered PS4 version the studio getting ready to release a full remake built to take full advantage of the PlayStation 5. Today comes a 10-minute deep dive into the remake, and it's an impressive look at what's coming.

The video outlines not only the massive changes coming to the visuals and character detail (which improves all of the existing motion capture and adds the same seamless animation found in The Last of Us Part II) but also the improved AI, accessibility options, and full PS5 3D Audio and Haptics integration.

Check it out.

Deep dive into interviews with the Game Directors of The Last of Us Part I and how the team went in and rebuilt the beloved game from the ground up. From Dualsense integration to new motion matching technology with Naughty Dog's proprietary engine, experience The Last of Us story in a whole new way.

Winner of over 200 Game of The Year Awards, completely rebuilt for the PlayStation 5 console. Revisit the game that set a new bar for single-player narrative storytelling with The Last of Us™ and explore a ravaged and hardened world, where every action has a brutal consequence for Joel and Ellie.

At launch the game will support a native 4K 30 fps in addition to a dynamic 4K 60fps mode. This is definitely more than a remaster, and looks to be the definitive version of the cinematic classic.

The Last of Us Part I is available September 2, 2022 for PS5. A PC version is also in development.
Friday, 10 June 2022
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 10:16am 10/06/22 | 1 Comments
And right around the corner in the case of the PS5, with The Last of Us Part I set to arrive on September 2, 2022. A release date for the PC version is TBC, hopefully not too long after that. Rebuilt from the ground-up for next-gen hardware, developer Naughty Dog has brought some of the The Last of Us Part II magic to the original.

Yeah, it looks impressive.

As for the changes, Naughty Dog notes, "We’ve implemented modernized gameplay, improved controls, and expanded accessibility options in this single-player experience to allow even more individuals to enjoy the game. Effects, exploration, and combat have all been enhanced. Leveraging the PS5’s powerful hardware, we also implemented 3D Audio, haptics, and adaptive triggers. Both returning fans and new players alike will have the opportunity to experience both The Last of Us Part I and its prequel story Left Behind in a whole new way."

A definite step up even from the recent remaster.

The Last of Us Part I The Digital Deluxe is also coming which is set to include a number of in-game bonuses and buffs:

  • Increased Crafting Speed Skill
  • Increased Healing Speed Skill
  • 9mm Reload Speed Increase Upgrade
  • Rifle Clip Capacity Increase Upgrade
  • Explosive Arrows Gameplay Modifier
  • Dither Punk Filter
  • Speedrun Mode
  • Six Weapon Skins: Black Gold 9mm Pistol, Silver Filigree 9mm Pistol, Rubber Tactical Shotgun, Sculpted Oak Shotgun, Arctic White Bow, Carbon Black Bow

Friday, 20 May 2022
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:08pm 20/05/22 | 0 Comments
With so many delays the latter months of 2022, in terms of games with actual release dates, is looking a little bare. So much so that we'd be pleasantly surprised if God of War Ragnarok makes it this year. But, in terms of fall-backs, according to a new report, The Last of Us remake for the PlayStation 5 is on track for a holiday 2022 release.

The revelation comes via industry veteran and GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, who said, "I keep hearing that’s coming out this year, The Last of Us remake this holiday", in an appearance on the Kinda Funny Gamescast.

This isn't the first time we've heard about a potential remake for The Last of Us, with Bloomberg reporting last year that Naughty Dog took the development reigns after completing The Last of Us Part II. Naughty Dog is one of the premiere first-party studios creating PlayStation games and has more than few titles in the works - one of which is rumoured to be multiplayer-focused.

A built from the ground-up remake of The Last of Us will is no doubt something to look forward too, as it still stands as one of the most iconic releases for the PlayStation 3. Add in the cutting-edge animation and cinematic presentation of its sequel, and yeah, we can't wait to see it in action.
Monday, 3 August 2020
Post by Nick @ 07:41pm 03/08/20 | 0 Comments
HBO is bringing The Last of Us to the small screen and the upcoming series’ producer, Craig Mazin, has promised it will ‘enhance’ the original game and not ‘undo’ all the work Neil Druckman and Naughty Dog have achieved together with both games.

Mazin, who recently spoke on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Chernobyl Special (an excellent mini series he created you should check out, if you haven’t already) opened up on the upcoming project. He expressed his gratitude as a fan of the game for this opportunity and wanted to give fans his assurance the TV adaptation will not change the story or characters too drastically, or retell the same story. Mazin has already confirmed on Twitter that Ellie’s character will remain gay just like the videogame adaption.

