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Genre: Other
Developer: SkyBox Labs Official Site:
Publisher: Classification: PG
Release Date:
March 2020
Wednesday, 25 March 2020
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:08pm 25/03/20 | 0 Comments
SkyBox Labs' inaugural release, Stela, is one of those games you have almost no expectation about, or for, but when you get into it you realise just how far we've come as an industry of creators in a different sphere to the rest of the media creation world. Moving, epic, simple and elegant, yet highly sophisticated in its production, Stela is more proof of "games as art".

Here's a snippet:
What elevates Stela among so many incredible games of the modern design age is that it follows a “less is more” attitude around gameplay, but this is amplified by one of the best scores I’ve heard in a videogame before, and a cinematic approach to key moments, reveals, set-pieces and deeper environmental storytelling, that fills in the many blanks you’ll have as you press right on your controller, or D on your keyboard. The difficulty spikes are subtle, but exist, and each time our Episode IV Princess Leia look alike, presumably “Stela”, dies from a Shadow, a Beast, bugs, bats or falls to her death or is crushed by a piece of the environment.
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