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PC | PlayStation 4 | Xbox One
Genre: Sport
Developer: Ubisoft Official Site: http://steep.ubisoft.com/gam...
Publisher: Ubisoft Classification: TBC
Release Date:
2nd December 2016
Tuesday, 5 December 2017
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:53pm 05/12/17 | 0 Comments
Ubisoft's commitment to their open-world winter action sports title, Steep, continues a year on with the release of Steep Road to the Olympics, which is now available the publisher has announced, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Further to being available across PS4 and Xbox One, the new expansion also takes advantage of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X for "enhanced features".
The Steep Road to the Olympics expansion will feature fresh Alpine and Freestyle events, including Giant Slalom, Slalom, Super-G, Downhill, Parallel Giant Slalom, Halfpipe, Snowboard Cross, Slopestyle, Big Air, Ski Halfpipe, Ski Cross and Ski Slopestyle.

The Steep™ Road to the Olympics expansion features a new mode where players embark with pro athletes on the “Become a Legend” journey. Newcomers and players who want to build up their freestyle tricks and discover the new Slopestyle discipline will follow the journey of an athlete on their way to the Olympic Winter Games. Players will also be able to explore the mountains of Japan, carving through unique powder and exceptional environments.

Before each challenge in the ‘Become a Legend’ mode, players will be treated to training tips and insights from Olympians on the variety of Steep™ Road to the Olympics events, track designs and the competition itself. Video interviews from 10 legends and rising stars are integrated in the game:
  • Lindsey Vonn, American Alpine Skiier who has won numerous competitions including a gold medal in the Downhill event at the Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 2010.

  • Kevin Rolland, French freestyle skier and progressive risk taker who won an Olympic bronze medal in the Halfpipe at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014.

  • Sage Kotsenburg, American snowboarder who won the first-ever Olympic gold medal in Snowboard Slopestyle at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014.

  • Ayumu Hirano, Japanese competitive snowboarder who won an Olympic silver medal in the Halfpipe at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014.

  • Alexis Pinturault, French alpine ski racer and Olympic medalist in 2014 for Giant Slalom.

  • Tessa Worley, French competitor of all five alpine disciplines and specialist of Giant Slalom.

  • Scotty James, Australian snowboarder, two-time world Halfpipe champion and 2017 superpipe champion.

  • Gus Kenworthy, American freestyle skier who won the silver medal in Ski Slopestyle at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014.

  • Julia Marino, young American snowboarder and 2017 Slopestyle snowboarding champion.

  • Bode Miller, Olympic gold medalist and the most decorated male American alpine ski racer of all time.

Watch the release trailer for Steep Road to the Olympics embedded below.

Monday, 27 February 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:57pm 27/02/17 | 0 Comments
Released late last year, Ubisoft's Steep was probably the first high-profile snowboarding game released in a long while. One that also featured skiiing, gliding, and parasailing. It featured an expansive mountain to explore and numerous events to take part in. And now, thanks to a new free update, players will be able to exlpore Alaska’s Mount Denali.

The wild, extreme peaks of Alaska’s Mount Denali open up 21 new challenges, 2 branded challenges and one Mountain Story for Steep players to conquer in new terrain, including spine-lines, extreme crests, massive glaciers, new urban features and miles of untouched wild nature. In two additional invitational challenges players will raise their reputation by pushing their limits on the slopes and and on the leaderboards. Steep fans can continue to customise their lines and replays by donning new Alaska items and costumes.

The new update also brings a number of enhancements and features to the game, including a HUD-free camera mode for more impressive replays.
Monday, 30 January 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:25pm 30/01/17 | 0 Comments
Steep, the snowboarding meets skiing meets paragliding meets, well, running around on the snow is all set to receive a substantial update, that will include a free Alaska map on February 10. Also coming to the game, and beginning today is the Steep World Tour Tournament, a new feature that lets players compete in bracket-style events where moving onto the next round and finals will reward them with in-game goodies.

In our review of Steep we stated that it was both "engaging" and "fun", and noted that the freedom it offered players in how to tackle the mountain and its many number of activities as an overall plus. If a little daunting at first.