“I think fans of something worry that, when the property gets licensed to someone else, those people don’t really understand it, or are going to change it.

“In this case, I’m doing it with the guy who did it (Neil Druckman), and so the changes that we’re making are designed to fill things out and expand; not to undo, but rather to enhance”.

We have seen some really good game-to-television adaptations recently with The Witcher and Castlevania on Netflix so fingers crossed Craig is a man of his word and the transitions continue to be favourable. With Breaking Bad director, Johan Renck being called in to direct the pilot, fan expectation is high.

As for what characters are appearing in the series, confirmed so far are Joel and Ellie, while Neil himself confirmed Riley, Tess, Marlene, Maria, and a redacted character who might be Abby from the controversial sequel. The series is expected to air late 2021 or in early 2022.
Friday, 6 March 2020
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:15pm 06/03/20 | 0 Comments
And it has some serious fire-power on the production side with alumni from Chernobyl and Game of Thrones and award winners left, right and centre. It will be co-produced by Sony Pictures Television Studios.

No casting has been announced, however, the project will be headed by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin. Here's the official line:
Neil Druckmann (WGA and BAFTA Award-winning writer and director) and Craig Mazin (Emmy®, Golden Globe and WGA Award-winner for HBO’s “Chernobyl”) will develop an HBO series adaptation of the award-winning video game “The Last of Us,” it was announced today by HBO programming president Casey Bloys.

Druckmann and Mazin will write and executive produce; Carolyn Strauss (Emmy®-winner for HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and “Chernobyl”) also executive produces along with Evan Wells (President of Naughty Dog). The project is a co-production with Sony Pictures Television and in association with PlayStation Productions. THE LAST OF US is the first television series from PlayStation Productions.

Based on the critically acclaimed video game “The Last of Us,” developed by Naughty Dog exclusively for the PlayStation® platforms, the story takes place twenty years after modern civilization has been destroyed. Joel, a hardened survivor, is hired to smuggle Ellie, a 14-year-old girl, out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What starts as a small job soon becomes a brutal, heartbreaking journey, as they both must traverse across the U.S. and depend on each other for survival. The HBO series will cover the events of the original game, which was written by Druckmann, with the possibility of additional content based on the forthcoming game sequel, “The Last of Us Part II,” which will release on May 29, 2020.
“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for us to partner with Craig, Neil, Carolyn and teams at Sony, Naughty Dog and PlayStation to bring the virtual world of this acclaimed game to life,” said Casey Bloys.

“Neil Druckmann is without question the finest storyteller working in the video game medium, and ‘The Last of Us’ is his magnum opus,” said Craig Mazin. “Getting a chance to adapt this breathtaking work of art has been a dream of mine for years, and I’m so honored to do it in partnership with Neil.”

“From the first time I sat down to talk with Craig I was equally blown away by his approach to narrative and his love and deep understanding of ‘The Last of Us,’” said Neil Druckmann. “With ‘Chernobyl,’ Craig and HBO created a tense, harrowing, emotional masterpiece. I couldn’t think of better partners to bring the story of ‘The Last of Us’ to life as a television show. I’m beyond excited to collaborate with them.”

“This is a true thrill for us at Sony Pictures Television. ‘The Last of Us’ is a brilliant achievement in storytelling and character development, and we are lucky to have the opportunity to work with this team to adapt it,” said Chris Parnell, co-President of Sony Pictures Television Studios. “This is the first of many shows we intend to develop with our friends at PlayStation Productions.”
Naughty Dog games have a tendency to dance around in cinematic storytelling and stylings, so this makes a lot of sense. It will be interesting how quickly this gets off the ground with The Last of Us 2 on its way alongside PS5.
Wednesday, 25 September 2019
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:49pm 25/09/19 | 0 Comments
With the simply stunning new trailer we got earlier today for The Last of Us Part II it makes sense that The Last of Us Remastered will be headlining the free PlayStation Plus games for October 2019. The critically acclaimed title is one of those "you have to play" experiences, so now's the chance if you missed it until now.

The other PlayStation 4 game coming? That'll be MLB The Show 19. Baseball. A sport we know very little about other than Kenny Powers used to be star pitcher before moving back home to become a school teacher.

Here's a look at the Remastered release of The Last of Us - which includes The Last of Us: Left Behind.

And here's a look at Baseball: The Videogame that Covers All The Bases

The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 19 will be available to download from October 1 until November 4. Which means there's still time to snag September's offerings - Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders III.
Thursday, 25 September 2014
Post by Eorl @ 03:24pm 25/09/14 | 1 Comments
Fan films for videogames have come quite a long way since their original inception, and today's flick is no different thanks to its source material: The Last of Us.

Titled The Last of Us - Alone, this fan film comes from Melbourne-based YouTube channel Pocketsquare, and delivers exceptionally well on what made Naughty Dog's The Last of Us so popular in gaming culture. Focusing on a man struggling to protect an innocent young boy as they navigate through a diseased and deadly world, the attention to detail is phenomenal, right down to the Clicker costumes.

The film weighs at roughly 10-minutes long, but it is definitely worth the watch if you are a fan of the game.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014
Post by Dan @ 12:00pm 30/07/14 | 0 Comments
In an extremely cool first for videogames, The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog hosted a sold out stage show yesterday in Los Angeles, wherein the game's voice actors Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, Merle Dandridge, Hana Hayes and Annie Wersching performed key scenes from the game to a live audience, and composer Gustavo Santaolalla played several songs from the game's score, with Naughty Dog's Neil Druckman directing.

For those not fortunate enough to be in attendance, the whole thing was live-streamed and the recording can now be viewed by way of the official PlayStation Youtube channel, embedded below (there's a half hour of standby at the start, so skip to 29:49 for the show opening).

The event was orchestrated to promote today's launch of The Last of Us Remastered on the PlayStation 4, but its just a fitting tribute in general to a memorable game. That said, if you have yet to play The Last of Us, most of the scenes probably won't make too much sense, and you'd do well to avoid it for spoilers anyway.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014
Post by Eorl @ 12:14pm 29/07/14 | 1 Comments
While The Last of Us Remastered won't be out until tomorrow for Australian and New Zealand residents, Sony isn't stopping the promotion train with a new interview between actors Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie) appearing online.

The interview takes a good look at the two characters that the actor and actress play, including reminiscing on some of the more heated moments that the two shared while acting out scenes. The best bit is when Johnson talks about recording a heated scene with a different actor going up for the Joel part, giving us a glimpse into how motion-capture can get emotional, and quick. The video also touches on the very enjoyable "alternate" ending - if you've not seen that in full, that footage is waiting for you below along with the interview.

The Last of Us: Remastered will launch on PlayStation 4 tomorrow, July 30th. Fans eager to get in early can purchase through the American store, with their version going live in roughly an hour or so time. Though be warned, the download weighs in at 45GB.

Saturday, 26 July 2014
Post by Eorl @ 10:35am 26/07/14 | 21 Comments
Sony Pictures has today announced that Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed title The Last of Us will not only be seeing a remastered version on PlayStation 4, but will also be seeing a silver screen release in the not-to-distant future.

Details are still to come on just what the movie will entail, with knowledge on what the movie's storyline will entail. Producer Sam Raimi, who is very well known for his work on the Evil Dead series, has apparently been contracted to work on the film. Sony hasn't confirmed who will be playing Joel and Ellie of the game, however according to some fans at the booth Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) has been name dropped for Joel while Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark has apparently been contacted to play as Ellie.

Hopefully we'll be hearing more on the movie soon enough, but until then you can stare at the first-ever poster release below. What are your thoughts on video games to movie adaptations? Was Super Mario the best movie ever made? Let us know in the comments!

Thursday, 17 July 2014
Post by Eorl @ 08:41am 17/07/14 | 6 Comments
The Last of Us sales have passed the 7 million mark, studio Naughty Dog announced today ahead of its remastered release on the PlayStation 4.

Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer revealed the new figure in a recent press event, which IGN had attended. Meyer also revealed that new multiplayer DLC will be making its way out for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions, and will be available as a cross-buy option between Sony consoles.

"At least one new multiplayer map pack is being worked on", writes IGN, though Meyer did hint that more could be coming later down the track. The developer declined to comment on whether single-player DLC like Left Behind is being worked on.

In other Last of Us news, the event revealed that the remastered PlayStation 4 version will be launching at 1080p 60FPS with a 30 FPS option available to users, alongside a day one patch that will introduce the favoured "Photo Mode" that inFamous: Second Son currently has. Any paid in-game content from the PlayStation 3 version will also be cross-buy, Meyer confirmed.
Tuesday, 6 May 2014
Post by Eorl @ 12:14pm 06/05/14 | 0 Comments
Naughty Dog has released a new trailer detailing what you can expect in the the next batch of downloadable content for The Last of Us — Reclaimed Territories — with a look the new multiplayer maps it will deliver.