The Steep World Tour Tournament stuff certainly sounds cool, and they will run monthly.
Thursday, 15 December 2016
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 08:54pm 15/12/16 | 0 Comments
Steep is and has a massive open-world. It's almost daunting. But once you strap in your bindings, the explorable space is breathtaking, and it's as emergent and engaging as any other open-world game not set in the action-sports genre. And with four disciplines to master -- or choose from -- the game offers up plenty to sink your teeth into, but does it live up entirely to its own lofty ambitions?

Here's an excerpt from our review:
It should be noted, out of the gate, it can be finicky to get to grips with early on, especially with the snowboarding and skiing side of it. Controls can initially feel unresponsive and even a bit unintuitive which isn’t helped by some animations -- mainly around stacking and borked physics -- not seemingly linking up with the player-character’s trajectory or previous speed or the like. Moreover, as I’ve stated in a handful of previews, the lack of some pure snowsport tricks for both snowboarding and skiing is a heavily missed opportunity. There’s no grinding on rails or other parts of the terrain. You can’t wall-ride anything. There’s no buttering (the snow equivalent to manuals in skateboarding). And riding the pipe is a long, long and steep learning curve that will more often -- early on -- end in frustration than it will in triumph.

But you’re here to conquer this beast, and you’re helped in this area by a very specific and awesome element: freedom. You couldn’t possibly scale Steep’s base on-foot, so you can find points of interest by scanning the environment with your binoculars and take your view of the world out to a 3D overworld map, then select your destination and go there. But from there, even if there’s a challenge waiting for you in any of the game’s Freestyler, Extreme Rider, Freerider, Explorer, Bone Collector et al Challenges, you can just ignore them, choose your sport from snowboarding, skiing, paragliding or wingsuiting and just carve your own path down the mountain. And I even found after completing those challenges, even with the allure of XP lying in the wings to redo them, or move onto the next one, I would just continue on down the mountain. It’s how you discover all the mountain has to offer, and it’s how you discover a bit about yourself, as pretentious as that may sound, because despite this being an open-world to explore, the ways in which you go about it are all very different.
Click here for our in-depth Steep review.
Friday, 2 December 2016
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:34pm 02/12/16 | 0 Comments
But, as the game has a sizable online component servers and access go live at 7:00 PM AEDT. It feels like it's been quite a while since we've had a high profile snowboarding game, and Steep, which provides the massive open worlds of the Alps and Alaska also offers up skis, wingsuits, and paragliders.

In Steep, players drop in to the Alps and ski, snowboard, wingsuit and paraglide through the game’s massive open world playground, filled with exhilarating challenges and breathtaking views. Riders can discover remarkable places and experience unforgettable moments through many different activities including “Mountain Stories”, which offer more narrative oriented opportunities. To show off their creativity, players can combine six different playstyles as they perform crazy stunts and discover uncharted areas: Explorer, Freerider, Freestyler, Bone Collector, Extreme Rider and Pro Rider. The sky is the limit; thrill-seekers and explorers alike can drop in anywhere and roam the Alps to learn the mountains’ secrets. Steep’s open world will be further enriched by the majestic slopes of Alaska in a free update available after launch.

Check out the launch trailer below.

Monday, 22 August 2016
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:23pm 22/08/16 | 3 Comments
One of the standout games from both E3 and Gamescom where sports is concerned is Ubisoft's Steep, and at the latter event which wrapped up over the weekend, we went hands-on with a newer build of the game, and learnt more about its fresh and powdery offerings.

Here's a snippet from our hands-on preview:
The separation between sports is handled well, and you can discover new areas to ride as you, well, ride various parts of the mountain. New back country will reveal itself as you go and while the game offers you base challenges, the majority of lines will come by way of your own created challenges, or those of other players around you. And when I mentioned purist before, the game absolutely caters to that breed. For example, it’s not all about light runs, or Snowpark, you can do incredible steep challenges that require you to ride in a sort of stop-start mode and there’s a G-Force system that dictates just how safe, or unsafe you are and it’s built entirely around physics. The right stick helps you cut into the mountain as you navigate between sheer rocks and you’ll transition between powder, sludge and ice in a pretty realistic fashion. For the snow people out there, there’s a huge amount of depth that’s hard to ignore, and I’m thankful the team is treating their foundation with as much intricate respect as they are.
Click here for our full hands-on with Steep preview.