Reclaimed Territories, at $9.99 deploys along with a new single-player difficulty level called Grounded Mode ($4.99), the Survivalist Weapon Bundle ($5.99) and two Survival Skills bundles ($3.99). All of it is free to those who subscribed to the game's season pass. Sony will stop selling the season pass after the week of May 13.

The new DLC will be available this week. A patch tomorrow will prepare the game for the new content.

Thursday, 17 April 2014
Post by Eorl @ 01:20pm 17/04/14 | 0 Comments
While many may be waiting for the PlayStation 4 release of The Last of Us, Naughty Dog has today announced the third and final DLC for PlayStation 3 users, titled Grounded Bundle.

The new pack will come with six trophies and a mix of single-player and multiplayer content, including a new "grounded mode" for single-player that aims to pit you against "relentless, smart and brutal AI." For multiplayer the pack contains the Reclaimed Territories Map which comes with four maps: Wharf, Capitol, Coal Mine, and Water Tower.

New guns and new survival skills will also be part of the Grounded Bundle and all new guns and skills will be available “to try before you buy” as part of new pre-set load outs. The Survivalist Weapon Bundle contains four new weapons: Specter, Double Barrel, Enforcer, and Launcher. Non-season pass holders are also in for a treat with a new gun – the Full-Auto Rifle – for free. It’s a fully-automatic, “modified burst rifle”.

The Grounded Bundle is part of the season pass which will be available for four more weeks until May 13. You can find out more details over at the PlayStation Blog.

In related news, Naughty Dog has revealed that the they are looking into upgrade plans from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4. Eric Monacelli commented on the EU PlayStation Blog stating that "We’re looking into the business model for all this and will post about this once we have input from all regions."

The PlayStation 4 remastered edition will include all three DLC packs and any past updates, plus the graphical enhancements from moving platforms. It is scheduled for release sometime during June 2014.
Friday, 11 April 2014
Post by Dan @ 08:58am 11/04/14 | 0 Comments
Following a series of leaks, Sony officially confirmed yesterday that acclaimed PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last of Us is headed for the PlayStation 4, with an assortment of upgrades and packaged with DLC content. Today we have a trailer previewing it.

The video spends most of its its 97 seconds flashing logos and pullquotes of critical acclaim, but it does feature one in-game scene that demonstrates some of the graphical improvements of the 1080p PS4 offering. Unfortunately, the scene in question is one of the game's most rewarding moments that would be well and truly spoiled if viewed out of context. GG Sony.

Check it out below if you've played through the PS3 version; avoid if you haven't.

The Last of Us Remastered is due in Winter 2014 (Northern Summer) on PS4.

Thursday, 10 April 2014
Post by Eorl @ 12:37pm 10/04/14 | 2 Comments
After accidentally being revealed through the PlayStation Store late last night, Sony has now officially confirmed the existence of The Last of Us for PlayStation 4, planned for a Winter 2014 release (thanks CTD).

Titled The Last of Us Remastered, the PlayStation 4 version will see last year's Game of the Year winner in full 1080p with a list of upgrades "including higher resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting, upgraded textures, along with even more improvements." According to a post on the US PlayStation Blog, we can also expect exclusive director's commentary for all in-game cinematics featuring "Creative Director and Writer, Neil Druckmann; Voice Actor, Troy Baker, who plays Joel; and BAFTA Award winning Voice Actress, Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie."

As with past remastered titles like Square Enix's Tomb Raider, The Last of Us will gain all past content including the recently released single-player DLC Left Behind. Multiplayer will also make a return, including the Abandoned Territories and Reclaimed Territories map packs, with details on the latter coming soon.

Those eager to get their hands on Naughty Dog's masterpiece will find that pre-ordering the remastered version will gain you a number of bonuses, including extra XP in Factions mode, bonus skins for Joel and Ellie, and a number of item upgrades for the single-player campaign. Full details can be found on the blog post, though we have yet to receive word on any Australia-specific pre-order bonuses.
Wednesday, 9 April 2014
Post by Eorl @ 06:25pm 09/04/14 | 12 Comments
PlayStation 4 fans will soon be getting their very first Naughty Dog game, and its not the new Uncharted.

According to NeoGAF user Fernoca, the PlayStation Store accidentally broadcasted a pre-order page for The Last of Us, Naughty Dog's zombie survival epic from last year. The pre-order price was listed at $59.99, a price that seems to be a standard for re-releases like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. According to the screengrab, the page also mentioned Day 1 Digital release, suggesting that a physical version will most likely be available for those unable to download digitally.

The Last of Us was previously mentioned for PlayStation 4 when a Sony Turkey executive accidentally let slip on national TV during an interview that we could expect a HD version sometime soon. That definitely seems to be the case now. Hopefully it won't just be The Last of Us that sees a return, with many fans still eager to hear news about Grand Theft Auto V for next-gen and PC.
Thursday, 27 March 2014
Post by Eorl @ 02:13pm 27/03/14 | 8 Comments
A very fresh comment from Sony Turkey has suggested that we could possibly be seeing a new gen version of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us coming to PlayStation 4 in US Summer (our Winter) this year.

According to NeoGAF and a number of various other sources, PlayStation Turkey vice president Sercan Sulun confirmed the PlayStation 4 port on Turkish television during an interview with CNN Turkey. Sulun is said to have mentioned the port at the 36th minute of the interview, when asked about a possible sequel to the 2013 PlayStation 3 title.

“I can say that first game will be released this summer for PS4 as a physical and digital copy, with enhanced graphics,” he reportedly added. The port is expected in the US Summer, once again from the unofficial translations. You can view the video here for yourself.

As usual, apply these rumours with as little integrity as possible until official confirmations have been met. If anything, we'll most likely hear more on the subject in the near future with E3 2014 rounding the corner in June.
Friday, 14 March 2014
Post by Dan @ 01:04pm 14/03/14 | 3 Comments
Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann has reportedly confirmed that the recently announced The Last of Us feature film is being planned as an adaptation of the story told in the acclaimed PlayStation 3 game. The comments were made during a brief interview with IGN following the decorated studio's good fortune at the 2014 BAFTA awards ceremony yesterday, where Naughty Dog and The Last of Us topped five categories, including Game of the Year and Story.
"It’s an adaptation of the story of The Last of Us," he confirmed. "As far as where we go and how we make it fit into a film, how it takes into account the unique properties of film... We’re not sure yet. We’re only just scratching the surface."
Several senior Naughty Dog developers have been named as Producers of the film, in collaboration with Sony Pictures subsidiary Screen Gems, and Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures, with Druckmann himself -- the game's creative director and writer -- named as the movie's scriptwriter.

The Last of Us was already more of a cinematic experience than most games, so it seems like a good candidate for a more direct conversion, rather than creating a new story to tell. Will gamers be peaved if it's exactly the same thing though? Probably, either way; we sure can be a fickle bunch.
Friday, 14 February 2014
Post by Dan @ 02:46pm 14/02/14 | 0 Comments
The Left Behind downloadable content expansion for PS3-exclusive The Last of us is set to drop tomorrow, and as is customary, developer Naughty Dog has released the obligatory launch trailer. In the clip we see Ellie and newcomer Riley just being your average teenage girls in post-pandemic USA.

Naughty Dog Creative Director Neil Druckmann had a few heartfelt words to say on the occasion over on the official PlayStation Blog:
To date we’ve received over 230 Game of the Year picks around the globe. We are deeply honoured and humbled to receive such high praise and recognition from our peers and industry fans. On behalf of everyone that worked on The Last of Us, thank you!

We’re proud to continue this strong month by releasing our first ever single-player downloadable story campaign, The Last of Us: Left Behind. Unless you’re on a media blackout check out the launch trailer above for Left Behind.

Left Behind tells the story of Ellie and Riley. It continues the themes of survival, loyalty, and love that we explored in the full game. We wanted to dig deeper into the events that transformed Ellie into the fighter players were introduced to on her fateful meeting with Joel. What does it mean for two teenagers to survive in a world that offers little hope? How far will you go to save yourself? How far will you go to save the ones you love?

While you might think you know how Left Behind ends, there are plenty of surprises and insights into who Ellie is. Fans of The Last of Us will not want to miss this new chapter that ties directly into the main story.

The Last of Us: Left Behind drops tomorrow at 6.00am GMT globally! At that time it’ll be available on the PlayStation Store in your region. It’s a hefty 5GB so get ready early to download and be the first to play it!
Watch the clip below.